Friday, July 29, 2011

Toto, keep the shoes.

No, this is not an Amy Winehouse tribute look as my dad assumed upon seeing my bee-hive and I come downstairs today. The hive was just a practical use of greasy hair that got me some cuh-razy stares today. "Bite my bee-hive b*tches!" I should have said. R.I.P. to Amy. I'm still mourning Aaliyah, Left Eye, and Michael.  So sad.

dress- thrifted 2.99
shoes- thrifted 4.99
necklace- made by me

I picked up these ruby slippers at a thrift store I found while cruising the boulevard. It just said "Thrift Store" outside. Inside, it smelled like Mary Jane and minimum wage. My kinda joint, uh I mean place. 

"Summer reading, had me a blast. Summer reading, happened so fast."

This book sucked burro churros. I already knew all the stuff in it from my 9 month blogging career. I need to know the good stuff, like how to make my own template, codes, ruff ruff. If you made your own template, I hate you and thank you for reading my ugly template blog. This world needs more tolerance.

God Bless the local library. What a great find. Conclusion: the best way not to look fat is to lose weight or wear your mom's reading glasses. 

Close up of my Coupe de Ville car emblem necklace. Im wearing a Cadillac one in the other. Used to try and sell them on Etsy and then I quit. Might start up my shop again. 

Check out other thrifted looks over at Meagan's Spunky Chateau. She got her dress for fity cent!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

State Fair

Last night I went to the state fair. It was one dollar ride day and kid's day so there were a lot of mocosos (snotty nose kids) running around. Oh yes, and junior gangsters.  We knew it would be an eat-o-thon since the fair has such a variety of food choices. They also lowered their prices last year because no one was going anymore. First thing we ate: friend cream cheese and cheese on a stick from Hot Dog on a Stick which we could have gotten from the mall but oh well. After some Dippin' Dots, it was officially time to put our lives in some carnies' hands.

After our aerial view the worst was confirmed, yup, no log ride. What kind of show are they running here?

"Shoes on a Gondola." I thrifted these for 3.99! They were a mess, so put them in my washing macheeene with bleach. They still have a little ink stain but I think its cute. It's like, "a squids eye was here." 

Look I some lady won a fish! She gave it to me cause she didn't want it. 

True love buys you a $6 something onion blossom you don't eat. It lacked seasoning and had too much grease.

Moral: True love feeds you but strangers give you pets,

Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY- Parrot earrings

Hey friends, I've missed you. There is no place like Blogland. Do you find yourself talking about fellow bloggers like they're your friends? I caught myself numerous times this weekend saying "My friend in England..." or things like that. Umm ok.

Look what I found this weekend in Berkeley at a thrift store.

Mind the gap crap.

A denim shirt with beaded bird appliques! I did think twice about buying it, it was $5.50. I didn't know what was higher in that store, the prices or the patrons. But it was the bay area, so thats the way it goes over there. Once I figured out I could make multiple things from all the birds, I bought it.

So far I have only made 1 pair of earrings but I have more birds to work with. Prob gonna try and make some necklaces. 

I wore them to my boyfriend's parents house yesterday and my suegra liked them. Go me.

 How to make earrings out of appliques from yucky granny shirts.

1. Carefully cut out appliques
2. Trace applique on a piece of felt and cut it out.
3. Pierce felt with jump ring.
4. Connect earring hook to jump ring.
5. Glue pierced felt to applique with a fabric glue such as Fabri Tac.
6. Wear them in public and see if any one cares.

top- swap meet
shorts- thrifted and cut (were capris)
belt- my moms old one
shoes- Charlotte Ruse but thrifted

My boyfriend made me wear a tank top under my shirt cause you could see my bra. He said he didn't want his family to think, "the stripper's here" when I walked in. 

left side- thrifted bangle

right side- my great g-ma's bakelite bangles. My boyfriend said, oh are they representing Mexico's colors? I said no, they were my German great-g-ma's. Nice guess though. 

Promise to paint my nails next time,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dude, where's my period?

Check out this freak. Pregnant in heels? 

Planned Parenthood, Unplanned Parenthood. Let's state the facts. This is no mockery of pregnancy, I'm very into reproductive health awareness so I share with you this. Birth control and antibiotics don't mix. Therefore, I was concerned this month when my period was absent. There were a lot of other strange factors and the fact that I'm a hypochondriac when it comes to thinking I'm pregnant didn't help. Sure I had taken 2 tests at home, sure they had come out negative. But as a woman of color, I don't trust "the system" nor do I let "the man" keep me down. I have no idea what I'm talking about. My mom suggested I don't waste anymore of my money and that I head to the clinic take a test. She also added that she is a tax payer and that we should put to use the money that is taken out of her checks.

As she watched Jerry Springer in the waiting room, I skipped in to my appt. Busted out my planner and explained it all to male nurse X.

Self Portrait "I cant wait to have a kid that writes shit into the dust on my car." 

Oh yes, this is a fashion blog.

top- random store in Mexico
shorts- thrifted 99 cent day
shoes- Target
earrings- made by me
glasses- F-21
Car- VW Rabbit

The result was negative blah blah blah. I'm not going to lie, we all were pretty disappointed. Guess that answers the question, it's not BabyPhat, it's fat, baby. There was only one thing that could cheer me up...

Mormon Thrifting!!! 

Unfortunately, thrifting does not heal all...

Until my next pregnancy scare or pregnancy for reals,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buenas Noches feat. Girrr

Meet Girr, my friend/photog of the day's dog. I thought it would be great to work with live animals and prepped him by grooming him on the couch with belly rubs. I think it was the leash that scared him, or his pregnant mom laughing so hard her baby was pushing on her bladder and she was trying not to pee as she took these photos of us. I think maybe it was the hat that scared him, but I'd go one way, and he'd go towards Caitlin. Not a way to walk a dog.

Come on Gir, let's be friends. I love dogs. Snoopy, Snoop, Bow Wow, Clifford, Chili Cheese, Lassie, and I still have Chris Brown on my old Ipod. 

hat- forever 21 many moons ago
top- thrifted nightgown I cut short in the front and let hang in the back
skirt- thrifted 99 cents
belt- thrifted 99 cents
vintage domino bracelet- made by me
shoes- TJ Maxx, no, im not a Maxionista. I was depressed and at a weak moment, purchased retail.

Besos from me and Girrgy.

The moral of this blog was not about how animals have souls, or how they are our friends, or about my allergies to them which I failed to mention. That would be too easy.

The moral of this post was that nightwear is great for day. When thrifting, always head to the nightwear section and see what you can find to turn into a top, dress, skirt, whatever. Caitlin suggested I wear something over this red lace slip, to give it a peek a boo effect and I did. I can't sew, but I have done a thing or two with a pair of scissors. 

Buenas noches all day long in your nightwear,

Monday, July 18, 2011


Here is one of my purchases from Junkee, the store I went to in Reno. The brand of the dress is Montgomery Ward haha. Crazy how things change in your lifetime, or in just 2 years of leaving the country. I came back from Mexico and the King of Pop was dead, people were fast forwarding their televisions through commercials, and that person in the "Just Dance" video WASN'T Xtina Aguilera. At least we can count on fashion to stay the same, or come back in cycles. Does make for an interesting conundrum though, "What clothes do we keep for our children?" You can't keep everything, and chances are if you are storing some trendy threads from Forever 21 in giant tupperware in your attic, when you pull it down 2 years later its going to come out feeling like beef jerky and smelling like it too. I asked my mother once, as I have a few things that belonged to her, how she decided on what she would keep for her unborn, genderless child one day. She said, "I just kept the things that I hoped you'd like," that simple, unpoetic. I'm just glad that I have a lot of vintage already, that way I know it will never be dated. Montgomery Ward will never be closed if you keep the plastic card in your bathroom drawer and the mint dress in your closet.

dress- vintage 11 dolla
shoes- Charlotte Ruse thrifted 3 dolla
headband- Urban Outfitters necklace I never wore, no remember price

Didn't realize nothing would happen when I pulled this dress.

bangles- vintage
flower ring- Forever 21
green turquoise ring- Big Bear, CA
wire wrapped flower ring- Pikes Place, Seattle, WA
nail polish- Revlon in "minted"

It's that time of year again, when my feet are darker than my shoes. 

How I got this necklace to fit around my nugget? Added a bit of craft chain I had to make it longer, one jump hoop later. magic. I like this idea, and will do it more since I have so many necklaces that are not worthy of my neck.

Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY- A snail of a time

Once Upon a Snail, How I Met your Snail, Like Snails for Chocolate, How Snail Got Her Groove Back, For Snailed Girls,

Wow, allusions are so fun, unlike capitalizing proper nouns. Good thing this is only a blog and not an assignment some educated person is going to grade me on. So, yesterday was a bad day, failed outfit post, I blame my styling and the photog, who can be blamed for other things i.e. bringing me into this world! I even deleted the "before" pics of these dear snails when they were brown. Who ever heard of a brown snail? Thats what I thought when I saw them at the swap meet and purchased them both for $1.50. The spray paint I purchased to color them though, was not so cheap, had to spend $6.99 on the primer and another $6.99 on the paint because I was using metallic paint. Next time I will go the flourescent route, only one can of paint. I think I originally saw this project on Honestly...WTF blog, where they painted some crocodile figures gold and silver. So I say to you, if you have some lame ass statues sitting around and really want to take them to the next level. Or if you're Mary Mary quite contrary, and you need a little garden decor, paint something ordinary.

Yeah, shake it for mama! The paint, you weirdos. 

This one just got back from Cabo. That's why she has a tan. jk jk. I put more paint on this one, so it looks more magenta. Which one do you like better?

Be back to my normal outfit programming later today hopefully. Is it me, or do people take the weekends off from blogging or checking blogs?

Shout outs to all my new friends, I look forward to getting to you know you and your blogs!

Much Love,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

DIY: Sequin shoes

For this project you will need:

- A pair of stripper platform shoes
- Sequins and plastic gems
- A strong glue like E6000 
- 3 days of your life or no life at all (I identify with the latter)

Some sweet size 6 foot stripper donated these shoes to the thrift store where I picked them up for a $1.60. Ok, they could have not belonged to a stripper but I'd like to think these shoes lived a little and dabbled in some use, misuse, or abuse of yeyo, angel dust, black beauties, X, or some of the like. I could be totally wrong. I was inspired to decorate shoes once glitter pumps went mainstream and I couldn't afford them so I planned on glittering a pair of shoes anyways, but I was further inspired to go the sequin route by Charliet Clothier and a bag of sequins that had been sitting in my sock drawer for at least 360 days. Check her out. Love her style

After 3 days of manual labor and multiple attempts at styling them, I decided on my dad's levi cut offs with a thrifted granny blouse and some hot pink over the knees. I know I know, snooze fest. But for my backyard shoot, it sufficed. The concept of the shoot goes to my mother, Rosemary. Yes, that makes me Rosemary's baby. Be warned. Even though she couldn't get out the phrase "hopscotch shot." Twisted her little tongue in too many ways. Photos were taken by my baby daddy who borrowed the sidewalk chalk from his work, "Um, can you pick out the color you want cause I have to get this box back to work." After this we went and ran some laps and stairs and my makeup stayed. The magic of MAC. Then we shot hoops, drank smoothies, ate sushi, and that leaves me here. blah blah blah. 

Oh no, I spy a bald spot. 

Maybe if I break my ankle, then people will love me.

Focal point: Harajuku Lovers charm bracelet. 

Every day I'm hopscotchin, I mean shuffling, I mean hustlin.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top ten beauty tag

1. Loreal sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. I started using these when I had a straightening treatment in my hair: brazilian blow out to be exact and I still use them till this day. They are great because they don't dry out your hair and scalp and they dont have sulfate. Cause sulfate is bad or something like that. Save your sulfate for your fireworks, or is that sulfur? Whatever, I like them. 

2. BH Cosmetics 120 color palette 

I ordered this bad boy online and I LOVE IT! It only cost my mom me 30 dollars. The colors are pretty well pigmented and it inspires you to use colors on the regular. U feel me? They always have sales for every ridiculous holiday like flag day, mothers day, st. pattys day ect. I ordered it on one of those sale days. I think it was the 3rd edition that I got. p.s. I dont think those holidays are ridiculous, it was a joke. Every day is a ho-liday.

3. Revlon lipsticks in "orange flip" and "lilac champagne"

These are my go-to lipsticks that I wear to da club, to da gym, and to my blog. One is a red orange color and the other is hot pink. I said, "Screw you MAC! I can get a lipstick just as good as you for a cheaper price so I started buying these from my local drug dealer store. Apparently Xtina Aguilera and Riri wear them too because when I googled the lipsticks their pictures came up. So technically, Im almost famous.

4. MAC paint pot in "painterly"

I use this as a primer on mis ojos todos los dias. Thats a primer on my eyes all the days. all day every day  every damn day. It helps your eyeshadow and other stuff stick to your lids more so you don't waste it. Did you know that is a sin? 

5. A wide tooth comb

Never brush your hair when wet, use a wide tooth comb. duh.

6. E-6000 glue

If you are like me and you hate jump rings, and other tedious crafting materials, E-6000 is a really good glue to use. If you have a broach you want to turn into a necklace, you can just glue chain to the broach with this stuff and it'll hold. 

Look its my niece, I did her hair. She's rockabilly fetch.

7. Ilovegerardo hair tutorials on youtube.

My niece is my #1 doll head and enjoys me doing her hair cause she is a diva. This is one of Iris' many pin up hair tutorials on youtube. She is my go-to anytime I want to try a new hairstyle. She also has videos on how to lose baby weight, what she eats everyday, and how to be a mom. Here is the tutorial we used.

8. Garnier red hair color for darker hair

Last time I colored my hair I used this box. Actually, 2 of them. I liked how they were for dark hair. It showed up pretty well on my virgin hair and gray. Unfortunately, it did not take to my already colored hair. duh. But I liked the effect none of the less and will be using it again when I color my hair for Vegas! Cause my niece is turning 21. Yay yer!

Ok guys, I cant make it to ten, I've been working on this for an hour and Im pooped already. Who cares what perfumes I like and what deodorant I use. hijole! Ok, the truth is I gotta get ready for Zumba! Thanks to Lakota for tagging me! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pineapple Xpress

Look what we ran into on the way to thrifting... A parked caboose. My mom asked me if I wanted to get out and take pics by it. Of course I did. Never wanna miss a fodeling opportunity. I do it for the people. My pineapple "skirt" is really a tank top I thrifted awhile back. I added my trusty brown belt to make it work.

Look ma' no bangs! I pinned them back, theyre getting long. You almost met my eyebrows, but I had shades on. Sunny day.

My parents worked for Southern Pacific railroad for years. Then it was bought by Union Pacific in 1995 and my dad still worked for it, but he had to change his job to a locomotive engineer or else we would have had to move to Omaha, Nebraska. My parents said hell naw! They didnt want to move baby Sophia to a new state where she would have to make new friends. hahaha. They had already moved us once, from Southern California to Northern. That was enough. 

Baby Sophia got to stay in California and later became a big girl blogger who fodeled her large caboose, I mean fodeled on a large caboose.

Help! Im on a train thats not going anywhere. Who's following me? I hope it's you.

Much California Love,