Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pin up contest with Veronica Glam

In this episode of  Mexican and Pregnant, Sophia goes to see her friend Veronica Glam in her first ever pin up contest at Big Boy in Norco. She invites her friends Maricela and Leo along for the adventure.

Yup, still pregnant. My Vans didn't fit! booo.
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Aren't they classy? She placed 2nd. Her dress is from Stop Staring. Isn't it gorgeous? 

Loved her poses. 

 Our baby daddies. Maricela's and mine.

This is what my model looks like off duty. I know, right?

Then we went inside to eat. I didn't know that Big Boy was a sit down place! I thought it was fast food. We ended up eating dinner and chatting and missing the end of the contest. But it's all good cause I still got some cool pics of the day. No more Lazy Gaga blogger for this girl! Stay tuned for the next episode.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogger's Guilt

Ok, I have been gone far too long from my bloggy blog and friends but if your pelvis was opening at the rate mine is, I bet you'd be gone too. Well, maybe it isn't the pelvic pressure that has held me back but rather a good old fashioned case of the Lazy Gagas (term coined by Janessa). There ain't that much excitement going on in my wardrobe. Summer heat and a 36 week size belly has left me in dress after dress every day or my personal go-to outfit- my underwear and a tank top. Makes it real fun when my grandpa shows up to the house and I have to run into my room to find the closest pair of pajama pants on the floor to cover up so he doesn't see me in my chonies.

I'm 4 weeks from my due date. Maybe even closer to giving birth if baby comes sooner.

Dress- thrifted
shoes- thrifted

vintage S necklace- swap meet
earrings- I won in Leah's giveaway but they came all the way from Turkey via BeMe Jewelry http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeMeJewellery

This bench is where I practice for labor. I'm full of jokes now, but I'm sure I wont be laughing later...

Will be visiting all my long lost friends soon. Let me go rest my back first. 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Candyland Baby Shower

I'm back. Been off the radar since the ending of the contest and feel like I've gone from normal Sophia to plus size and pregnant. No, I didn't win, but it was close. Thank you to everyone who voted, tweeted, promoted, and unfollowed me in the process. I had to do it.

The next day was my 1st baby shower which I selected a Candyland theme for cause that was one of my favorite games when I was little, plus I don't like pastels too much. All the decorations were made by my friends and mother. They did a great job at executing my vision. Except baby daddy who drew the line at painting the Candyland characters on canvas. What? A bit much? His sister was nice enough to get some images for us that we were able to print out and use as well decorations. There was a lot of food and everyone had a good time. I wanted to make it worth my guest's while since you know baby showers are l to the ame. Everyone was really sweet to me, a preggo out of wedlock. And no one asked when I was getting married. Good, cause I don't know. This was like a wedding to me. A lot of planning and exhausting. I've never wanted a wedding and now, well even more so.

Baby daddy laid this poster board Candyland board for me in the hot sun. About 40 minutes into it he took off his shirt. 

My friend Lisa made me this amazing cake. I didn't want to eat it. My boyfriend's aunt sent the flower gelatins.Everyone was also scared to eat and ruin those.

Lollipop topiaries made out of Dum Dums. Really easy to make.

Opening presents with my mom, I swear it was like the happiest day of her life. In all the pictures she is smiling. She is a little too excited for the arrival of this baby, "stop kissing my stomach, the baby can't feel you, only I can feel you and it feels gross."

Pretty much me the entire day, sippin on some horchata, poured some out for Dora. My dress was thrifted from the Goodwill when I first found out I was pregnant. My shoes were leopard print Jessica Simpson but I didn't get a pic of them.

Gum drop wreath. If you ever have 3 hours to kill, make yourself one of these. They are super heavy. I have 2. Love them.

Candy bar, for everyone to make bags and take home. Stole the idea from my friend Meredith's baby shower. She is the one who took all these pics for me so thank you to her. My friend Rabiya made this awesome diaper cake and brought it all the way from San Jose. Thank you Rabi! I will be using all my decorations again for my next baby shower in So Cal.

I tried not to exploit any of my guests by putting their pictures on the internet, but I know this Fetcherella won't mind. With my friend Janessa who wore chevron print for me. She should have a Mexican baby growing in her womb in no time. 

And a side view of my stomach for Lakota who asked for one a long time ago and linking this post to her tah-duh Tuesday http://faithhopeandcharityshopping.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/ta-dah-tuesday-how-to-remove-glitter.html

Have a Candyland party, it's such a fun theme,