Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm moving...

I've moved! I created a new blog over at . Check out my first post which is my wedding day costume and details.

Why the move?
Well, I want to blog about different things now, not only dressing up like a show pony in my backyard and taking pics of my outfits (which I will still do), but also speaking on things that I like and recipes and projects. I feel like this blog here in one-tracked and technically I could have just started talking about new ish but I figured that this marriage milestone would be a good catalyst for a change that has already been occurring. And hopefully the artificial comments will reduce "Love your outfit!" over at my new spot.

I'm slowing re-following everyone at my new URL. Hope to see you there, if not, it has been fun....

Saturday, September 28, 2013


So, I think my summer fling with light hair is over. I really didn't like it, I liked the idea of it, I wanted a change, I tried it out, and now in the end I know that dark hair suits me and I can accept it and move on. Would Snow White would have been Snow White without her hair dark as ebony? No, she would have been Snow Ball or something else stupid. This is my stance and I'm sticking to it. 

I made this headpiece out of an old necklace I dissected.

I don't know how J-Lo does it, oh yes I do, she dyes her eyebrows as well, but I'm giving caramel hair a farewell. You know what happens to caramel when you leave it on the stove too long? It burns. 

headpiece- DIY
dress- Yard sale. Told my mom to bust a U-turn and the nice raza sold it to me for $2
shoes- Jeffery Campbell

When you write an entire blog post about your hair #3rdworldproblems We will have real problems to blog about in 2015 when the dollar crashes. Better find a cash-gold stat. Sorry, Nacho has been watching all these crazy videos on youtube.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Mexican Independence Day

By the time you read this I will be starting my new job. Today is my first day, Happy Mexican Independence to me. Except instead of Spain, I'm leaving a group of sad children behind. I got a job in fashion and couldn't be more excited. I'm feeling very Kanye West Late Registration.

The last weeks of August were pure celebratory, my daughter's bday, my bday, my nieces' bdays, and more. My 2 weeks of commuting to downtown L.A. for training will surely slow me down. Good cause I'm eating too much pizza and not exercising. OMG am I Selena?

Here is me hitting my baby's pi~nata at her first bday party. My niece brought the pi~nata just in case she reads this.

Vintage dress and jellies. All thrifted.

Sochi said a new word today, "caca." There, that's my mommy blog. blegghhh.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coming soon

After a long hiatus, Maricela returned to my loft to model some clothes for me. I decided I need to have my niece start shooting the pics for me because Maricela makes me laugh too much and I end up using the straightening feature to fix it all on iPhoto. Maricela is one of those friends that I feel does way more for me than I do for her. I wish I knew better how to balance the scale but I ain't no libra #virgoproblems. Till then I will just keep making her tostadas and mojitos, our go-to lunch.

These clothes will be added to my shop in the next few days...

2 piece lime short set. It ain't easy being sexy green

Vintage Mexican embroidered skirt, could be Guatemalan, quien sabe. 

"Cut-it-out" -Uncle Joey

I smell something fruity- sweater dress


80's strapless ruffle sequin prom bomb

Figure skater jumpsuit

Lion roar blouse

Crinkle pink gown

90's puffy teddy bear sweatshirt

Another day, another jumpsuit

Every woman needs a vintage sequin butterfly blouse. I have 2, so I'm selling this one.

Hot cotton candy sweater dress

I know why the caged dress sings

Tropical get a guey

90's smiley face umbrella

Oxblood cut out rhinestone gown

Red lace palazzo jumpsuit

Black velvet halter gown


Vintage for sale. Vintage for sale. Vintage for sale. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Denim DIY

I got so caught up trying to be a young Sandra Cisneros in my "Vest Side Story" post that I really glazed over the DIY vest I made. So it was a jean jacket, I cut off the arms, and appliqued a piece of fabric to the back using the satin setting on my machine. Even though I have been told my sewing looks like "Helen Keller did it" I still continue to try and make myself things, since I did take lessons for a bit and all. I just don't have a steady hand to ever create something really well. I'm better at other things and that is ok with me. Here is another piece I made for myself. It is La Virgen de Guadalupe on a jean jacket.

  I'm craving fall so bad this year. I vow to wear more than leggings, sweaters, and boots this year. I have been taking pointers from Helga and Desiree. I love their layering techniques.

even found a new pair of estripper heels 
all thrifted

without the jacket and shades, all ready for an easter sunday mass in August.

Have a fun week. I'm off to make a pesto tomato frittata. Never seen a word with so many t's.
Not even titicaca.

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Secret Life

Sparkle Motion
Vintage sequin blouse- Swap Meet
shorts- JC Putos
shoes- thrifted

Had to delete the rant I had posted under this photo. 

So I have a secret Instagram account @mamafreshveg 
It's where I post pics of the so called healthy food I eat. It's a photo menu for me really.

My new fave is a nopales (cactus) juice I make in the morning in my nutri-bullet.

the juice of 3-4 oranges
a handful of organic alfalfa sprouts
2 tablespoons of flax seeds
3/4 cup of nopales
1/2 cup of frozen pineapple chunks

GRIND and drink. So refreshing. But my market was out of nopales today so I guess I'll have to go on a hunt tomorrow at another store or find a machete and head for the hills...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vest Side Story

He told me he would paint me like an Aztec princess
and since then, I've grown in my
3 times wide

But I still make him

His own witch

I break an egg
and cast a spell

For both of us

Vest- DIY

leotard- thrifted
shorts- Urban Outfitters a looong time ago
boots- thrifted

Thursday, July 18, 2013


My boyfriend says I complain too much. Just another lovely trait I have inherited from my mother like upper lip hair. I don't complain to be a drag, it's honestly a way I make conversation. Nothing unites the people like haterade, right? Today I have chosen to complain here, in my little public corner of the internet. Here, in list form are things I hate about the shower.

1. Stepping into a wet shower (recently after someone else has showered)
2. When people use my loofah (Hey, why is my loofah wet?)
3. When I buy new products such as body wash, then I get in the shower and realize I have left them by the sink so I have to step out and get them.
4. Taking a shower (can you think of a bigger waste of time?)
5. Hearing my mom complain time and time again about how dirty my glass shower doors are. Get over it, they are shower doors, they are dirty with soap, not dirt. So technically, they are clean.
6. Wet towels on the floor (a post-shower peeve of my mother's as well)
7. Empty bottles of product. Can we put them in the trash already?
8. Bitches aka my boyfriend who uses my Noxema, I told him to use the Aveeno face wash.

Look, I'm not even that bad, I couldn't even think of 10. On to the clothes.

Blouse- I found for $6 at a vintage store that opened up by my house
skirt- in my shop, thrifted
shoes- thrifted and upcycled by me
purse- H&M, I couldn't resist it. watermelon is one of my fave foods of all time.

 Check out my comic book shoes. I decopauged them

 There is a Black Barbie and a White Barbie on these. No Teresa though. I'm getting her for my b-day. You will see. 

Close up of the fit. Thank you Azu for reminding me how to blog again. 

Love these vintage earrings I got from the Rose Bowl for a dollar. holler honey cucu!

well, look at that, a new pose.

I won't tell you what happened after my boyfriend took these pictures of me, since it's a family show and all. Let's just say he is not that put off by my complaints after all.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Junk in the trunk Gypsy

My 4th of July costume really reflected how much the Junk Gypsies have been rubbing off on me.
It's pretty much my favorite show on television right now. Their style is a lot more country than mine, but I can still appreciate it and how they basically drill a hole into anything and make it a lamp. Just proves it is true, all of my favorite people are from Texas. I love you M.J. Que viva Selena and Sarina.

shirt- thrifted
slip- thrifted
lace skirt- from this Etsy shop, I support my fellow ladies in the Etsy hustle- 
wooden platform shoes- bought them in college, from the mall probably. I was a mall rat, it was called depression/spending my loan money. My dad used to call me, "What were you doing at Forever 21? 38 dollars at Sanrio? Fredrick's of Hollywood? That money is supposed to be for books." Still have my H20 (water) bra today.

The 4th of July has turned into one of those 'I'd rather stay at home holidays.' On the way home from my boyfriend's art show that day, we were in ridiculous traffic. Glass was shattered in the street like someone had broken a window of a few parked cars. "It looks like there is going to be a gang fight around here," said my boyfriend. "I think that already happened," replied me. I just don't trust my fellow Americans when it comes to major holidays. People get too drunk and I live off a scary highway. Am I getting old? On New Years Eve this year we were at my boyfriend's parents house. We had all these plans to do the traditional stuff at midnight, fun Mexican stuff, like eat 12 grapes, run around the block with our suitcases to ensure good travels, and then NEWSFLASH on the T.V. (my heart always stops when this happens) some people had shot one another dead at the annual firework show in old town Sacramento. We ate the grapes, but nixed the running around the block idea. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a paranoid person who lives my life in fear, but from now on, I'm going to spend my NYE and 4th of July in some sequins at home, sippin on some fancy Bev Mo ciders and beers and eating a block of gouda cheese till sleepiness ensues. 

Now with all that said, "Let's go a' junking!"

Saturday, June 29, 2013


 She's a very freaky girl. The kind you don't take home to mother. 

dress and shoes, thrifted
This post is a nevergram- a dress I'd never worn before these pics were taken. I have to say, the dress feels better than it looks. The open shoulders give me a sense of freedom, like I can't be bound by accessories, chokers, cameos, hoops, or rings. But then I download the pics and the dress seems #boring.

My niece, "You used to dress like Zenon, now you dress like a mom."

I still have my crazy costumes, don't unfollow me just yet. Wait till you see my red slip on slip I have planned for the 4th of July.

Till then, I'll be working on my Snooki body. Ordered some bootleg DVDs from a Craigslist Killer the other day. It they are legit, I should be looking like Snooki in no time. Snooki post shore and baby that is. It might be pure insanity, but I'll try anything once (except methamphetamines and select opiates).

Besos, bye.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I been low key


I'm hashtag humiliated for not blogging for so long. Thanks to everyone who still stopped by to say hi in my comments section under my CHRISTMAS post. oops. Once Easter came around, I almost blogged. I was going to make a joke about me blogging only on Christian holidays, but I couldn't even get myself to do that. It's not that I'm slammed all "oh Im a new mom and I can barely function," no, def not that bull. It's just I that I haven't had the ganas, the desire, to blog. Blogging filled some void I had in 2010. All my voids are now full, almost all of them.

I'm off work for the summer so here I stand. Black and white is a trend now? WTF? Those are my fave colors of all time. My next 2 outfits after this one will be in those colors- spoiler alert.

I'm still
- loving black and white
- losing my baby weight as slow as molasses, cause that's what it is molASSes
- living out of wedlock/in sin
- looking like a robot in my pics
- not loving police

Since I left ain't nothing changed.

We all have our absences, I feel like I'm so Dr. Dre the Chronic 2001 now.


What? Cause I've been in the lab, with a pen and a pad trying to get this damn Etsy shop off?

So where's all the mad bloggers at? It's like a jungle in this habitat. Is anyone still out there?

p.s. its all thrifted, except the baby, I made it with help.