Monday, February 27, 2012


"He's really going to hate me for telling you all this (and I don't doubt that he'll find out someday that I have, since it was the very fact that I'm kind of a public person that scared him off), but little by little, his PMS started to get the better of him. You know, his 'Pure Macho Shit.' Maybe it's not fair to call what he started to feel towards me that, but I don't know what else it was. I can't explain none of it. I don't know why he's gone, why I'm here worrying about it..."

excerpt from Ana Castillo's" Loverboys"

I tried this sweater on at WEAVE, a thrift store/organization that helps abused women in Sacramento. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month the whole store is 50% off. And they have a vintage room, so you know I'm there. One of the sales girls saw me try it on and asked me if I liked vintage sweaters. "Is my mom Catholic?" I didn't respond, but should have. I just said yes. She came back with a sweater similar to this with suede fringe. It fit me and I bought both of them. I was happy I bought this sweater after all and wore it and took the time to photograph it. Will be wearing my other one soon.

I wore my fringe boots and fringe sweater. sue me.

My dreamcatcher earring I made last year. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Proof of life

There is nothing spectacular about this get up, but you can see, Im still alive and well. Please keep hope for me and my blogspot.

sweater- vintage
blouse- thrifted
earrings- thrifted

I really enjoyed this ladybug nail art my boyfriend did for me. Even though I called the design, "nail art 101." He is getting less willing to paint my nails for me on an every 2 week basis.

my gold pumps I thrifted in Anaheim many months ago.

Be careful how you behave in your early 20's... God will punish you with premature gray. 

Don't eat the fruit,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prison Time

Last Sunday I took my boyfriend to a place my dad took me to a lot as a child. No, not Chuck E. Cheese, Folsom Prison. It is very close to my house and welcomes visitors to it's museum. It was only 2 dollars to enter, so we went. The museum has cases of prisoner made weapons, some that have actually been used to stab staff. There are old artifacts from the prison's early days, photos of when Johnny Cash went and had his concert, hanging ropes, and a mock cell with a fake prisoner that talks and scared the bajeezies out of me. We did not go in glorification of the prison system, or for possible prisoner sightings. If I wanted to do that, I would just go to dinner at my mom's house on Christmas eve. I went because I find prison life an interesting part of the human experience. We were allowed to take pictures, we just had to make sure no officers or inmates were in them.

I wore my boyfriend's vintage wool letterman sweater we got at the Salvation Army for 3 dollars. It is worth so much more. And a lace skirt from the Goodwill with a slip underneath and boots.

Johnny Cash standing at the same gate. They let him stand closer cause he's famous or something. pssshh.

Oh crap, I broke the rules. Just kidding, that's just my baby daddy. 

I got ball-sy and walked past the crosswalk. Weeeeeeeee. I wasn't smiling later that day when I sat on a wood bench and got a splinter in my butt, right through my lace skirt! When we got home my boyfriend promptly removed it with tweezers. 

This little cottage is the museum. 2 dollars and you're in. They donate the money to cancer research.

Stay Clean, 

Monday, February 6, 2012


Since my baby daddy and I are on a spending freeze, we did a bunch of free activities this weekend. Saturday was free museum day in Sacramento so he took me to the Crocker Art Museum. He goes there all the time but I'd never been there so we checked it out with the other 712 cheap people that decided to go there on this day. There were a lot of people, but it was fun and free.

I wore this thrifted red blazer for the first time yay! I also decided it was time to bust out my J.C.'s again. BIG mistake. I had blisters on my outer toe, on the bottom of my foot, and could barely walk getting out of there. My baby daddy had to go get the car while I stood on the sidewalk barefoot and waited for him. I think my feet are just not used to heels right now cause all Ive been wearing is flat boots.

Don't judge. What face would you make if 400 people were walking by all looking at you? All my items are thrifted except my shoes which were my b-day present. 

This was the most awkward and embarrassing shoot of my life. There were so many people walking around and I swear they were all staring at me. My boyfriend said, "Who is staring at you Sophia? That baby in the car?" Oh geez, it was a mess. 

After this, we went to an overrated cafe for lunch and he had to carry me from the car to the cafe. I mustered up enough energy to check out Fringe, a store Citizen Rosebud always talks about on her blog.  When I got there guess who was there? La Citizen Rosebud herself! Bella Q!! It was my first celebrity sighting in Sacramento. She was sooo nice and full of knowledge. She gave me a lot of blogging advice. Too bad we were on a freeze, cause there are a lot of nice things in that store, including a leopard cape. I may have not spent a dime, but I made a new friend. awwww.