Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pride, San Francisco

My first time @ Pride in San Francisco included all of my favorite people and things. I had my boyfriend by my side, my niece, Dulce Maria, and all my good friends. Plus, some fairies, polish dogs, babies in strollers, and a train named Bart.

I also ran into some of my phobias and least favorite things including: snakes, throw up, cops, and public masturbation. Needless to say, I came home exhausted with a rudolph sun burned nose. So hawt. After pushing through crowds and finally reaching our friends to stand still in one crowded place and listen to a Dulce Maria performance, that no one was tall enough to see, my friend Joanna proclaimed, "This would be better if I were on something." It was kinda like a rave during the day with no glow sticks. But there were plenty of tutus, sequin bras, xtacy,  platforms, and wings. You know the drill. Here are the some pics I borrowed from my niece Cierra and my friend Lorena.

I call it, "Fairy on a pole" photo by C.C. Garcia

The most crowded train ever. My niece was in a "manwich." You didnt even need to hold on. So packed.

2 fairies on a pole.

"T" is for tall trannie.

furry monster taking 5.

Dulce Maria! My friend ran into her at Urban Outfitters and almost lost it. He is sooo lucky.

This looks better in photo than it did in person. My niece said he kept tangling it up. haha. 

It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none. Part of our crew.

My boo and I. I think Im dancing. 

Riding Bart back to Bezerkely.

My homegirls teaching me how to work my own camera. We all have the same one. 

My bearded baby daddy. 

Miss Photog. You can tell which pics were hers. 

OMG! I totally forgot the best pic of them all. Cierra edited it to this. Hippie girl selling her headbands. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Emo in white lace

Here is one of my most precious finds, this white lace skirt I picked up at the Goodwill. I have worn it 4 times, which is a lot since I try and not wear the same thing often. My niece was coerced into taking the following photos and has me convinced Im a robotic fashion flogger (fake blogger) who fodels (fake models) in all the same foses (fake poses). eff language copyright Caitlin Wells, 2007, during her Myspace era.

I have no expression. Life is too bleak.

I made this headband out of cardstock flowers. I will leave the recipe youtube video at the end of this fost (fake post). 

My only love on this planet, clothes.

I made these flowers out of card stock and just glued them to a headband. voila. instant success and self gratification. Im so gloomy today. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Like a good thrifter would, I looked up all the vintage stores and thrift stores in Reno before I left home. I'm lucky to have a man with a slight comic book addiction by my side who was born to a thrifter that is tolerant of my ways. Otherwise, we might have had a problem...

Isnt he dreamy?

Ladies and gents, damas y caballeros, behold Junkee. I'd like to say its 3 acres of vintage, 2nd hand, and antiques/collectibles but Im no way qualified to make a judgement about space because of my self diagnosed spatial awareness disorder. We entered and went to the right side first which was all the antiques and collectibles. About half way through, I got hungry and went back to the front of the store for chips, crackers, cheese, salsa, dip, and lemonade. This was not  normal of a store, but I questioned it not and chowed down while I looked at case after case of beautiful vintage jewelry and hunted for Garfield memorabilia. Pretty boy was wrapped up in the comics. He hates when I call him that, but its a compliment.

Pretty soon, it was time to check out the clothing side. Which was equally overwhelming esp with a tray of snacks in your hand. I quickly munched the remainder up and started going through the amazing racks #ditchedsnacks4racks

Now, vintage shopping to me is kinda like a time vs. money thing. Thrifting, you need time but if you do find something, its cheap. Vintage, its already picked out for you, someone has taken the time to do that, but you pay the price. I was willing to pay the price at this joint cause the findings were so spectacular. 

They have the nicest employees there. The lady let me into the dressing room with as many items as I wanted, just as long as I promised not to steal anything. And then she brought Nacho a beer.

That's just my baby daddy sitting in the dressing room, sipping on his beer while I disrobed. "This is embarrassing," I said. 

Between the beer and finding out they had free hot dogs, we figured something was up. It was their 3rd anniversary as a store! yay! Lucky us, just a couple of Mexican thrifting emos walking in on the right day! I also won a blog giveaway 30 dollar itunes card so I was elated. Thanks Sarah!

Which of my eyes is smaller? Uh I mean, dress I didnt get cause of my button busting: see upper torso region. Poor Nacho got the fun job of taking pics of me in the dressing room, a task normally reserved for mama bear.

This one's for the lovers...of free hot dogs! 

"You look like a space cowgirl," he told me of this outfit. I matched the tires out front. That skirt number used to be a dress until I cut it. 

The original dress feat. Jesus. 

It was such a great day, all the snacking really filled us up, oh and we found a really good truffle shop nearby called Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company. My favorite is the bubblegum flavor truffle. So delicious. We bought them, ate them as we crossed the street, and then went back for more. If you are ever in Reno just go South on Virginia St. until it becomes S. Virginia street, pass all the casinos and you will find Junkee, and all these other stores. Nacho says he wants to return to Junkee to get some collectible comics, but I popped his bubble telling him that we must always be on alert of me getting pregnant and saving money for the baby. I like to take my birth control pill in a specific time frame more than a specific time everyday. Wow Im kind of wiped out, whatta post. All its missing is a Kardashian! 

Aww there she is. Now I feel safe. Forget those mountains. 

Kim K on a big rig? Thats what Im talking about. She looks so airbrushed beautiful!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reno is for Luvas

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary this past Saturday (hence my absence from blog land, boy was I getting the shakes) in the hottest city east of Sacramento...Reno! We had to go somewhere close because Sunday was father's day and we had to return so yeah, after ruling out crunk camping in Napa (my genius idea) we decided on Reno.

As we exited the freeway I began to chuckle and tell Nacho about all the scenes from Sister Act that were filmed in the casinos and how the nuns flew in a helicopter they couldn't afford. I was cracking up just thinking about it. 6 months and he still loves me. Sometimes I cant believe it.

After our pre-funk of grey goose, cranberry, and club soda in the room as we watched episodes of Locked Up Raw (now I know how to make alcohol if Im ever in prison) we went to play the games which lead to a "mono challenge" who could get the most stuffed animal prizes.

Me and my loot in my Jeffrey Campbell shoes I didnt even know were Jeffrey Campbell and I've had them for 2 years! I just knew they were fly and comfortable. Never looked closely at the label.

blurry photograph taken by Circus Circus employee who knows nothing but how to steal your precious quarters in exchange for cheap stuffed animals and crop out your expensive shoes. 

Snacho losing! bahahaha. He thought he was good at those. I totally showed him who is boss today at Denny's when I won a teddy bear on my first try.

Normal people our age continued drinking in the bars. We had a light midnight snack in a place Nacho called the "Denny's of the casinos" right alongside the bowling team from Texas A&M. Missed my MJ :( I had a light bowl of Pho and he had a petite platter of pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns and eggs. 

We had to digest our food before we became horizontal for the night. So we went outside to take a picture. A nice riff raff vagabundo offered to take a pic for us but Nacho yelled at me in Spanish that he was going to charge me. He had the cutest dalmatian. 

Good Morning Reno! The view from our hotel room.

Now you know I didnt leave Reno without doing some thrifting. Who do you take me for? This post was getting long so stay tuned to part II where we visit Reno's finest vintage store. All is fair in love and blogs,


Friday, June 17, 2011

Look who I brought home

Here is me as a Kardashian Momager (Kris Jenner if you dont get my yokes). She is always decked out in all black and a blazer. (Dont believe me? Watch KUWTK 6, Sundays 10pm on E!)

Well today at The Army I was minding my own business just digesting my 12 6 inch veggie delight  when I heard something whispering to me from the blazer aisle. I turned around and saw this beautiful blue and black vertical striped polyester blazer with the sleeves rolled up. I didn't want to be rude, and tell the orphan that it wasn't blazer season, hello, I was at the SALVATION Army you know. I agreed to take it home, since it would fit  fine, size 6 petite. After some red tape at the register where the head Granny clerk was trying to charge me 3.99 on a pair of old jeans just cause they didnt have a tag on it, we headed home. I even let it keep its name: Polly Ester. wah wah wah wahhh.

I made sure to snap our first fotos together right away. Here we are in a series I like to call "Tripods Are For Posers"

Hey, this isn't funny. 

Stirrup pants- thrfted
blzr- thrfted
corset- thrfted
shoes- Salvatore Ferragamo but thrfted
New Yorker car emblem necklace- made by me

It's my new pose, the double peace sign. Feel free to use it. Blog peace and love.

Hell tends to break loose when I'm home alone. At least I made it to the gym. This air tastes great.

Help! Im in a Nicki Minaj video. I hope I dont have this moment for life. for life. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls II Women

The title was supposed to be an allusion to Boys II Men. Did anyone get it? It's like the time when I tried to make the "Brother Husbands" joke on Facebook alluding to Sister Wives, I thought it was highlarious. The other night my boyfriend was laying down and he started moving all crazy dancing flat on his back and he says, "bacon on a skillet." I asked him if he made it up, he said yes. Then I asked him again, and he said no, it was on a commercial on ESPN. Him using the word "skillet" tipped me off.

So here we are Girls II Women. My nieces and I. One day soon we will all be women, and I'll have to rename the band "Mujeres II Viejitas." Just kidding, I dont have a band. My family spent the night at my parents house and my sister took these photos of us. I really wanted to show you guys my vintage skirt, very beautiful. And my niece wanted to show you her graduation dress, since you all missed her 5th grade graduation. Blogging is just taking the game of dress up to the next level. It beats playing Uno 3 times in a row. That game never ends. Uno? Damn it. U-no u didn't! Draw 2 sucka!

Marissa, is my butt still there? 

Strutting my stuff with this lil diva. Check out the messy bun I gave her, aka "dont mess with me bun."

Coming down the mountain. CAR!

Great find. Maybe one day I'll sell it. 

Special thanks to my sister and nieces for playing along with my silly games. Special thanks to you for visiting. Very special thanks for following. What good is my art if there is no one to see it? 

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Auntie Gaga

Im convinced I look better in motion, and upside down. My photog took the pic this way though.

Color boost!

Today was my niece's graduation party and no one made fun of my outfit! Well, my oldest niece said my dress made me look like I had a butt and chi chis but I told her I always have those. I'm known as "Auntie Gaga" in my family which is funny to me. My nephew has called me "eccentric" one of his vocab words at school.

One of my favorite memories was when they came to spend the night at my apartment when I was in college. One of my nieces laughed so hard she started to vomit. We all ran in the other room and left her with my mom. Later that night she told me, "Auntie, my hair is hard right here and it smells funny." So I took her in the shower to wash her hair. I put her in a chair, and had her tilt her hair back but some water ended up dripping down her back and getting her underwear wet so I had to lend her some of mine that I had never worn because they were too small for me. They had lollipops on the back and they said "lick me." My niece started cracking up when she read it (she was old enough to read) "lick me? lick me? hahaha" I told her "Sera don't say that." Months later, we are riding in the car and she goes, "Hey auntie remember when you washed my hair in the shower and I had to wear your underwear that said 'lick me'?" That was 5 years ago. They are still funny. And today, my 11 year old niece was my photographer. She did a better job than my own muther.

I told her to make her thizz face.

They thought it would be funny to pose in front of their Uncle's hot ride. I told them I wouldnt. haha.

I found my dress at the Salvation Army during the winter and was so surprised it fit well. I had tried on so many similar dresses in Mexico but they were either way too big or tight on the arms and chest. Plus, the vendors were always trying to rip my sweet face off. I got it on 50% off day so I think it cost me maybe $2.50. Holla! I love that it will never go outta style and will be flattering to my figure no matter how pregnant I ever get.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The power of the leotard

Leotards are a very exciting find for me because they are so versatile. They can be worn with skirts, pants, blazers, shorts, tights, leg warmers, on and on and on. They are named after French aerialist Jules Leotard. How great would that be if you had a garment named after you? I would love that but all I have is a silly blog. How did you guys name your blogs? I named mine after how my roommate in the dorms would  refer to me when she was on the phone with her mom. Her mom was super strict and would call the room phone to check up on her. Her mom would ask who was in the background and she would scream,"La Sophia! La Sophia!" I liked the sound of my name with the feminine Spanish article for "the" preceding it. Made me sound like a woman. What am I talking about?

Here is me wearing my thrifted leotard with 2 thrifted skirts. Dont act like you dont go to the creek in your backyard and have your mom take pics of you.

My mom photographer didn't zoom in, maybe it was for the best.

"I wanna take a ride on your river stick" Gaga.

I'm so versatile. I can smile, and not smile. Nothing else in the pic changed, nothing.

Go get a leotard, or wear a normal shirt. Whatever makes you feel good.

Much Love,

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today I went thrifting in the town of Yucaipa, CA. If you have never heard of it, google it. My family has a long history in this town that I won't bore you with. If you really want to know you can look up my grandpa at the Yucaipa Historical Society, and read the books he has helped write, really. Basically, my mom and I just turned onto Yucaipa Blvd and cruised it for thrift stores. We went to 5 stores in total and one antique jewelry store that was so amazing. Here is my thriftperience at "Thriftique" on the corner of California St. and Yucaipa blvd. Good, clean store, kinda high prices but my sponsor took care of that.

After I made my purchases in my Harajuku Lovers sandals.

OMG! Cinderella's plastic slippers! Didn't buy them, which means...they can be yours!

Look at this beautiful ugly sweater. I got it. It was 6 dollars which was higher than my normal prices, but I had a sponsor (who I will reveal later).

Mexican Cinderella drinks fake tea in Thriftique.

"That's gonna look great with your Spanx," said my sponsor.

Didn't get this rainbow number, its just not me.

Flashing my hot pink sequin cut out dress on Yucaipa Blvd which is tore up right now. "Pardon our dust" they say.

My sponsor!

About her: She is my mom, she doesn't normally wear wigs, she did once when I was in 5th grade and I cried, she ate a donut with her dinner tonight, she refused to buy me an antique Garfield fish tank, she told me, "Sometimes you are so smart, other times you think out of your butt hole."

That's all for today. What a good day even though I got ditched by my niece. Will reveal more of my finds later as I style them. Take care and be safe, the internet and certain thrift stores, can be creepy places.