Monday, May 30, 2011

Thrifts from God

I don't know how I got so lucky thrifting this week. Maybe I used the secret. Yup, thats prob it. I was a patient thrifter and it paid off. I secreted myself into finding these gems.

You call it an oversized sweater, I call it a party dress.

Betsey Johnson shoes. One Care Bear fits all.

Three other of my lucky finds. I wonder if my niece would be humiliated if I wore that sequin granny number to her 8th grade graduation? hmmmmm conundrum. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashback Friday 7/26/10

How many of you wish you would have started blogging a long time ago? My hand is raised. So, I have decided to start my first feature: Flashback Friday. This feature will allow me to post pictures of my so called fashion life before I started my blog. I will also reveal tales of my wicked past. Just kidding my past is normal. Here are pics from my first post of this feature at the California State Fair. I went last July with my friend Caitlin.

Eating a fried Oreo. Don't judge.

My famous dinosaur face by sum dinosaurs. Didn't really want to post this, but its a full outfit pic minus the shoes. 

Stopping to smell the flowers.

Caitlin on a bear. Can u believe she is going to be a mom now? God bless her!

Me on our California Golden State Bear! 

Upon her visit to California, my Texan friend Megan said: Y'all are sure into bears here.
I responded: Yes we are, what are you guys into in Texas?
She said: Stars. 

top- thrifted
shorts- Forever 21
shoes- Urban Outfitters, but I say dont buy fake Vans there because they were so uncomfortable and I wore a hole into them. I have replaced them with real Vans, low pros. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Remember me? The telephone. I'm so lonely these days as texting has taken over the world. No one wants to hear a human voice anymore. All people want to do is send a flood of information at one time expecting a quick response. People text like they are "im-ing." While texting is great for specifics, it can turn into a stream of nonsense real quick. Let me make sure I add a smiley face so this person knows my tone is jolly and doesn't think I'm dissing them :) Sorry I didn't answer your text yesterday, I was living my life, taking a shower, watching a movie, all awhile my phone was in the other room sorry. Maybe if you would have called, I would have heard it and picked up. Now "the feds" are getting on us. We can't text or call while we're driving and for good reason. One day upon reading a text, I was almost wiped off a freeway bridge by some *ss hole who couldn't decide if he was going east or west, and at the last minute decided to swerve in and then promptly out of my lane. It is hardly worth my life to write you a quick "Ok" response. 

People should do what I do; spend a safe day at home playing dress up and posing with a beloved Care Bear. If more people blogged, we would have safer roads. As long as they aren't blogging from their stupid "smart" phones.

How many accidents do you think this guys been in? You guessed it, none.

I like to stay indoors, safe where the paparazzi can't get me. I was proud of my blending skills.

Here is a domino shout out to those reading this blog. Some of you I know, most of you I don't, but all of you I'd like to know. Thanks for your comments, or visiting. To you all I say, "Hi." 

domino bracelet- made by me
hair accessory- Gypsy Land
Yellow hoops-thrifted
black body suit and skirt- Forever 21
banana pumps- thrifted

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dreamcatcher Earrings

Saturday, while I was waiting for rapture to come, I made this pair of dreamcatcher earrings.

I wire wrapped, and I leather wrapped, and I feathered, and still no sign of rapture. Just Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlago on the tele. So, I made another pair. I figured if I was going to go out, I might as well do it while doing something I love: crafting!

Mother Plucker! I hope these bad boys catch my nightmares of rapture!

Because the rapture was a no-show, I had time to take my tripod out for a spin in my backyard. Here I am looking "cute as sin" in my white tee,  in my white tee, and in my white botas. Viva la rapture! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Nature vs Nurture: The Makings of a Hello Kitty Lover

Are Hello Kitty lovers born or made? If you weren't lucky enough to be born to a breast feeding, Hello Kitty loving mother, hopefully, you took it upon yourself to become a fan of Hello Kitty. There is no other cartoon that I love more. Such a simple design, doesn't even have a mouth, and it still has endured after all these decades. When my mother ordered this Hello Kitty pi~nata for my 1st b-day she was really saying, "Sophia, I love you. And I care about your style." 25 years later they are making Hello Kitty in a lighter shade of brown. Such an equal opportunity brand. I love Hello Kitty till I D.I.E. and when it is my time to procreate, u know I will be swaddling my baby in a HK blanket.

Here I am, Sophia sophisticated in my HK tank, H&M skirt, and thrifted blazer.

My latest HK purchase, an Ipad cover. Dont ask me what it really protects since the delicate part is the screen but hey it sure is cute, and guarantees my dad will keep his paws off of it. Even though it is kind of his...uh...err..

My latest creation. DIY Hello Kitty charm bracelet. I bought those little cell phone charms off a man at the swap meet. Then I snapped their things off and connected them to some chain.

Vintage Me, and Vintage Hello Kitty inflatable chair. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Haunted

Last Saturday my mother fell into a temporary paralysis. It wasn't her usual state, hair greasy, face flushed, asleep on the couch. She was wide eyed on the couch, sitting up, hour after hour. I left the house, borrowing her car to go on a vintage Levi hunt and when I came back she was stuck in the same spot. She was so tuned in to watching whatever it was, she did not tend to her wifely duties such as feeding my father and washing the dishes. I finally went over and suggested we get out of the house and before we could solidify plans to get our "hooves done" (pedicures), I too was sucked into what she had been watching for hours, "The Haunted" on Animal Planet. Second to none, not even Pitbulls and Parolees, this show takes the blue ribbon of all Animal Planet programing. Heck, not even eel fishing in murky waters on River Monsters, has given me such the willies. This show is about real people and animals and their real life experiences with haunted spaces. Gee Willikers, it's scary. I'm not a fan of ghost shows but this one is Fantasia Fo Real! Best thing was, it was on all day. So there we sat watching it a couple more hours before I finally could break away to get my pedicure. It really is informative as well. I now know to investigate my home's history before moving into it. You know, just to make sure there weren't any suicides in my bedroom, or animal sacrificing cults in my servants quarters. It was so scary, it made me almost want to go to church...almost. I have had my own experience with the paranormal but nothing like in this show. Check your local listings for more info.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My dress was more vintage than the wine

Wine tasting to me means 5 dollars till crunkness. My feathered featured friend Janessa and I went to taste some wine at this beverage store walking distance from her house. She said we should get there early before the "old people get there." Plan failed. It was already popping by the time we got there. Afterwards, we had some real drinks at a bar walking distance from the store. Walking distance as in through rocks and sticks. I survived the trek and made Janessa photograph me to make the night bloggable. Later that night I awoke with an asthma/allergy attack from too much fun outdoors and quality time spent with Hurley, Janessa's beloved bull dog. Or maybe it was cause Hurley licked my boyfriend's face, and then I licked it. Oops.

I survived the walk. I didnt have a slip for this dress so I wore a nude colored spanx number underneath.

What a trek

With Janessica. How crunk was I? Crunk enough to eat the tentacles off the calamari when I dont even like calamari. Crunk enough to ask if there were Italians or Mexicans working in the kitchen. Not crunk at all.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hollywood Hike

What do you do when you run out of money to do exciting things? Take a hike. We took the hike up to the Hollywood sign and I have to say it was more fun than anything that costs 10 dollars. Get off the 101 N on Beechwood, and ride the street till it ends, park it like its hot, and hike for 2hrs. This is not a hike for amateurs or freaks in heels and Seven jeans (really, we saw someone like that). It gets steeper as you go on so bring your puffer. The view up top is pretty awesome. We started our hike I think around 6, so we got to do most of it in the shade. I cant imagine doing it in the sun. Look at all our exciting fotos.

My niece and me.

Me and my boyfriend, me and my boyfriend.

Griffith Observatory

CC and I doing what we do best, playing with random dogs.

On the way up, a good looking point.

If you are in able condition, I highly recommend doing this hike. Its pretty legit, except for the horse sh*t  part of the trail.