Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yes, I do wear pants- sometimes

 shirt- thrifted
leggings- thrifted
shoes- DIY
purse- gift from my mom, Macy's

This weekend was full of memorial day thrills:  bbqs and sales at the thrift stores. I woke up yesterday morning and told my boyfriend, "I was so excited about the sales, I couldn't sleep." He replied, " Yes, I could tell by your loud excited snores."  

I was so excited to find these leggings out thrifting one day. It was exciting because I never find pants when I thrift. Probably because I hardly go to that section, I'm all about the dresses. For a kind of cold day they were purrfect. My friend Vero asked me if they were maternity when she saw them haha but they aren't and they fit great. 

I love my yellow Hello Kitty handbag my mom bought me on sale at Macy's. I think it was originally $68.00, we got it for $46.00. Sales, I tell you. Mad sales. 

 My thrifted cameo necklace coming to my Etsy shop later today. I had to wear it first, I'm classy like that. 

I recommend this outfit to anyone in a hurry. It's one of my favorite go-to outfits. Any button up collared blouse with a pair of leggings. Wear flats or heels depending on the occasion. Add some accessories and you are dressed. Very easy. 

I'm linking this post to Lakota's Ta-dah! Tuesday. If you have any DIY creations or other share worthy posts, you can too here http://faithhopeandcharityshopping.blogspot.com/2012/05/ta-dah-tuesday-rock-n-roll-earrings-how.html 

Friday, May 25, 2012

New in shop Part 2

I have doubled my Etsy shop in size. Go me. Out with the old, no more in until baby is born and weight is shed. Like how I say shed like its just gonna peel off like Ima nasty reptile? Ugh. We found a big rattlesnake in our yard the other day but by the time we loaded the bb guns, it had escaped. Instead I shot a nice hole through my mom's flamingo lawn decor. So off topic now. Thanks again to Maricela for dedicating a day of her life to come over and play dolly with me.

2 piece set- vintage southwest print pencil skirt and top

Vintage yellow needlepoint dress with neck tie


70s floral print dress with asymmetrical hem, not for sale. Gift to model.

Easy Breezy 90s pink floral print dress

Beautiful sequined and beaded "mermaid" dress Size 14- too big for her

SOLD- My rayon floral romper, I'm parting with it.

Super bien sexy velvet cut out maxi dress. She works out at Curves, makes you want to join, doesn't it? 

Vintage 70s for her June wedding in Santa Barbara. 

Vintage pink lace

Pretty in pink

SOLD- 80s Chic. One of my faves.

SOLD- 80s bodysuit front

SOLD- 80s bodysuit back

Super soft 80s tank

SOLD- Vintage Cami

Textured leopard maxi skirt

SOLD- 80s leotard

Ruffle skirt and ruffle blouse both in shop sold separately
SOLD- blouse only

SOLD- Dress of paradise with embroidered bird Size XL

 And much much more.... www.etsy.com/shop/lasophia

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Journey to Brasil at Macy's #LLBLOG

Last Thursday night baby daddy and I ventured down to Costa Mesa for the Brasil launch party at Macy's. Macy's has launched this colorful line and as a member of Latina Lifestyle Blogger's #llblog, we were invited to attend as VIP. There was a parade, live band, fashion show, appetizers, drinks, and a lounge area. Macy's did a great job. I can't tell you how much fun it is being in this blogger's collective. It makes me way more social haha. But you guys know, blogging can be a very solitary activity. Not when you join a collective. On with the show.

Me in front of just one of the many displays in Macy's. They are all over the 3 story store. Oh yeah, and this is just the women's and children's Macy's. The mens and home furnishings are across the street! 

The event kicked off with a parade through the mall! Complete with samba dancers from Samba LA and a live batucada! 

I gave baby daddy the hard task of photographing these women in decorated chi chi bras and chonies.

In the VIP lounge sipping on caipirinhas and snacking on nutty Brazilian treats. Arriba #llblog.
Mari, Ilsay, Me, Veronica, and leader of the pack- Ana Lydia

Silly samba dancer, you don't have to bare your midriff to show your belly button, just get pregnant. It shows through all your clothes.

Special thanks to my baby's father for taking pics the whole night. 
dress- Target
blazer- thrifted
shoes- Betsey Johnson ouuuccchhh
headband- I made it, it's for sale in my Etsy shop: here

Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY cat shoes

So I had been drooling all over Charlotte Olympia's cat shoes and despite my hard fundraising efforts, couldn't find a sponsor to shell out the 485 pounds or even bigger number U.S. dollar equivalent. Thank gawd for blogs, or else I would have never stumbled upon the tutorial to make my own kitty flats on P.S.-I made this I immediately ordered the plain black loafers from Amazon and enlisted baby daddy to do all the hard parts, you know, like painting the shoe and cutting the ears out. Ok, pretty much the whole damn shoe. All I did was glue on the ears, crookedly, twice.

Maternity wardrobe essential, cat flats.

I paired them with a thrifted black lace dress from the G-Will. 

They were perfect for the long day we spent in L.A. Starting at Cal State L.A. visiting my mom's good friend from college who works there. It was memory lane for them. From there we went to East L.A. to get my favorite Mexican sweet bread, so soft and tasty at La Mascota. I ate 3 conchas between East L.A. and Lincoln Heights. Yeah, it was pretty bad. 

He puts up with all my shenanigans, visions, and projects. I pay him in bread and water and harvest his seed in my womb.

We ended up in Pasadena with my nina. Didn't get home till midnight, but it was a lot of fun. Good thing I had flats to wear or else I would have been spent by lunch.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Untold History of Mother's Day

I told her it was "Bitch Stole My Look, Mother's Day edition."

 I read a really cool article on the Etsy blog http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2012/the-secret-history-of-mothers-day/ "The Untold History of Mother's Day."

I read it to my mom and boyfriend Mother's Day morning before we even left the house. I was excited to find out that Mother's Day actually was founded by suffragists and pacifists who were not pleased by the way Mother's Day later became commercialized and exploited. Now, this year was especially interesting because I received mother's day wishes, even though I'm not a mom yet. I told my boyfriend weeks ago that I did not want to celebrate it for myself, I'm pregnant yes, but I know nothing about being a mother yet. I have not met my child, and only know how to be pregnant....And then I saw a $50.00 Hello Kitty rice maker and told him to buy it for me, "for Mother's Day."

Mother's Day to me is about spending time with your mother. Not buying her a card "with someone else's words" in it. I hope my feelings for my mother are expressed in my actions and decisions in life. Not what I buy or didn't buy her on one day.

“A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world,” Jarvis said, according to the book Women Who Made A Difference. “And candy! You take a box to Mother — and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment.”

It is a really cool article. Go read it if you have a chance. On with the show.

dress- thrifted and cut from the bottom
shoes- JC

Nothing says love like "buffet." Baby daddy bought it for us. 

LMPAO- Laughing my pregnant a$$ off. My boyfriend called this pose "Caitlin and Nate" our 2 friends who had a baby and took maternity pics. Biting their pose. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Thoughts

The first thing my boyfriend said to me after I put this dress on was, "Are you thinking happy thoughts?" It took me a bit before I realized he was referencing Peter Pan and alluding to my Peter Pan collar. What a punk.

dress- thrifted
shoes- Crossroads (2nd hand)

 I wore this dress to our baby behavior class today where we learned valuable tips like not to shove a bottle in our baby's mouth just because it is crying. I love dressing up to places where people don't normally dress up. Like government run medical offices, and the doctor's office itself. Although this did backfire once when I wore a dress to my monthly visit. When it was time to listen to the baby's heartbeat, instead of pulling my pants a litttle lower, I was wearing a dress. I had to pull up the entire thing. Such shame. Can't wait till live birth. yayyyyyyyy.

"Think of Christmas, think of snow" Am I flying yet?

I reserve heels for one outing a day. Then I change into flats. My mama didn't raise no fool.

After my 6 12 inch pizza sub from Subway. My eyes started to get weak.

Fun facts- I dont know why I bought this dress originally since it was many sizes too big. I think I was planning on removing the collar. But then...I got pregnant and was guaranteed weight gain. 6 months later, I tried the dress on and it still looked frumpy dumpy. A shorter length was the only thing that could save it, so I chopped 11 inches off the bottom and put a sketchy hem on it. And that's how I beat Shaq.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I.E. Food Truck Fest and a PSA on Spanx

Cocoa butter, check.
Spanx, check.
Tickets, check.

This weekend was the Inland Empire Food Truck Festival and of course I was in attendance. Because I won free tickets from IE weekly, yeah, that's the real reason. It's no secret I'm a mega fan of food trucks and true crime television, ever since I was a little ni~na eating tacos from trucks outside the swap meet. Food trucks have come a long way since then and are always showcased on the Food Network and Cooking Channel.The plan was to pace ourselves, and not get full off the first truck.

With the usual suspects, Krew Heartburn: baby daddy, Leo, Maricela

Is that tempura-ed mac n cheese in your stomach, or a basketball size uterus?

Trick question, both are correct.

Do you want to come to my house after and try on my clothes so I can take pictures of you in them and sell them to people on the internet? K thanks. 

With so much food around us, you'd think we'd have little else to discuss, but there was something bothering Maricela and I every place we turned and that was......the lack of Spanx. As decent, God loving women, Maricela and I both had ours on but woman after woman, big and small, was caught Spanx-less. 

The female rump is not a smooth topography. There are dimples and crimples, cracks and snaps, crevices and blemishes. Very few women have that baby smooth booty just washed with Johnson & Johnson, powdered the same, and Desitin for the win. So why are so many women wearing thongs and less with their cheap Forever 21 booty hugging attire? I don't get it.

Maybe they can't see it. Maybe they aren't to blame. As we discussed it further our boyfriends began to call us cruel haters. Especially when we even thought of a plan of action: starting a web campaign to please wear Spanx, posting headless photos of offenders around Southern California. But we are not haters, quite the opposite really, we want all women to look their best. This doesn't mean you have to go buy the legit "Spanx" brand, Assets by Target is fine, as is any thing from Ross, or your Mexican mother's hand me downs. She's been wearing Spanx and Sweating to the Oldies before you were forced to make that topographic map out of salty ass clay (yes, I tasted it). 

Wearing something between your ass and dress is a sign of dignity and class. It does not have to do with weight, as some would stigmatize. You think stars of today are walking the red carpet Spanxless? It's 2012 people, time to get real.  Please join us in our campaign to spread the power of Spanx and remove the stigma of this great under garment.


Who's with me?

Our daughter's daughters will adore us, and they'll sing in graceful chorus:

Well done, sister Spanxffragates. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cielito Lindo

"Beautiful little sky: From you we came and to you we return." 
Pic from inside the eatery "Cielito Lindo" on Olvera St., Los Angeles, CA.

As a little girl I loved when my grandparents would bring me to Olvera St. in Los Angeles. I had never lived in Mexico, so it was always an exciting experience. I loved eating the sweet Mexican milk candy and going in this candle shop. The street holds a lot more for me than just a thing to do in L.A. My grandpa used to play guitar with his trio at the restaurants on this street. Many that remain today. 

dress, flats- H&M (I went retail for day one of the conference)
headband- I made it from a necklace.
Aww look at me before I got preggo. Wearing the same accessory combo haha.

I wish for more taquitos. Cielito Lindo has the best taquitos, smothered in a green salsa. I get them with beans and cheese. I ate them too fast to take a picture. whoops. Instead, enjoy this inedible wishing well. 

Canta, no llores
Sing, don't cry