Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cielito Lindo

"Beautiful little sky: From you we came and to you we return." 
Pic from inside the eatery "Cielito Lindo" on Olvera St., Los Angeles, CA.

As a little girl I loved when my grandparents would bring me to Olvera St. in Los Angeles. I had never lived in Mexico, so it was always an exciting experience. I loved eating the sweet Mexican milk candy and going in this candle shop. The street holds a lot more for me than just a thing to do in L.A. My grandpa used to play guitar with his trio at the restaurants on this street. Many that remain today. 

dress, flats- H&M (I went retail for day one of the conference)
headband- I made it from a necklace.
Aww look at me before I got preggo. Wearing the same accessory combo haha.

I wish for more taquitos. Cielito Lindo has the best taquitos, smothered in a green salsa. I get them with beans and cheese. I ate them too fast to take a picture. whoops. Instead, enjoy this inedible wishing well. 

Canta, no llores
Sing, don't cry



  1. Mint = gorgeous :) Sweet accessories too. Looks like a lovely place. Can't go past a wishing well!

  2. love that color on you! can't believe it's from h&m. i never find stuff there.

  3. I love this dress of yours from H and M

    very cool that you went to a blogger event and even sweeter that you were able to share some of your memories with us.

  4. I love Olvera St. too! Funny thing, the store you're standing in front of was actually my favorite one. Loved the mint on you and I can't believe you diy'ed your headband (you're such a creative lady)! Great meeting you this weekend! K.I.T


    Tamara B.

  5. Qué preciosas fotos Sophia.
    Ay cielito lindo!!!

  6. That location looks so cute but you out do it for fabulousness. That dress and headband are fab, you are the coolest mum-to-be on the planet! x

  7. bella! love the dress you are wearing... speaking of, I want one of those mexican dresses behind you! :)


  8. I love Olvera Street, but my family frequents Juanita's. It is so cool how each family remains loyal to only one restaurant. Speaking of Olvera makes me want taquitos and champurado.

  9. Definitely looks like a nice little street !!
    Adore this look on you, u look cute as buttons!!

  10. you look beautiful!!.. i love your dress!


  11. You know, I could not be happier that you are preggo!!!!
    Seriously smiled when I saw that news, that is gonna be one well dressed child! :)
    I would like to go there! Looks like the kinda place i'd enjoy. Seems like 90% of your posts make me extremely hungry... I'm now gonna scour the internet for a take-away that will deliver Mexican food. Yum xx

  12. I miss Olvera Street, the food para chuparse los dedos.
    all the dresses are so carero ,but beautifully made.
    You look bien guapa in mint nieve dress.

  13. That phrase is beautiful, it put a smile on my sleepy face! You look fantastic in that shade, and the necklace as headband is a bloody great idea. Loving it as always :) hope yr well xx

  14. I love the mint dress and I'd love to take a walk in Olvera St. those dresses are so beautiful and mexican food is the best!!
    Very cute headband,I have to try to make one for myself!!

  15. taquitos & green salsa! i would have love to seen your grandfather play with his trio. i'd also love to visit this street in LA! hope youre doing well, babe. i've been feeling like crap lately, not wanting to make contact with the outside world.. except my thrift store peeps ;-) i went to p2000 the other day and totally thought of you! hope that youre doing well babe. youre looking fly in that mint color. ahhhh jflshfihfish i want it ;-)

    xx james

  16. hermosa!!!! <3 . that colour looks so great on you, peru then again, what colour doesn't? ;) i I loved Olvera street!!! reminded me so much of los mercaditos en Mexico!:)

  17. Beautiful quotes but even more beautiful GAL! Looking so pretty you are my lovely! I think I need to dig out some of my neglected necklaces & fashion some fabuloso head pieces outta em a' la Sophia... ;D

    Love Aysh xoxo

  18. wow mama que bella estas!!! me encanta eso de canta, no llores! and i love your dress and matching headband!


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