Friday, September 21, 2012

New In Shop

After a hot, pregnant, summer it was time to get Maricela back in my attic to model some winter wear. Oh how I love exploiting her beauty and figure for my own personal gain. She does not mind because she is my friend, uh right Maricela? Most of the pics feature her with an open mouth mid-joke or wise crack cause that's just how funny we are IRL. We joked that we should have our baby daddy(s) up in the loft with us to write down all our funny jokes. What I can remember of her jokes I use as selling points; furthermore exploiting her on an intellectual property level. "Let the Hunger Games begin!" -Maricela on wearing blazer below that has already sold BTW. That's how good she is.

Sell it girlfriend. Sold.

Black and gold cape. 

Why this photo isnt cropped IDK. Leopard jumpsuit.

 70's floral jumpsuit with inverted pleats.

Black and gold sequin dress just in time for the holidays. I wore it for Thanksgiving last year. 

Chinese inspired number.

80's turquoise blazer

Oversized Southwest boyfriend blazer

Saks Fifth Avenue silk jacket

Tribal print hammer pants

3 tiered ruffly peplumy number

Handmade Guatemalan jacket

Gorgeous vintage knit cape

Mint condition black and white vertical striped dress (prob my fave)

Neon knit sweater from Mervyns of California (RIP, they closed a few years ago).

 "I wore this to my 6th grade graduation" dress

Rhinestone cowgirl romper

Vintage embroidered sweater

I had cut these jeans into shorts but I decided to keep them being as they are a part of my go-to color scheme- black, white, red.
Things took a very grunge turn at the end and we headed outside as we played dress up. Still debating if I should put the Docs in the store, I don't officially know what size they are but she says they fit her and she is an 8.5.

All in a days work, and then multiple days after editing, measuring, and listing. But it's my idea of fun.


Vintage clothing for sale here:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Postpartum Collection

3 weeks have gone by since my baby exited this body. 3 more weeks and I can start exercising again and start trying to make another baby. I'm kidding about the latter of course.

I pulled this spearmint pleated skirt out of my shop to wear to my sisters 40th bday party this weekend. And I will not be putting it back in. It's nice to have a garment other than a dress that fits. Everything is thrifted except for my shoes.

Went thrifting today for the first time in a long time and found some jeans for myself. Shock! Jeans. I just need to style them now. I'm really feeling the wedge sneakers that are out right now. Going to get some Steve Madden ones soon with my birthday money, that is, if they are comfortable....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project Style #FNO

So it finally came, the day that seemed as far away as my due date, September 6th, the live style off at Victoria Gardens where I was selected as the wild card contestant in a challenge with 4 other girls to put together an outfit with a $200 dollar gift card to the mall in one hour. I chose to use a model, my friend Maricela, as I felt more comfortable dressing her body than mine that just gave birth 2 weeks ago- that and she has really rad hair. Did I mention this is an outdoor mall? And it's summer? And the stores are spread out like going to another land within Disneyland. Good thing I hydrated with a Hot Dog on a Stick lemonade before hand yay yer #foodcourt.

With my model, Maricela before the competition began. Photo credit: Victoria Gardens FB.

Taking off! 

 The set-up

The first piece I found was the skirt at Guess on the clearance rack, still cost $75.00. It was a black sheer pleated maxi skirt with a mini tribal skirt attached underneath. Since it was so basic, black and white, I knew I had to bring some color.

 From left to right- Maricela, Baby mama, Ellen K (host), and a fellow contestant. Photo Credit: Victoria Gardens FB.

 I told her to work it like Selena on the runway. And then the stage would collapse and I would scream, "But those are my children!" Photo credit- Victoria Gardens FB

That's where the neon shoes came in. I have visions of owning a pair of neon bubblegum pumps and had seen many pairs at Macy's. I ended up purchasing a pair from the sales rack by BCBG for $22.00. HARD CORE SCORE.

 Homegirls since our UCR folklorico days. Viva la danza, viva la raza.

For the top, I left it up to Madonna's daughter's line "Material Girl" also at Macy's. A hot pink sleeveless tank with cut out detailing in the back. The basic yet trendy tank allowed me to bring it with accessories which I also got at Macy's. A gold cuff bracelet, gold collar necklace, and some gold earrings 30% off. Hell, at this point I was able to even throw in a purse which was a small black quilted faux leather one with a gold tone chain. Oh how I wished it were Chanel. I still had $13.00 left on the gift card but the look was complete. We went to the dressing room in Macy's and headed back to the stage where we were the first to arrive. Baby daddy was there and taking photos for me. Finally the event began which was hosted by Ellen K from KIISFM 102.7.

 Group photo. Host Ellen K in the middle. The girl with the striped skirt and black jacket won the $1,000 gift card. Lucky girl, lucky girl. She's going to have a good Xmas this year. Photo credit- Victoria Gardens FB.

I'm an emocita pesimista to begin with- translation- emo pessimist so I didn't have high hopes of winning. Not because I dont believe in myself, just because I don't like to be let down. But then Ellen K went to the audience and asked a random lady which look she liked the best and she said mine because it was "classy." Then Ellen asked Sonia Casta~neda, Youtube beauty guru and she said me as well but maybe she was biased because we are both moms. And then they announced the winner, and it was not me. Afterwards people kept coming up to me telling me I should have won which was really nice. Not cause I was hurt, but because I knew they appreciated my work, my art, styling and the fact that they didn't even know me meant it was sincere. This challenge was truly a challenge for me because as those of you who know me know, I don't really shop at the mall too much. I invest in shoes and then my clothes mostly come from thrift stores. I was unmoved by many of the clothes I saw in the stores. But that's all me, not them. In the end, I fell in love with Maricela's complete look which I know a lot of people did as well. She looked so hot. I'm lucky to have her as a friend/willing participant in my styling dreams. Remember, she is also the model I use for my Etsy shop. I pay her in clothes.

Baby daddy got a fresh cut for the show. I'll be pregnant again soon. 

Dont ask me how we ended up posing our eyes alike. With Izzy aka Isabelsmells, a nice woman who voted for me through out the competition and I didn't even know her in real life until this moment! 

With fellow baby mama, Sonia Casta~neda, Youtube beauty guru and judge. 

If I could style for a living I'd be the happiest girl in the world. Ok woman, cause I'm 28 and pretty sure I was the oldest contestant. If anyone wants to hire me, I'm ready to work. Fashion is my passion. Always has been. In the words of Antoine Dodson, "Thank you! I live, I live."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm not a loser after all

Ok, so remember back in June, when I tweeted, commented, insta-gramed, and harassed the ish out of everyone to go and vote for me for Project Style? And then I lost by 20 votes? Well, it was all worth it in the end cause I made it to the next round after all due to YOUR votes. I was selected as the wild card winner as a result of having the 2nd highest total votes in the competition. So on Thursday I will be participating in the live style off at the mall where I will be given $200 dollars and 1 hour to shop and put an outfit together. Whoever wins the challenge gets a $1,000 dollar gift card to the mall and will have a chance to win a trip for 2 to New York fashion week. OMG I would die. Send me good vibes. I'm going to be so nervous! And I still can't move too fast, you know cause I gave birth just 2 weeks ago.

In other news....
I turned 28 on Friday. I didn't say a peep about my birthday on any social networks. It's been interesting to see since I havent had Fakebook for over 2 years now, who remembers your b-day. I'm not one of those people that gets hurt if a friend forgets my birthday. There are 364 more days in the year and a lot of other dates to remember, so I understand. I ended up having 3 cakes. My nina (godmother) brought me a tres leches cake, then my friend Maricela brought me a Coldstone ice cream cake! My family came over for a BBQ on Sunday so I made another ice cream cake so I wasn't just serving half eaten cakes. Everyone got to hold our baby, she stayed asleep all day being carried in everyone's arms. My sister said it was a "sip and see" I guess from Real Housewives, if you watch that, you know what it is. I wanted a champagne toast like Beyonce had in her hospital room after baby blue was born but everyone refused that idea. So, I got it for my b-day! yayyy.

Told you she slept most of the day.

My mom making one of her crazy toasts.


With my 3 cakes. The one in the middle I made. To make your own ice cream cake, buy a box of cake, bake it in 2 round pans. Thaw your ice cream. Lay down one layer of cake, spread ice cream, put the next layer on top, and frost. Put in freezer until time to serve and eat. Easy as cake.

I'm so full of words today, aren't I? Ok one last thing. Thanks to everyone who congratulated us on the birth of our bebe. And a special thanks for you guys for saying I still look nice after giving birth. I had obviously cleaned myself up the day we took that photo. Here is a more accurate representation of how I looked in the hospital/look now on a daily basis.

My new daily look, minus the wheelchair.

I hope I made someone out there LOL,

-Your newest baby mama

Saturday, September 1, 2012

And the winner is...

Entry #6 Alaine Elise! Congrats! I'll be in contact with you shortly.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for this month's give-away! The fun does not end...