Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vintage Cats

Rather than blog about the weather or the Dodgers, I thought I'd use my creative energies to discuss another hot topic: my animal allergies esp. to cats.

What do you mean are they real? Are you some sort of sicko?

All hail Thomasina, my mother's cat. I can't tell you if this was Thomasina the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or the new generation. Let's just say growing up, my mom always had a cat named Thomasina.

Gazing into each other's eyes. Eff puppy love, this is the real deal.

One of the furry creatures in this pic was a good Catholic. I won't name names.

They were together through black and white, to color.

All was fine and dandy until I was born. Thomasina started acting strangely. My mother sensed her jealousy and feared she would smother me to death in my crib. But before any action could be taken, Thomasina fled, probably to the hills to die of a broken heart. And then we discovered I was allergic and could never have indoor cats again. I would never know the love of a cat, the warm snuggle of the sweet clean creature that licks its own...paws.

dress- Salvation Army
shoes- Reflection 10 dollas on sale
belt- oops it fell
domino bracelet- I made it

Riddle me this:
What cat never ages?

Hello Kitty!

Thanks for playing,


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vieja Nopalera

Tis I, cactus lady. When my friend Dora Luz called me "vieja nopalera" on one of my posts it made me el-o-el (lol). I have always been attracted to cactus, I blame my parents. This particular one stands in my backyard and was transplanted from our old home in Southern California 7 hours away. We brought it here 20 years ago. The resiliency of the cactus most amazes me. How it endures hot and cold, no water, and too much water. It protects itself with thorns so no one can mess with it. I also like it's taste. 

My banner pic of the heart shaped cactus was taken by my aunt, who also appropriately titled it "Love Hurts." I'm glad to know that some of you out there like it.

dress- 11 dollars (but I traded it at Freestyle)
shoes- so old, I keep trying to sell them back to Crossroads but they ain't having it
belt- from the mothership

 In life, there are bad times. Bad times that last for years. Bad times beyond your control. Bad times when you're young, or when your old. Bad times that you will live through and remember. But they don't last forever, and when it is over, you can pack up, move on, take the things that you like with you, and leave  the stuff you don't need behind. Resiliency, like the cactus with all it's sweet fruit and painful thorns. 

Thanks to my lover boy for waking up early to take these pics of me, Dora for always visually inspiring me, and Megan Jane for being the best. Told ya'll I was emo! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Strawberry button up

Let's go to work.

blouse- 5 dollars G-will
leggings- I got them from my momma
shoes- Charlotte Russe made by the devil

Permission from the elders to speak freely? I don't get what this hoopla is over Missoni for Target. I don't like the color scheme, or the patterns. I also am not attracted to things that sell out quick and end up on ebay. I have never gone after those things in my life whether it be gaming systems or shoes or whatever. I felt like as a blogger I should put my 2 cents in. Maybe I should have saved them for a future find.

This shirt is sweeter than my personality. Not my online personality, my IRL one. 

I got this shirt for 5 dollars along with 2 other items for 5 dollars and drove away from the Goodwill depressed. My boyfriend kept asking me what was wrong and then finally he was like, "Are you upset you had to spend 15 dollars for only 3 things?" I looked up at him with the same emo puppy eyes I have in the above pic. I was kinda bummed. So to cure my despair, I immediately put my shirt to good use, wearing it to work.

I like how bloggers have FAQ spaces on their blog. I find them informative and often have the same questions. Well guess what? No one ever asks me anything so I'll share freely with you what my work is. I'm a private tutor to 3 high school girls. That's why I was broke during the summer, cause I wasn't tutoring. These shoes were the perfect work shoe as all I had to do was walk from my driveway to my car, their driveway to their house, and back out to my car. I'm trying to say they hurt like a biotch.

Dance, too much booty in the pants,
I miss Left Eye,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A baby shower

top- 99 cents thrifted (I showed it to u before, i lied to the salvation employee about the tag)
skirt- $2 something thrifted
shoes- $12 dollars 2nd hand

Well well, what does one wear to a baby shower where attendees are mostly in the beauty business? Or to be more straight forward, what do I wear to Caitlin's baby shower so I don't scare her family and friends made up of stylish stylists? The answer was this little polka dot skirt number. Being a hater, I had decided a long time ago that I "hated" polka dots. It was late 2006 when Forever 21 flooded their stores with them and made them trendy. After that I stayed away. But I couldn't deny the fit and accessibility of this piece at the Goodwill when I found it. I decided to open my heart to polka dots or else I might be missing out on something in this beautiful world.

Speaking of hating, I also "hate" baby showers. But this one changed my mind. Caitlin called it a "rager" and told me there was going to be sangria. My friend Lisa gave me a ride and we caught up the entire way and back. Our friend Sarah aka Pinky made the trek from Napa and told us all her wine barrel throwing adventures and how her yoga teacher went from a he to a she. Our dance teacher "K.B. the Great" came and shared a plate of our favorite pasta salads with me. Oh yeah and I WON a game! I guessed how many diapers were in the diaper cake 49! I was right on point. What did I win? Kerastase and a scented candle! I told you they were some fancy folk. 

An emo on sangria, Lisa, Caitlin, and Sarah

Who wore it better? Caitlin or B? Bitch stole her look! 

No longer a hater of weddings, baby showers, polka dots, or any other gathering of man kind,


Monday, September 12, 2011

A wedding

My poor friend Lorena met up with me at the mall on Friday to look for a dress to wear to our friend's wedding on Saturday. At first I had high hopes for the mall. I had decided I wanted to go "modern" and not "vintage." So there I was in Eff-21 like old times trying on dresses and skirts but the only one I sort of liked Lorena said looked "viejita" old lady. You can take the girl out of the thrift but you can't take the thrift out of the girl. After purchasing a snoring black dress at Charlotte Russe, I decided to wear this number I had gotten at a clothing exchange store in the vintage dept. for 13 dollas. I walked into the wedding and Lorena was like, "umm nice dress we picked out." oops.

Hey guys, wanna be on my blog?

Lorena, Luis, and I. Never mind our folklorico stance. Thats all we know. 

"Let's show our Spanx." We as classy as those Kardashians.

So being an emo hater, of course I "hate" weddings. I had a bad experience at a wedding in Guadalajara I went to where they didn't feed us till 11pm and I was stranded inside the hall because it was pouring rain outside and I had no car to go get a snack. Terrible times. Did come home with a free pair of slippers with some other people's names embroidered on them though. Anywho, this wedding was not bad at all. All my friends from my old dance group were there and my boyfriend. There was an open bar and no fights which was great. Only thing was that I waited too long to go outside and take pics of my dress hence the strange look of the pics. 

Been spending most my life living in a thrifter's paradise,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet my new boots

So, back in January I posted an interview with my boot collection
I recently thrifted 2 new pairs of boots and had to give them the same treatment. Here is my interview with my latest additions to my boot wardrobe.

Well hello, thank you for agreeing to do this ummm mint was your name?

I don't like labels. I have never given myself a "color." Nor do I have a size or birthday.

Wow, were you adopted?

Listen, all I can tell you is that I ended up at Jesus' Hands Thrift Store in Yucaipa, CA.

Oh, really?

It was basically my calling except this was real life. No Whoopi Golberg fake nun hiding out after she witnessed her married lover murder a man in the back of Moonlight Lounge. This is real life.

Sister Act? I love that movie!

I don't.

(awkward silence)

Well they say it's not where you come from, its where you're going right.

Precisely. So I'm just looking forward to some trips with Sophia, maybe a few more shoots. You know, just helping her do her by me doing me. 

That makes perfect sense. Thank you for stopping by. 

5 dollars holla!

5 dollars again! 2 pairs of boots for 10 dollars! Great high, lasted about 2 days.

First off I'd like to tell you that I love your fringe!

They are bangs thanks. 

Oh, um tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I consider myself "Western" but thuggish like Ghetto Cowboy by Bone Thugs N Harmony. 

A great song!

I know right? Should have got more recognition but people were so obsessed with the Space Jam Soundtrack.

Hahaha! You know a lot about pop culture. You don't look like the type to be concerned.

Don't judge a boot by it's rubber. But no, I'm into it, I can't help it. When I'm not properly put away in a closet I watch a lot of E!

Really, what is your favorite show?

I love Chelsea Handler but I must admit that I do satisfy my occasional Kardashian fix.

Uh oh, we hope you're talking about the show and not "the tape."

What tape?

Uh, no tape. So who is your favorite Kardashian?

Mason, because he doesn't talk.

Well said. Well we'll let you get on your way. Your program should be coming on soon.

Thanks, much love. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tales from the Thrift

My weekend was filled with thrifting highs. Thank God for Labor Day, day for us laborers to get some mad deals at Goodwill and Thrift Town. I will be showing all my finds with my  new JC shoes courtesy of my boyfriend, not Jeffrey Campbell. He got them for me for my b-day. We lift your name on high, JC shoe savior.

Southwest Chola

wrap around skirt $1.40
shirt- Brass Plum
shoes- JC
name necklace- Melody Ehsani, courtsey of my boyfriend as well

Oh my mod. This dress is so short I have to wear white shorts underneath.

mini dress/jacket- $2.80

sweater and skirt $1.40 each. My bf doesn't dig red and blue cause he claims it's too USA. Then I said there are tons of countries that have those colors as their flag. Then we started naming off all those countries. Talk about color block c*ck blocking! 

I woke up Monday morning around 8am because I heard a big crash. I was so scared. It thought an alien was trying to get into my bedroom window. I couldn't even look in that direction, I dug my fingers into my boyfriend's arm and he told me to relax, that my top closet bar had just fallen. This is the 2nd bar I've busted this year and I refuse to blog from Home Depot again. SO, I guess its time to let go of some clothes. My boyfriend told me I could have my own boutique with all the crap I own thus far. True dat. 2 closets full of clothes and 2 racks. Yet nothing to wear. boo hoo 1st world blues. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jewelry Storage DIY

 I thought I would show you guys how I store my jewelry using my favorite mediums.

Wow, that was one scary Google image search. Ok, jokes aside, I mean one of my favorite craft mediums: vinyl records.

I heated this record in my oven until it was malleable then shaped the bottom part under to create a flat surface. I then made the holes by piercing the record with a hot nail. I heated the nail over a candle, to have a constant open flame and it melted right through. I wore gloves of course, who do you take me for? 

If you are not comfortable with heating vinyl in your oven, you could just leave the record flat and pierce it with holes, then put it on a plate stand. Or you could hang it to the wall by lacing string through some holes. I like this method of storage cause I can see my earrings. Outta sight outta mind when it comes to jewelry thats not displayed for me. I forget about it. 

Next, are my rings 

I use ash trays I brought back from Mexico to put my rings and some bracelets.

I stole this necklace hanging idea from my friend Lorena. I had this cat coat hanger thing since I was a little girl. I found the other one in my downstairs closet. I try to keep my metal necklaces and colored ones separate. Again, I like to see my jewelry! As you can tell I'm very into my own name and typography. All the car emblem necklaces I made myself.

These are my bracelets. I just put them in the tops and bottoms of a box I got with my L.A.M.B. perfume many a Xmas ago.

So thats all I got. Thats as organized as anything in my life gets. If I showed you the rest of my room you would fall physically ill. I blame it on my lack of space and hoarding. Have a great weekend.