Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Costume

Here is the costume I chose to wear to my sister's house for Thanksgiving. I always have to dress up around my family to live up to my name as "Auntie Gaga." It is better than what they called me when I had a short bowl cut 2 years ago "Uncle Phia," ok, so maybe I gave myself that name but they loved it. I finally got to wear this dress I thrifted during the summer. I was a "wise Latina" this summer, thrifting for all seasons. It has given me the upper hand on my self diagnosed seasonal depression as I get to wear all the awesome sweaters, coats, and other warm attire I've acquired. I don't get as upset that it's cold. I know I know, I'm boo hoo-ing over here over my cold California winter. On with the show.

They called me Cleopatra. I've heard worse.

It's a dress, I just wore tights and boots.

I loved the back of this dress.

So I gots to keep it real with you, the dress was part wool and acrylic so it did make me itchy scratchy in some places, but for $1.98 I can't really complain right? I was glad to get this number off the rack and into the world again. Viva la thrifting,


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Because I will be black friday thrifting in a previously undiscovered territory, I thought it would be wise to do some pre-shopping at the Goodwill in Redlands, CA to orient myself with the lay out of the store and hide spy any potential buys.

My plan backfired as my pre-shopping turned into actual shopping. Good thing I had a senior with me, so I could  use her 10% discount. Thanks mom.

I've been wanting a pair of moccasins so bad it hurts, ironically, these actually hurt. I want to put the "sin" in moccasin.

car emblem necklace- I made it
sweater- thrifted
shorts- cut and thrifted
tights- Target
left boot- Target

Here's what real people have to say about the places I will be going on Friday. Really, I couldn't make this ish up:

"This place is across from a convalescent home so all of their great prized possessions end up there."

"The location is in San Berdoo so i wasn't expecting much, I did go kind of late, but police car shooing away a "street walker" the next street over had me rethinking the place.
I'm glad i kept going though, because this place is amazing!"

"Some people might say San Bernardino is a shithole. That may be so but I grew up there and I love it like family." 

I don't know how I'll sleep tonight, but Im sure Ill find a way between allergy pills and classy full glasses of wine. The moral of the story here is: pre-shopping IS as dangerous as real shopping as they can both lead to pregnancy.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A pretty poncho

Hi my name is Sophia and I have a problem. A problem watching Lifetime movies on Lifetime (the network for women), and On Demand. Something I used to laugh at my mother for, catching her late at night sitting on the couch, scratching her own head, I'd walk into the room, "Sophia, you have to see this movie it is so good, this man in a wheelchair is pretending to be handicap so he can use this woman for her money," I sat down with her for a bit, but after a lady took off her prosthetic leg and used it as a weapon, calling herself, "handicapable" I had to excuse myself.  

But then I discovered Lifetime makes true crime movies and became hooked: The Hollywood Bling Ring, Girl Fight, The Amanda Knox Story, The Craigslist Killer, and The I-5 killer.

So a few weeks later here I'm at midnight in the middle of the mountains getting gas on I-5. I go in to use the restroom and check all the stalls, something I dont normally do. I squat to pee and check the walls for blood stains. I'm mad creeped out, and its all thanks to Lifetime. I exit my stall, wash my hands, and start to walk out when a lady walks in and I gasp with my hand over my heart like my life is about to end. I thought she was an average white male who was about to do freaky things to me, murder me, then do more freaky things to me. I tried to laugh it off as I said, "haha sorry, you're not scary, Ive just been watching too much Lifetime." Then I walked back to the car and yelled at my mom for letting me go to the bathroom alone.


I made it to the hills alive.

poncho- thrifted, Thrift Town
skirt- H&M
leg warmers- Capezio
shoes- JC

My mom said I looked like I was about to go walk the streets, I told her that hooking was not a seasonal occupation. I call this look winter hooker.

Thanks to my niece for taking pics of me and not telling me I had lipstick on my teeth.

Stay safe,

Monday, November 21, 2011

I love M.J.

My homegirl Megan Jane flew in from Mexico to be with me this weekend. She is originally from Texas so she loves her some Killa Cali. We go hard when she is in town and we went even harder last night, her last night here. We started with an appetizer at In and Out (since she doesnt have them in Texas). She ate half the cheeseburger, then I ate the other half, we didn't want to ruin our appetites for Kishi Japanese teppan later. Next, we headed to the mall to hit up every makeup store and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. My niece made fun of me cause I have a punch card there. 7 more candy apples and I get a free one.

My booties are from Ross and super cute. you can't see but they have studs and chains on them.

They told me to get the mouse apple to match my sweatshirt. I disagreed and got an avalanche one.

In a food coma with my boo.

My niece and her bff. They still hang out with me even though Im crazy. I laughed so hard at my own joke before I even told it and spit out my water all over our empty plates and the hot grill. It sizzled.

I'm a huge advocate for early age ear piercing. It is a part of my culture that I plan on preserving with my own female children. I've been rocking hoops since the crib.

Thanks to MJ for making it all the way out here to see me,

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a girl!

Caitlin's baby is here! We knew she was coming cause her stomach was contracting right before our very eyes on Saturday. Her name is Liviah Vernice, totally sounds like something Beyonce would name her baby right? We went to go visit her in the hospital today. 

Caitlin and her husband Nate (Naitlin) and their baby and me.  I was going to wear my pink blazer for 
her but that hospital room was pretty warm. 

"Liviah and her mom, me and my mom" or "The first time Liviah saw Mexicans"

Oh my gawd ya'll Caitlin's a mother! She's come a long way since faking she started her period at her 5th grade b-day party! Man that was quite the rager! I remember it like it was yesterday. Look at her now. Her baby was asleep the whole time we were there, she let out a couple cute cries, she has the cutest baby voice! Not screechy, just cute.

Official Stats
Name: Liviah Vernice
Weight: 8lbs 1oz 
Height: 22 inches
Sign: Scorpio
Favorite food: Chi chi milk
Siblings: Soon as Caitlin forgets the pain of labor
Favorite quote: "Been 12 hours so far...but I got my epi and I'm loving life =)" -her mother

Caitlin in her slippers, me in my JC's

Congrats! So excited she is finally here! It was a special occasion, thats why I wore jeans. 2nd time ever in over a year of blogging. 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Decked Out

So, I've been off the radar lately, seems following Beyonce's pregnancy is turning out to be quite the time consuming task.

SIKE. I've been gone for other reasons but will wait until I can eloquently divulge them to you, if at all.

Today my friend Caitlin was supposed to come over to visit. She is 9 months pregnant, due tomorrow. So I make a nice top knot on my hair as I wait for her and then I get a call from her  husband telling me that they're at the hospital, something about a mucous plug, and that they're waiting to make sure the baby's ok, but after that we'll do lunch. Oh my goodness, sounded serious, but no, baby still on board. Caitlin and her husband helped me with my photos.

Caitlin's husband is a former model so he was directing me.

Caitlin's husband looked alarmed as she climbed on top of a cement planter to take this pic of me.

Then she fed me a cookie, and I fed one to her baby.

I purposely left the car wash uncropped in the background. Don't go there, they effed up my mom's car. $700 dollars in damage. Think it's called "Dirt Busters" more like car busters!

my dress was 1.99 thrifted from Thrift Town baby! Don't know if I wanna keep the shoulder pads in though, kinda awkward. I felt like Janet Jackson in Control. Right before her extreme weight loss was revealed in "Love Will Never Do Without You." 

I wanna be the one in control,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dia de Los Muertos

I make the dead "LOL."

Greetings to everyone on this fine November day. I'm guest blogging this week for my friend Nina at Come check me out, or her out, cause she has mad style. I was actually going through all her old posts hehe and she has a very positive spirit. I feel like Ghostwriter. Did anyone besides me watch that show on PBS when they were younger? I loved it cause it had little Latino kids in it. Remember they lived below their parents store? I was like, I wish my parents had a store that way I could get all the snacks I want for free. But sadly, Ghostwriter never came to me when I was reading books, boo, I tried, so the show was effecctive indeed. Viva la literacy.

I leave you with some of my favorite pictures ever, taken by my niece Cierra, and an altar made by my friend Maricela for her recently passed on cat, Chiquita. Animals have souls too. She gave their family a lot of love thanks to her for letting me share this.

"Las tumbas son para los muertos
Las flores para sentirse bien.
La vida es para gozarla
La vida es para vivirla mejor."

"Tombs are for the dead,
Flowers to feel good
Life is for enjoying
Life is to live it best"
(my best translation)

Lyrics from "Calaveras y Diablitos" by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (prob my 2nd fave song in the world) Youtube it, I couldn't get it to load on my post :(