Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Mexican Independence Day

By the time you read this I will be starting my new job. Today is my first day, Happy Mexican Independence to me. Except instead of Spain, I'm leaving a group of sad children behind. I got a job in fashion and couldn't be more excited. I'm feeling very Kanye West Late Registration.

The last weeks of August were pure celebratory, my daughter's bday, my bday, my nieces' bdays, and more. My 2 weeks of commuting to downtown L.A. for training will surely slow me down. Good cause I'm eating too much pizza and not exercising. OMG am I Selena?

Here is me hitting my baby's pi~nata at her first bday party. My niece brought the pi~nata just in case she reads this.

Vintage dress and jellies. All thrifted.

Sochi said a new word today, "caca." There, that's my mommy blog. blegghhh.


  1. Congrat amor! I love breaking pinatas~. Happy Gritando Dia! I want to see more pics of little Socho.


  2. Hey - I'm back, glad you're still posting! Just read your last few posts - you look gorgeous, being a mama obviously suits you. And congrats on the new job! xx

  3. HAHAHAHA! I love it. I don't remember what my parents said my first word was. Caca is pretty original.

    Congrats on your new job! Super exciting.

    Not exercising and eating pizza reminds me of Selena too! LOL!!! It also reminds me of Tyra. Weird.


  4. Congrats about your new job! Please tell us more about your fashion job! I work in the fashion industry too! :D I guess we both took a long break from blogging.


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