Friday, May 9, 2014

5 de Mayo

5 de Mayo is a great "holiday" because it says it's exact date like the 4th of July. It's hard to forget. Now if they only called Christmas the 25th of December I could actually remember which day it falls on.

Don't invite me somewhere 5 de Mayo weekend and expect me not to come in costume. I wore this outfit Sunday and again Monday to work.

These are Granny's Vince Camuto's she got at Nordstrom. They are one size too big but I wore them anyways. I will spare you the story of her seeing them on another woman, befriending her, and exchanging email addresses all in the shoe dept.

This post is really just a punishment to myself for eating my brains out all weekend long. Back to Insanity I go. #effseant

Because I'm happy chubby

Blouse- local vintage shop $4
Skirt- old Goodwill find back when the Goodwill was still good


  1. Montse says you are not chubby, then she runs off singing the Happy song.
    Love everything about your outfit. Can we do insanity together?

  2. i don't think i ever read this. you look awesome. miss you guys.


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