Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

For mother's day I had a big rager planned at Knotts Berry Farm. Instead my husband and I started getting sick Thursday night. We ended up going to the Goodwill and trying to go to some Mexican sushi place but ended up at a Japanese sushi place and me walking in hoping that my shirt was really the Kanji spelling of Tokyo and not some cheeky obscenity.

This outfit was all in a day's work of thrifting. I got both pieces at the same store. The Russian lady who works there was happy to see Sochi again. She said she told her whole family about Sochi's name. She is from Sochi, Russia. After spending 100 dollars on $2.00 items (yeah it happens) they said, "these are for you, happy mother's day" and gave me 6 waste baskets. Brand new, tags still attached. I heard them tell they lady before me to make sure she took one, but they handed me 6! I was so excited. Even though I don't need any trash cans, it was really cool cause they were free!

But I guess I should be thanking Sochi for the trash cans cause without her I wouldn't be a mom and without being a mom, I wouldn't get any free trash cans.

Shirt- thrifted
Skirt- thrifted
shoes- Michael Kors


  1. I love your hair! And her hair is finally long enough to braid. I'm coming over!!!

  2. Amor,
    Como estan? You and Sochia look so happy. What a nice story about Sochi's name.Can beat free trash cans,lol

    Te cuidas

  3. LMAO!! "After spending 100 dollars on $2.00 items (yeah it happens)"

    You seriously always make me laugh. Wait...did you catch that? I sounded like a complete valley girl. Well, I kind of am. I live in the valley.

    Thank you for commenting! I miss your comments, love. Sorry I kind of left you hanging in my last email. Shit got....crazy. I tried really hard not to say "Cray." Don't use that word, but it felt so right to use it. are you? How is your beautiful family? I wish you lived near me! We could totally peel nopales together. And I'm not trying to be funny. I would actually do that with you. lol.

    PS. Do you have a smart meter? Remember that I was always complaining about not sleeping? Maybe you don't. But I mentioned it a few times on my blog. I got rid of our smart meter and my insomnia mysteriously went away. I feel like I need to tell everyone about it. It ruined so many good days of my life! I'm going to write a post about it soon.


  4. Sesiously, your daughter is getting so big. OMG!

  5. gawgeous!!! sochi is getting so big!!!!

  6. hey lovely sophia :) i contact you because once you commented on my blog and i just wanted to say that we are back again! so feel free to look at it.
    and congrats that you still blog, too

  7. Helllooooo!

    I realized just now how hard I suck. I didn't know it'd been so long since you left me that comment. In my head, it had only been less than a week. I would love to model your pretty ropa. Email me your new email. Do I have the new one? I remember you telling me you had a new one...I might already have it.

    I'm really happy to hear you have a new little bad ass in your oven :) That's perfect! So many people I know are having babies and I love it. Babies are the cutest form of human ever.

    Are you on Instagram? I just got an account. It's fun!

    xo Conejita con pelo negro


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