Saturday, September 28, 2013


So, I think my summer fling with light hair is over. I really didn't like it, I liked the idea of it, I wanted a change, I tried it out, and now in the end I know that dark hair suits me and I can accept it and move on. Would Snow White would have been Snow White without her hair dark as ebony? No, she would have been Snow Ball or something else stupid. This is my stance and I'm sticking to it. 

I made this headpiece out of an old necklace I dissected.

I don't know how J-Lo does it, oh yes I do, she dyes her eyebrows as well, but I'm giving caramel hair a farewell. You know what happens to caramel when you leave it on the stove too long? It burns. 

headpiece- DIY
dress- Yard sale. Told my mom to bust a U-turn and the nice raza sold it to me for $2
shoes- Jeffery Campbell

When you write an entire blog post about your hair #3rdworldproblems We will have real problems to blog about in 2015 when the dollar crashes. Better find a cash-gold stat. Sorry, Nacho has been watching all these crazy videos on youtube.


  1. Pareces Mexican Goddess. Si me gusta tu pelo negro. cafe makes us look descoloridas. I looked a descolorida Chola with golden brown Jo- lo and the other putas.


  2. You look like a goddess but I think I love you more with your black hair! x

  3. Beautiful!! love the makeup look especially.

  4. You look beautiful regardless of what color your hair is! That's the truth, son. Er...mija. JLo has an entire team of people working on her for hours every day. That's why she can pull off anything. Smoke and mirrors. And hella facelifts. She probably even gets herself portillo lifts. LOL!

    Any-guey. Your outfit is very goddess-like. It's grecian and I dig. Hope you're having a good Wednesday <3

    xo Azu

  5. LOL! I'm glad you liked my JLo comment. That reminds me...I've been getting a lot of those stupid TV Y Novelas, Vanity Fair en espanol, and cosmo en espanol magazines...for some reason. I don't even watch TV anymore. That crap is driving me nuts because I don't know who sent those to me! I use the pages at the bottom of my parrot's cage so she can shit on them. All of those people in those mags are hella plastic. It's gross. Real beauty is better.

    And how the heck did I miss that last paragraph on your post? OMG...LOL!!! My boyfriend is the same way. Have you seen the videos on how to burry your gold and silver? Check! Hahahaa...come can admit it.

  6. you are stunning! I absolutely love the headpiece! :) xx

    Pretty Wonderful

  7. wow astonishing like an angel, or maybe even a greek goddess with this headpiece. i almost did not recognized you with the light hair, you look gorgeous with caramel hair too but i can understand you, me too i feel sometimes i need to change my hair and then i don´t like it, decide to give it more time, still don´t like it and get back to the color i had before;)

  8. wow you look like a doll!! perfect outfit !
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)


  9. Your followers are going to think I'm a stalker. Or a perv. Or a spammer? All three combined would be the worst.

    I was literally LOL at your comment about your dad with skype. Omg...that is awesome. And that quote is one of my favorites! Zapata said the same thing...or so they say. Revolutionaries throughout history end up reusing the same quotes. Kinda neat.

    I haven't tried dry shampoo, ever. But I've always wanted to! What kind do you use? Sometimes I just sprinkle some harina on my greƱas when I'm feeling lazy. That usually does the trick. LOL! I'm kidding...that shit would prob itch.

  10. LMFAO!!! Carlos Satan....! I love it.

    And guess what? I'm really tired right now too. Why the hell are we both checking our comments on blogger at this time? Oh, that's right. It's what we do best! I need to go to sleep. I cant wait for the time change. When the time changes, it changes my life for the better.

    You should just move over here already and be my neighbor. We could make those circle skirts every weekend. I bet they're easy to make!

    Btw, funny that you mention my bf. I was thinking of taking his picture and putting it on the blog soon. He has neato outfits. Yes, I just said "neato." That means I need to go to sleep.

    Good night!!

  11. Hey you! How was your Thanksgiving? :)

  12. U look fantastic! Lovely blog too!xx


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