Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

For mother's day I had a big rager planned at Knotts Berry Farm. Instead my husband and I started getting sick Thursday night. We ended up going to the Goodwill and trying to go to some Mexican sushi place but ended up at a Japanese sushi place and me walking in hoping that my shirt was really the Kanji spelling of Tokyo and not some cheeky obscenity.

This outfit was all in a day's work of thrifting. I got both pieces at the same store. The Russian lady who works there was happy to see Sochi again. She said she told her whole family about Sochi's name. She is from Sochi, Russia. After spending 100 dollars on $2.00 items (yeah it happens) they said, "these are for you, happy mother's day" and gave me 6 waste baskets. Brand new, tags still attached. I heard them tell they lady before me to make sure she took one, but they handed me 6! I was so excited. Even though I don't need any trash cans, it was really cool cause they were free!

But I guess I should be thanking Sochi for the trash cans cause without her I wouldn't be a mom and without being a mom, I wouldn't get any free trash cans.

Shirt- thrifted
Skirt- thrifted
shoes- Michael Kors

Friday, May 9, 2014

5 de Mayo

5 de Mayo is a great "holiday" because it says it's exact date like the 4th of July. It's hard to forget. Now if they only called Christmas the 25th of December I could actually remember which day it falls on.

Don't invite me somewhere 5 de Mayo weekend and expect me not to come in costume. I wore this outfit Sunday and again Monday to work.

These are Granny's Vince Camuto's she got at Nordstrom. They are one size too big but I wore them anyways. I will spare you the story of her seeing them on another woman, befriending her, and exchanging email addresses all in the shoe dept.

This post is really just a punishment to myself for eating my brains out all weekend long. Back to Insanity I go. #effseant

Because I'm happy chubby

Blouse- local vintage shop $4
Skirt- old Goodwill find back when the Goodwill was still good

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Greetings

So I had to wait till my shitty hair color and hair cut grew out to blog again. I tried to quit, I tried making a new blog but in the end my style is just to killer to not share with the world. Or maybe I just miss my friends. We decided to go to Big Bear for the day since the Palm Springs area is crowded with Coachella go-ers. I would go to Coachella if I were VIP and had a $6,500 cabana with my own bathroom and a guaranteed sighting of Beyonce.

Here's me posing with the world's worst michelada. The beer they put in it was lukewarm. I don't even take my showers lukewarm so yeah I was no impressed. My retired HR manager mother told the server I didn't like it and she took it off the bill.

After lunch I continued an old family tradition of some light reading on a bench. Check out my 10 dollar sandals I bought at Urban Outfitters 3 years ago that I found this morning to wear for the first time.

Little town, in a peaceful village. Here's me with my nose in a book just like Belle. I bought this book as a prop on the drive up at some random yard sale. The man I bought it from told me he met Charlie in the 60's while hitchhiking. My mom then asked , "Were you one of his followers?" He was not but I still should have asked him to sign my book. I get shy around celebs, what can I say. #helterskeltereaster

And then my husband did his duty of taking awkward toddler & tiara like pictures of me. See, I'm still the same ole Sophia, wearing Mexican dresses and belts. This one came from my local vintage store for $6.00. It's not a safe time when I enter that store #wheremytaxreturnat

I love you all, please don't be a stranger. I actually changed my email address and forgot to update it on here and also tell some of my closest friends. Sorry Lindsay! TKM! Leave me a comment, twitter me, or instagram. You will find me eventually.