Thursday, July 18, 2013


My boyfriend says I complain too much. Just another lovely trait I have inherited from my mother like upper lip hair. I don't complain to be a drag, it's honestly a way I make conversation. Nothing unites the people like haterade, right? Today I have chosen to complain here, in my little public corner of the internet. Here, in list form are things I hate about the shower.

1. Stepping into a wet shower (recently after someone else has showered)
2. When people use my loofah (Hey, why is my loofah wet?)
3. When I buy new products such as body wash, then I get in the shower and realize I have left them by the sink so I have to step out and get them.
4. Taking a shower (can you think of a bigger waste of time?)
5. Hearing my mom complain time and time again about how dirty my glass shower doors are. Get over it, they are shower doors, they are dirty with soap, not dirt. So technically, they are clean.
6. Wet towels on the floor (a post-shower peeve of my mother's as well)
7. Empty bottles of product. Can we put them in the trash already?
8. Bitches aka my boyfriend who uses my Noxema, I told him to use the Aveeno face wash.

Look, I'm not even that bad, I couldn't even think of 10. On to the clothes.

Blouse- I found for $6 at a vintage store that opened up by my house
skirt- in my shop, thrifted
shoes- thrifted and upcycled by me
purse- H&M, I couldn't resist it. watermelon is one of my fave foods of all time.

 Check out my comic book shoes. I decopauged them

 There is a Black Barbie and a White Barbie on these. No Teresa though. I'm getting her for my b-day. You will see. 

Close up of the fit. Thank you Azu for reminding me how to blog again. 

Love these vintage earrings I got from the Rose Bowl for a dollar. holler honey cucu!

well, look at that, a new pose.

I won't tell you what happened after my boyfriend took these pictures of me, since it's a family show and all. Let's just say he is not that put off by my complaints after all.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Junk in the trunk Gypsy

My 4th of July costume really reflected how much the Junk Gypsies have been rubbing off on me.
It's pretty much my favorite show on television right now. Their style is a lot more country than mine, but I can still appreciate it and how they basically drill a hole into anything and make it a lamp. Just proves it is true, all of my favorite people are from Texas. I love you M.J. Que viva Selena and Sarina.

shirt- thrifted
slip- thrifted
lace skirt- from this Etsy shop, I support my fellow ladies in the Etsy hustle- 
wooden platform shoes- bought them in college, from the mall probably. I was a mall rat, it was called depression/spending my loan money. My dad used to call me, "What were you doing at Forever 21? 38 dollars at Sanrio? Fredrick's of Hollywood? That money is supposed to be for books." Still have my H20 (water) bra today.

The 4th of July has turned into one of those 'I'd rather stay at home holidays.' On the way home from my boyfriend's art show that day, we were in ridiculous traffic. Glass was shattered in the street like someone had broken a window of a few parked cars. "It looks like there is going to be a gang fight around here," said my boyfriend. "I think that already happened," replied me. I just don't trust my fellow Americans when it comes to major holidays. People get too drunk and I live off a scary highway. Am I getting old? On New Years Eve this year we were at my boyfriend's parents house. We had all these plans to do the traditional stuff at midnight, fun Mexican stuff, like eat 12 grapes, run around the block with our suitcases to ensure good travels, and then NEWSFLASH on the T.V. (my heart always stops when this happens) some people had shot one another dead at the annual firework show in old town Sacramento. We ate the grapes, but nixed the running around the block idea. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a paranoid person who lives my life in fear, but from now on, I'm going to spend my NYE and 4th of July in some sequins at home, sippin on some fancy Bev Mo ciders and beers and eating a block of gouda cheese till sleepiness ensues. 

Now with all that said, "Let's go a' junking!"