Monday, December 19, 2011


"A bright young man, he was. Is. A bright splendid ray in my life. But like Picasso said, 'When you come right down to it, all you have is your self. Your self is a sun with a thousand rays in your belly. The rest is nothing.' But for a while, he was all mine. Mio. Mio. Mio."

-Ana Castillo in "Loverboys"

starfish jewelry- old Avon set, thrifted
dress- vintage, thrifted on 50% off day for $3.50

shoes- Jessica Simpson but from TJ Maxx. Good for her. 

That's it, I'm not wearing this tree anymore. It makes me look short(er).


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Bow tie

bow tie- DIY
shirt- thrifted
skirt- thrifted
socks- Eff 21
boots- Steve Madden

Look Ma, no sewing machine! 

Well well well, seems like you can teach an old perra new tricks. I watched a lot of videos on youtube and in the end was able to produce a legit bow tie. I used a black velvety dress I got for free at the Goodwill on Black Friday. The had 200 items free in the store and you had to find them. The dress was useless until now. Also cut up some old clothes I was going to give to the Goodwill. I think the bow tie classes up an outfit. My mom said from the waist up I looked classy, and from the waist down I looked like a hooker. She always gives me grief when I wear fishnets or over the knee socks with short skirts. I don't understand the stigma of socks that go above the knee but I guess I should listen to her, I mean, she was a modest dresser in her day....

Yes, a Harley Davidson crop top with no bra, is truly modest. 


Monday, December 12, 2011

You already have one like that.

When I was young and I would go shopping with my mom, I would pick out clothes and she would always tell me, "You already have one like that." I guess I'm always drawn towards the same things? That means I have my own personal style right? Or am I lacking something? Or, I know what I like. Here are some examples in my current wardrobe. (This is not funny, oh darn).

Yellow printed button ups I wear open with black leggings and a black tank. Oh so innovative.

These se~norita dresses they had in my 2 least fave colors, baby pink, and baby blue. 

Picked up their cousin a few weeks later at another Eco-Thrift but different location.

Sequin dresses are the best. One day I'll be Jem for halloween and wear the one on the left.

I love red coats and I can not lie. Never worn any of them but I will be soon!

Mama love her black fringe coat. 

Mama love this one less.

Um, yeah.

I really need to fill my Etsy store.

"But who cares, no big deal, I want mmoooooorrreeee,"


Friday, December 9, 2011


I don't know what it is about cartoon character shirts that make them so appealing to me, but I love them. Maybe it is nostalgia, or maybe just an attraction to cuteness. I don't know, but I know I'm not alone; a lot of rappers have the same problem and that makes me feel safe. 

shirt- thrifted (Salvation Army)
skirt- Eff 21
booties- Ross

I love my Dollhouse booties but they do hurt me after awhile. I don't know what it is about booties, but the angle hurts worse than a heel sometimes. 

the back of my t-shirt. 

This is my sister's dog, Snooki Garcia, I'm allergic to her, can't you tell?

Look what Kanye commissioned Burton Morris to do for his casita. Tonight I will be commissioning my own artist to do a Sanrio series for me. No joke. 

Besos, Bye,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Alameda Antique Fair

 Yesterday I went to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire and felt like I had dropped some E but without the pesky teeth grinding. It was like 3 of our swap meets put together of just vintage clothing and collectibles, booth after booth. We were there for 4 hours and we still didn't get to finish the entire faire (Its on a freaking naval base). It was really nice to be in a spot full of people "like me", who love vintage clothing and crap so much. I know a lot of you would have really enjoyed it. Thanks to my homegirl over at Style Porn for posting about it, cause I would have never even known.

They had "racks on racks on racks" of vintage clothing. It was like visiting hundreds of stores.

A gorgeous piece

Frilly skirts? I'll take 2.

I really really wanted a Snow White plate.

Can we talk about the girl in the cape on the left? She is my idol, wearing a cape and HEELS to an antique fair. Oh, and she's a mom with a baby daddy who pushes her stroller. I quit. 

I'm mod about these chairs. 

I asked him, "hey baby do you want a dummy?"
he said, "I already have one." 

Beaded cat sweater? I bought it! 

Check out these cat creepers! They were my size but fit tight on the toe, and I didnt have any monies left. Reminded me of my friend Isabel, check her out, she flies a starship.

One nerd and one doll, I mean one nerd doll. 

My 2nd cape sighting of the day! I don't know who this one belonged to though... Can you tell I really want a cape?

sweater- thrifted
dress- H&M
boots- Ross

The view of San Francisco from the faire. The faire is in Alameda. My directions: drive to downtown Oakland, set your radio to 106.1, get hyphy, drive through a tunnel, and then you arrive in Alameda.

We stayed till the very end of the faire which allowed us to see people slash their prices (after we had no money left) and get free pretzels! Dissatisfied that my free pretzel was unsalted, I decided to incite a sea gull riot in the parking lot.

"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag."

"'Feed the birds,' that's what she cries
While overhead, her birds fill the skies"

Off to Cat Daddy in my cat sweater,


Friday, December 2, 2011

my earrings matched the clock

This clock matched my clock earring but that was not the only exciting thing brewing at Angel's Thrift that day oh no,

The clock said "Tempus Fugit" which is my all time favorite latin saying which means "time flees" or time flies. I just say time flies.  It's the saying I always talk about getting tatted on my holy temple of a body, but I never do. Yes, when it comes to tattoos I'm "one of those." Better to just shut your trap if you're never gonna get it right?

Got these clock earrings at an antique shop. They are clip on, we all know I've had my ears pierced since I was a baby as I have provided photographic evidence of such in previous posts. 

sweater- thrifted, Thrift Town
shorts- Urban Outfitters
over the knee boots- JC Penny's last season

I scored nothing on this shopping excursion, but this day was not about me. We were trying to find a blazer for my niece. 

Don't know how blazer shopping lead to boot shopping but she scored this pair of boots. Maybe it is because my heart is so grand and sweet,


Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Costume

Here is the costume I chose to wear to my sister's house for Thanksgiving. I always have to dress up around my family to live up to my name as "Auntie Gaga." It is better than what they called me when I had a short bowl cut 2 years ago "Uncle Phia," ok, so maybe I gave myself that name but they loved it. I finally got to wear this dress I thrifted during the summer. I was a "wise Latina" this summer, thrifting for all seasons. It has given me the upper hand on my self diagnosed seasonal depression as I get to wear all the awesome sweaters, coats, and other warm attire I've acquired. I don't get as upset that it's cold. I know I know, I'm boo hoo-ing over here over my cold California winter. On with the show.

They called me Cleopatra. I've heard worse.

It's a dress, I just wore tights and boots.

I loved the back of this dress.

So I gots to keep it real with you, the dress was part wool and acrylic so it did make me itchy scratchy in some places, but for $1.98 I can't really complain right? I was glad to get this number off the rack and into the world again. Viva la thrifting,


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Because I will be black friday thrifting in a previously undiscovered territory, I thought it would be wise to do some pre-shopping at the Goodwill in Redlands, CA to orient myself with the lay out of the store and hide spy any potential buys.

My plan backfired as my pre-shopping turned into actual shopping. Good thing I had a senior with me, so I could  use her 10% discount. Thanks mom.

I've been wanting a pair of moccasins so bad it hurts, ironically, these actually hurt. I want to put the "sin" in moccasin.

car emblem necklace- I made it
sweater- thrifted
shorts- cut and thrifted
tights- Target
left boot- Target

Here's what real people have to say about the places I will be going on Friday. Really, I couldn't make this ish up:

"This place is across from a convalescent home so all of their great prized possessions end up there."

"The location is in San Berdoo so i wasn't expecting much, I did go kind of late, but police car shooing away a "street walker" the next street over had me rethinking the place.
I'm glad i kept going though, because this place is amazing!"

"Some people might say San Bernardino is a shithole. That may be so but I grew up there and I love it like family." 

I don't know how I'll sleep tonight, but Im sure Ill find a way between allergy pills and classy full glasses of wine. The moral of the story here is: pre-shopping IS as dangerous as real shopping as they can both lead to pregnancy.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A pretty poncho

Hi my name is Sophia and I have a problem. A problem watching Lifetime movies on Lifetime (the network for women), and On Demand. Something I used to laugh at my mother for, catching her late at night sitting on the couch, scratching her own head, I'd walk into the room, "Sophia, you have to see this movie it is so good, this man in a wheelchair is pretending to be handicap so he can use this woman for her money," I sat down with her for a bit, but after a lady took off her prosthetic leg and used it as a weapon, calling herself, "handicapable" I had to excuse myself.  

But then I discovered Lifetime makes true crime movies and became hooked: The Hollywood Bling Ring, Girl Fight, The Amanda Knox Story, The Craigslist Killer, and The I-5 killer.

So a few weeks later here I'm at midnight in the middle of the mountains getting gas on I-5. I go in to use the restroom and check all the stalls, something I dont normally do. I squat to pee and check the walls for blood stains. I'm mad creeped out, and its all thanks to Lifetime. I exit my stall, wash my hands, and start to walk out when a lady walks in and I gasp with my hand over my heart like my life is about to end. I thought she was an average white male who was about to do freaky things to me, murder me, then do more freaky things to me. I tried to laugh it off as I said, "haha sorry, you're not scary, Ive just been watching too much Lifetime." Then I walked back to the car and yelled at my mom for letting me go to the bathroom alone.


I made it to the hills alive.

poncho- thrifted, Thrift Town
skirt- H&M
leg warmers- Capezio
shoes- JC

My mom said I looked like I was about to go walk the streets, I told her that hooking was not a seasonal occupation. I call this look winter hooker.

Thanks to my niece for taking pics of me and not telling me I had lipstick on my teeth.

Stay safe,