Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY cat shoes

So I had been drooling all over Charlotte Olympia's cat shoes and despite my hard fundraising efforts, couldn't find a sponsor to shell out the 485 pounds or even bigger number U.S. dollar equivalent. Thank gawd for blogs, or else I would have never stumbled upon the tutorial to make my own kitty flats on P.S.-I made this I immediately ordered the plain black loafers from Amazon and enlisted baby daddy to do all the hard parts, you know, like painting the shoe and cutting the ears out. Ok, pretty much the whole damn shoe. All I did was glue on the ears, crookedly, twice.

Maternity wardrobe essential, cat flats.

I paired them with a thrifted black lace dress from the G-Will. 

They were perfect for the long day we spent in L.A. Starting at Cal State L.A. visiting my mom's good friend from college who works there. It was memory lane for them. From there we went to East L.A. to get my favorite Mexican sweet bread, so soft and tasty at La Mascota. I ate 3 conchas between East L.A. and Lincoln Heights. Yeah, it was pretty bad. 

He puts up with all my shenanigans, visions, and projects. I pay him in bread and water and harvest his seed in my womb.

We ended up in Pasadena with my nina. Didn't get home till midnight, but it was a lot of fun. Good thing I had flats to wear or else I would have been spent by lunch.


  1. Baby daddy did GOOD! Your cat flats are awesome :)

  2. finally, some kitties you aren't allergic to. now i want pan dulce, thank you very much. i'm going to have to check out la mascota next time i go home, i think i've heard of it. caption under baby daddy picture is hilarious. and you made me want to go thrifting after seeing your dress.

  3. I'm not a flat fan but man, those are awesome! You did a brilliant job, they look just like the real thing! x

  4. Eat your heart out Alexa Chung! (In fact, eat a concha Alexa Chung, I just googled the recipe and they sound excellent). Good job by the babyDaddy!

  5. Oh let me bother that baby daddy!
    He can paint me some chola pinstriped flats or Blue Demon chanclas.
    I am dieing for conchas now! You tease!
    You look cute in black lace vestidio.
    Gimme that sack oh bread!

  6. I love the kitty shoes, you guys did a great job. I wish i was that talented :-)
    Y que Rico "Pan Dulce" my favorite is Colombian "Pan de Bono", another great thing that i miss from my hometown Miami :-(

  7. Your story is funny! I love it! That's so cute he helped you make the shoes!

  8. What the WHUH??? These shoes are mothereffing amazing! And don't worry DIY can easily fall into the MHDIH category. Make Him Do It Himself.

    When are you coming into LA proper, hot stuff??

  9. You always make me laugh. I love your kitty shoes. You baby daddy did a fantastic job!

  10. omg i´ve seen those shoes too and i felt in love ddeply but i´m not willing to pay a fortune for them..this is really the most fabulous DIY and the result is better than the original!
    me encantan tus zapatos gatitos ;) you are the most gorgous mummy i´ve seen;)
    love and kiss,mary

  11. ahahahaha harvest his seed in my womb!!!! sophia, eres LA ONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    those cat flat are so dope!! ps-im happy you on instagram ;)


  12. Meow ! The shoes are cute ! And the whole black outfit is awesome, love your sunnies !

  13. I need kitty shoes in my life, nuff said. You did an awesome job hun!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  14. OMG I saw that DIY a while back but I haven't seen anyone's pics after completing it - yours are SPOT ON! Well done Baby Daddy!!! You look so cute in them with your lace dress too. Hope they will be a staple in your pre and post bambino wardrobes :)

    Sadie xx


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