Monday, February 28, 2011

Strawberry nails

I dont care if strawberries "aren't in season." I think its subjective. Somewhere in some hemisphere, strawberries are in season. My boyfriend painted me these pretty strawberries last night and I am already having a better day today knowing that although it might still be 57 degrees outside, summer still exists and will come eventually. Or maybe I'm just happy cause I have someone in my life who is so good to me. Someone who cleaned my vomit, made me pancakes that I didnt eat, and didnt judge me when I said I wanted Taco Bell after I ate Mcdonalds 3 hours before. It was a rough weekend but I had fun and am happy that I got to spend time with my baby daddy, no baby. I dont take love for granted. Oh yes, Im 3 weeks sober, no nail biting. si se puede, Sophia.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hooked Up

My boyfriend hella hooked me up for Valentine's day. I'm so happy with all my gifts, things I've been wanting forever. It was like X-mas.

An emo hello kitty bag, hello kitty earrings, and a shit ton of argyle socks

Expressing the passion for my purse through photo editing.

AND Melody Ehsani lightning bolt earrings and armadillo ring in gun metal. J-Lo has hers in silver cause she's a punk. just kidding. I want them in all colors. just kidding. kinda. not really.

It bends with your finger. So high-tech.

I'm a lucky girl. 

How did your V-day go? Did sweet gift giving lead to passionate love making lead to googling locations to get the day after pill in your area and more searches for online ovulation calculators? Did you and your partner decide to keep the unborn baby and consider it an act of Valentines fate and promise to appropriately name it "Valentino (a)" depending on the gender? Would now be a good time to start birth control or to give birth so your retired mother could have a hobby? This is just the internet. Don't sweat, I'm only hypothesising. The last thing I want is for this to turn into a pregnant fashion blog. But if my time has come, then my time has come. It's the circle of life and it moves us all. A third generation hello kitty lover might be so legit or I may be full of...

BAG: from baghaus or there are some on Karmaloop.
Melody Ehsani jewelry: from her website. 
Mad sweet love: from my boyfriend.
Original scenarios and text: your truly.
Am I still kinda unemployed?: yes. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts, farts and crap. Yesterday I did a craft fair hoping to sell things I'd been trying to work on while I was sick and things that I've made and havent sold yet. The venue I went to was pretty dead. I only sold 3 things. I was very proud of some of my work, or should I say our work since my boyfriend helped me a LOT. We stayed up till 1am procraftinating the night before. Maybe these will inspire some of your own crafts. I love conversation hearts and gluing to them to anything I can. I also really liked the cards I made. Much Love on V-day and every day,

I really liked my conversation heart frames and my Aladdin card. The back has a picture of Aladdin and Jasmine sitting on a magic carpet. I wish someone would sit on my magic carpet...

Various bows and headbands we made. They are paper flowers. I sold one of those big purple bows to a Harajuku girl.

Sold one of these stands and that pair of large bow earrings that I kinda liked for myself but oh well.

My table, my aunt, and my baby daddy, not for sale.

My aunt potted those flowers in my cousins old shoes. bahaha. live flowers.

Cinderella card made from a book page. I really liked it.

The good ole domino bracelet. I dont know how people can not buy these.

Floppy disk card. So cute. The boyfriend pretty much handled this one.

Floppy disk card fro the inside. Happy V-day everyone. Its a day of love, at least its supposed to be. You've got to love someone, somewhere.
Love's not a mystery, It's everything.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tiger Nails

Today I'm 4 days sober. While on my sickbed last Saturday between making collages and blowing my nose,  I watched a crap ton of nail art videos on youtube. The viewing prompted an epiphany: If I stop biting my nails I can do so many beautiful things with them. I decided then and there that I wanted to "get clean" for the love of art, cold turkey, no nail-biters pussy polish or dipping my fingers in chile. My loving boyfriend (who threatens me daily to start his own blog so that he can steal my blogging thunder) painted the stripes on my nails for me. He wanted to do lightening bolts, but I told him I wanted stripes first. I could have done it myself, I think, but he is an artist so he was better suited for the job. There we were, late at night on my mama's couch....painting. These are just some shots I took with my webcam, Im too lazy to take actual photos. I leave you with some tutorials I found on youtube that I liked. I didn't necessarily like the tiger art tutorial cause the girl talked FOREVER before she got to work and she got on my last nerve but you can't hate on someone who is trying to teach you something for free even though I kinda just did. I still want to do dominoes, neon geometrical, and water marbling once they get long enough. Finally, Im a real girl.

On the phone with the artist

Yah, my man does mah nails y que?

Tiger tutorial:

Neon geometrical nails:

Water marble art:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's just me against the world

I'm sick, and it's really ruining-

-my weight
-my crafts
-my blog
-my life

After deciding I would try my hand at papercrafts, and trying it, I have decided that it's "not for me."

I think my cardstock flowers are going to be made into a headband. Stay tuned eager followers who have dwindled off ever since I deleted my facebook. What a friggin waste of time that was. No better way to waste your time than with facebook. I could only think of one other option to waste your life: creating collages on picnik with you and dead rapper. 

"Disillusioned lately, I've been really wantin babies
so I could see a part of me that wasn't always shady"
2pac- Shed So Many Tears

"And if I die, I wonder if heaven got a thrift store?" Me, in this blog.

Dont worry, I know how to solve all my problems.  A  mimosa for brunch to battle my cold? A tattoo so I can feel true pain ? A birth control pill with low hormones to keep my self-diagosed Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder in check? Ill take all three please.
Special thanks to all my readers for reading. I promise great exciting things coming as soon as I get well.

Keep ya head up,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Put it in a love song

So it has been almost a year now since Beyonce and Alicia Keys shot their video for "Put it in a love song" in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Im beginning to lose hope that it will ever be released. At first I was like, oh well maybe they are just taking their sweet time editing it cause its going to be super bomb. Then Alicia got pregnant, then she married Swizz Beatz, then she gave birth to baby Egypt, then she stopped breast feeding, and this damn video is still not out. I wasn't all excited about the choreo, or the song. I was more excited about the location and THE CLOTHES. Beyonce and Alicia wear clothes from Boxing Kitten. Im super in love with the cut and prints of these clothes. Its like vintage 50's and 60's cuts with tribal prints. Boxing Kitten even has another collection out. Thats how long its been since this video was shot. Maybe it will be out by the next World Cup Brazil 2014?  Oh well, we'll always have Rio...

Check Boxing Kitten:

Yup, that's la virgen on her back

A yo B, What up A?

I LOVE this dress from the S/S 2011 collection.

Check the back! cut out so hot.

Also digging this jacket