Saturday, April 30, 2011


Greetings from the best place on earth. Geez Anaheim is a blast. I could have spent all day at Disneyland. It was the perfect Tuesday to go. There were hardly any lines to get on anything. Me and mah man chose to wear our lightening bolt shirts. Cuz baby you're a lightening bolt. Come and let your electricity jolt. He painted my shirt for me. The shirt went perfect with my Melody Ehsani lightening bolt earrings he bought me for V-day.

"Captain EO, It's the new country bear jamboree. You just get to sit there and chill for 25 minutes," my niece.

Megan turned out to be quite the scaredy cat. Who knew she was afraid of the dark? I do now. Who knew my bolt was crooked? 

Matterhorn. Thats whats up.

From my "Im so vain cause my accesories are so fly series 1."

Im so vain heres another pic showcasing my bracelets.

As magical as a royal wedding.


MOMA? SHMOMA! MOCA? SCHMOCA. It's all about the MONA- Museum of Neon Art. Located near our fave places to eat in downtown L.A., we decided to take a look before lunch and before our long hike to the Hollywood sign. The MONA is in the process of moving to Glendale, where it will be bigger and better. "I have a new found appreciation for neon art," said my love as he looked at neon signs on the freeway on our way home. I told him we could add it to his art, its just gas and glass.

Do not touch



My fave.

Mermaid chair.

Tourists outside.

Venice Beach

So here is my 2nd post from my "Blogging From Abroad" series. I have been in Southern California for 2 weeks, one week of which I was entertaining my friend visiting me from Mexico. YEAH! Spring break baby! We did so much and on this particular day we started at Venice Beach and ended at the Thursday night street fair in Palm Springs. One fun thing about vacation is having to style yourself in advance. I had fun putting all my outfits together and wearing things I'd thrifted but never fixed or styled. The warm weather allowed me to bust out a plethora of options: shorts skirts, long skirts, shorts, dresses, leggings, tights, lalalala....

On this day I wore a long dress I had purchased at the Goodwill. I threw a plain black shirt over it to make it look like a maxi skirt. The extra fabric up top kept me warm and comfy on the beach and windy boardwalk. The freaks kept me entertained. If you ever want to do drugs and art for a living, Venice Beach is the place for you.

Those are animals on my dress/skirt and humans all around me.

Me and my boo who crossed borders and worked 3 jobs to come see me.

I call this one, "Free Bird" after the delicious Mexican chain we had on the brain.
 K rico!

A genie on roller skates playing an electric guitar.

The self proclaimed, "Naked Negro." He stands on one leg on a stool, holds fake snakes in his hands, and reminds women that they are all beautiful and full of love, and to never forget it. He made us feel so sexy. What a champ.

California bitches, I mean beaches.

a Texan and a Mexican. Texmex.

Special thanks to MJ for being brave enough to take pics of the freaks and allowing me access to her fotos.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chelsea Lately

On April 20th, My boyfriend, friend, and I went to a 4/20 taping of Chelsea Lately! My friend was in town from Mexico and loves Chelsea as much as me so I looked into getting us tickets to the show which was only a few clicks of work and free! I searched the net for what to expect and found an informative blog that was written in 2009, so it was a bit outdated. Instead of writing every detail I will just create a punch list of dos and donts.

1. Get there 2 hrs early if you want to get a "good" seat. All the seats are good really. Don't think you are going to show up 3 hrs early and get to sit in the 2nd row as we did; those seats are reserved for VIP.
2. Take a book. They collected all the books and Chelsea signed all of them!
3. Get your tickets in advance.
4. Take a jacket. It is chilly when you get into the theatre. It heats up when they turn the lights on.
5. Scream Loudly and catch a Chuy ball.

Chuy balls!

1. Take a camera or cell phone. Leave them in the car. It says it on the freakin tickets. They will send you back to your car which is a nice 4 block walk through L.A.
2. Be worried about using a restroom while you wait. There is a restroom you can use in the cafe next door, Lemon Moon.
3. Be worried about eating. There are delicious food trucks parked in front of the studio as featured on the new series, "After Lately."
4. Take a big Hello Kitty purse. or any big purse. once again, you'll be sent back to your car.
5. Mess with the security guards. This is their job and there are rules they have to enforce. The show is worth any discomfort you will experience.

About Chelsea:
She is skinnier in person, hilarious, and professional. She comes in and spits her monologue, sits at the round table (which they roll away and bring chairs out for the interview section). The show happens exactly as you see it on T.V. no tricks or anything. The set is sooooo much smaller in person. It almost looks cheap. But it all looks good on T.V. We got to see her interview Ziggy Marley and Taylor Momsen. It was also the millionth sale of her first book so we all got a free copy. Such a good day and it was so worth the wait in line.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Swap Meet Wear

What does one wear on a Sunday at the swap meet? Why a swap meet tee of course!

 Sure hope they dont thinks I stoled dis.

To the untrained eye it may look like Im wearing a cheetah print skirt, but its really a cheetah dress I put  my shirt over. Viva la raza recession!

Here's me from the front. I told my boyfriend to take a pic of me with this native. Then I stepped in front of him. oops. Ima sucha camera hog.

Whats better than 1 armadillo ring? 2 armadillo rings. My boyfriend bought me another. He treats me like a queen. I'm the girl who has everything, except a tan. 

My nails were kiwis but after 8 weeks of no nail biting I had a relapse. Oh well, I can actually feel my finger tips again. 

Goodbye cyber friends. Hasta la proxima. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011


One week ago I was happy as a lamb, spring was finally setting in and I could finally feel the sunshine on my skin. After some debilitating injuries, I was ready to jump back on that treadmill or elliptical, saddle up, there's a new sheriff in town. And then, this happened to me.

I woke up with the stiffest, most crooked neck. It only got worse as the day went on and when my mom tried to rub icy hot on it, I was moved to tears as if I had just seen Kourtney Kardashian pull baby Mason  from her birth canal. My mom called my chiropractor and of course he had no time for silly ole me, but he sent me a referral to Dr. Dame. Dr. Dame? I thought. Why on earth would I go see a hunchback chiropractor? There was no other option, I knew I must take the risk. With my baby daddy by my side, we drove to the chiro. 

"You must be Sophia," the receptionist greeted me. She said she had never seen anything like it. 

I explained how I had just woken up like and how I couldn't even drive there.
"I hope not," the Dr. said. 

Dr. Dame did his best to crack me back into place. The Marc Anthony I had to listen to during my treatment was worse than the treatment itself. He showed my boyfriend how to properly wrap my neck and told us that snuggling was to be done before sleep. Im back on my feet now, driving, sleeping, and doing all the things I used to do. This is one reason for my blogging hiatus. I don't feel compelled to address why I dont blog as much when my blogging slows down like other bloggers do. Fact of the matter is, this is real life, blogging is not. Shit goes down. I still am not sure who actually reads my blog anyway. So if you're still out there, friends and fashionistas, thanks for sticking around. Much love and good health to you. Ride or Die.