Monday, July 18, 2011


Here is one of my purchases from Junkee, the store I went to in Reno. The brand of the dress is Montgomery Ward haha. Crazy how things change in your lifetime, or in just 2 years of leaving the country. I came back from Mexico and the King of Pop was dead, people were fast forwarding their televisions through commercials, and that person in the "Just Dance" video WASN'T Xtina Aguilera. At least we can count on fashion to stay the same, or come back in cycles. Does make for an interesting conundrum though, "What clothes do we keep for our children?" You can't keep everything, and chances are if you are storing some trendy threads from Forever 21 in giant tupperware in your attic, when you pull it down 2 years later its going to come out feeling like beef jerky and smelling like it too. I asked my mother once, as I have a few things that belonged to her, how she decided on what she would keep for her unborn, genderless child one day. She said, "I just kept the things that I hoped you'd like," that simple, unpoetic. I'm just glad that I have a lot of vintage already, that way I know it will never be dated. Montgomery Ward will never be closed if you keep the plastic card in your bathroom drawer and the mint dress in your closet.

dress- vintage 11 dolla
shoes- Charlotte Ruse thrifted 3 dolla
headband- Urban Outfitters necklace I never wore, no remember price

Didn't realize nothing would happen when I pulled this dress.

bangles- vintage
flower ring- Forever 21
green turquoise ring- Big Bear, CA
wire wrapped flower ring- Pikes Place, Seattle, WA
nail polish- Revlon in "minted"

It's that time of year again, when my feet are darker than my shoes. 

How I got this necklace to fit around my nugget? Added a bit of craft chain I had to make it longer, one jump hoop later. magic. I like this idea, and will do it more since I have so many necklaces that are not worthy of my neck.


  1. Love the mint dress! I want to start wearing headbands in my hair the way you do. Can I please copy you!!?? Love the bangles too. Just looked in my closet and realized I have NO colorful bangles. Tragic!

    Get Up & Go

  2. I remember that tienda MongomeryWard, Muy angelical. why are you so innocente looking these days amor? You Goddesses, Tell your novio I better know my OG stuff cause my uncles used to be cholos.
    your polish is making me crave a pistachio shake.
    I remember my feet darker than my shoes in the caloron in Cali. I love your nugget necklace mi bella.

  3. You are looking very beautiful and wholesome and ethereal (and also a bit like your mint choc chip ice-cream has mysteriously disappeared from your hand in that last photo)

    Headband is cute, but do you get a dent in your hair afterwards? I guess you're willing to suffer for your art.

    If I ever see another spooky arm it will be on its way to you! (and then unwrap itself when it arrives) x

  4. guapisima!!!! i love the mint color!! and your headband, BANGINNNNNNNNNn! lol. what pieces of clothes have you put aside for your kids :P i have a baby gap denim vest so far...LOL.

  5. You look so angelic and fairy-like
    i love i love i love

    I love that you only spent 11 dolla Whaaa? amazing!

  6. Love the mint color! Such a delicious shade. :) And you're totally right about dressing vintage. Trends are always fluctuating but vintage is never out of style!

  7. This is such an interesting thing to think about. I ended up getting some of my mom's/aunt's/grandma's things and a lot of them I love just because they were theirs. I don't even want children particularly but sometimes I wonder if I should keep things just in case.

  8. I love this whole outfit, it just made me fall in love with vintage items that much more.

    Those bangles are the perfect color! :)

    The Cat Hag

  9. you know what? i was thinking to get a similar hair cut like you! i was always wearing bangs but then i got sick of it and now i miss it so much :) and i cant decide ...

    about the necklace... haha... well the same happened to me too when i finally cleaned my room... since 2 weeks i was looking for the battery for my camera (you can imagine how difficult it is to live without it and to borrow the camera of your friends all the time!).. anyways i was so upset because a canon battery is really expensive.... finallly i decided to clean me room... and then i found my battery in one of 1000 bags where i keep my laundry :D i was so happy, you cant imagine.... so yes, its worth to clean your room ;)

  10. Magical colours and you look wonderful! x

  11. Hey! Thanks for stumbling across my blog - because yours is fabulous and I LOVE LOVE your style, am definitely your newest follower now :D

    Love this dress - gorgeous colour!!

    Sadie x

  12. I love this look!
    I really really do!
    Now following, return the love?

  13. Minty fresh and delicious,darling!!
    No,I didn't glitter my shoes myself! But I do have your gemstoney diy in the back of my mind for a future pair of shoes....look out!

  14. Hey interesting question you pose about what clothes to keep....I have a hard time throwing anything out really!!
    Cute as blog, dig the colours in your outfit and most especially your jewellery. x

  15. Aw I love all the mint-coloured accessories and the whole colour-matched outfit, it looks so warm and cosy there!


  16. This is a wonderful look! I like the bangles and LOVE the dress...the color and especially the fit :)

  17. So pretty my dear, I love your rings!


  18. you look SO pretty in this dress! and i love the accessories :) niiice! xoxo, saskia

  19. Ha, you crack me up! Love the mint dress..

    All the best, Angel

  20. Very cute dress + and I love your accessories + I haven't been to a good thrift store in a good while + I'm afraid I'll get in trouble with the furniture + but I am looking for a desk so the stores will be seeing me soon.

  21. I loved this. I'm not even in to fashion blog & things of that sort. This was beautiful. [:

  22. LOVE it! Amazing color!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!


  23. you look like a fairy! so beautiful!!! :D


  24. Oh, I love mint colored things for summer! This dress is so lovely, and I also love the beautiful headband!!

  25. You look wonderful:) BTW please comment :)

  26. thats a great idea to put a necklace around your head. genius!

  27. love it! this is the hottest shade of the summer <3



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