Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yes, I do wear pants- sometimes

 shirt- thrifted
leggings- thrifted
shoes- DIY
purse- gift from my mom, Macy's

This weekend was full of memorial day thrills:  bbqs and sales at the thrift stores. I woke up yesterday morning and told my boyfriend, "I was so excited about the sales, I couldn't sleep." He replied, " Yes, I could tell by your loud excited snores."  

I was so excited to find these leggings out thrifting one day. It was exciting because I never find pants when I thrift. Probably because I hardly go to that section, I'm all about the dresses. For a kind of cold day they were purrfect. My friend Vero asked me if they were maternity when she saw them haha but they aren't and they fit great. 

I love my yellow Hello Kitty handbag my mom bought me on sale at Macy's. I think it was originally $68.00, we got it for $46.00. Sales, I tell you. Mad sales. 

 My thrifted cameo necklace coming to my Etsy shop later today. I had to wear it first, I'm classy like that. 

I recommend this outfit to anyone in a hurry. It's one of my favorite go-to outfits. Any button up collared blouse with a pair of leggings. Wear flats or heels depending on the occasion. Add some accessories and you are dressed. Very easy. 

I'm linking this post to Lakota's Ta-dah! Tuesday. If you have any DIY creations or other share worthy posts, you can too here http://faithhopeandcharityshopping.blogspot.com/2012/05/ta-dah-tuesday-rock-n-roll-earrings-how.html 


  1. you look great those flats are way to cute !!!


  2. Lol at 'loud excited snores'. I'm sympathising with the babydaddy here, I have a one who also claims not to sleep and proves it by keeping me awake all night with his 'relaxed breathing'.

    Great outfit, especially the shoes of course. (I am resisting the obvious knickers related joke regarding US/UK meaning of pants. I should be more mature, but I blame having small boys.)

    Thanks for linking up xxx

  3. Siempre fabulosa y maravillosas historias.
    My husband also tells methat, lol.

  4. Hello Kitty bag! ♥♥ I also never really buy pants when thrifting, as I A)can't be bothered to try them on, and B) have a bit of a phobia that I wont wear anything before I've washed it!!

  5. I have a pair of pants just like that! And you have now shown me how they SHOULD be worn, thank ya doll ;) Now I just need to hunt down an equally awesome ginormous yellow bag to go with...

    Love Aysh xoxo

  6. That is a very classy look, but that fabulously insane bag, vintage pendant and cute hair do make it very cool indeed. x

  7. I heart the pattern on the leggings!

  8. Such a great outfit! Way to go easy-chic by combining kitties, plaid, and cameos!!! Who'd've thunk? :)


  9. Great fancy pantalones outfit!
    I cant stop staring at Hellow Kitty yellow bagota.
    Buddy is the snorer ,but he swears I snore/moan when I am deep sleeping. freaks my sisters out too.
    Those gato flats go with everything.

  10. that necklace is gorgeous! great leggings too : )

  11. You look lovely - and thanks for the easy option outfit tips.
    Wish we had sales here like that!!!!! I remember a few years ago the bf and I were in NYC...I was so excited at being there I couldn't sleep so eventually at 5am the bf let me turn the tv on.We'd never heard of it, but there were tv shows going on about Black Friday sales- you have never seen anyone move so fast! We were outta there and in Macy's like a shot!!! AMAZING!!

    Sadie xx

  12. what a fox!!! ;) tu peinado esta padrisimoooo !! i have to try doing a braid crown like daat :) what was mama so doing in Honduras? don't tell me you're Honduran, and all this time i thought you was Mexicanaaaaa..jejejeje. was she just travellin? i miss honduras, haven't been back sine 2010, cuando fallecio mi abuelitooooo..

  13. ps- your etsy shop is dope!!1 love all the headpieces and those purple pants! oh em geeee

  14. love the yellow bag. i need to not be afraid of color. or leggings.

  15. Cute outfit! I adore your flats and leggings, and the color of your bag is chic!
    - Che


  16. I love the kitty cat theme in your outfit. You look great! Your handbag is so cute!

  17. omg u are one effin adorable and gorgeous momma to be!! Adore that bag of urs and i love that crown braid on you!!

  18. Feelin those kitty slippers, so sick! And yeah, girl didn't know you had any pants in that pretty wardrobe of yours! jkjk!

    x carlina

  19. I'm hoping to God you still have some of your Etsy stuff left for sale by the time I get back. It is KILLING me seeing all these beautiful dresses appear on your blog and knowing that I'm not allowed to buy them :(
    Loving the casual chic, and you still manage to look like a rock star! Also, I am in awe of your kitty pumps. Did they take long to do? I needs me some in my life.

  20. i mean, your shoes are so cute!!! and girl, please. when i had a shop I wore all my stuff before selling them too, hahaha <3 anyway, hope you are well sweet stuff. miss you

    <3 james

  21. Seriously adore your bag but your necklace is what really caught my eye. It's amazing!!

  22. We like very much your wales pants, they're gorgeous!!!
    We follow you and wait you follow us back.
    Kisses :)

  23. ADORE the outfit and I WANT THOSE SHOES!!!! Love your style!

  24. Holy crap! So you commented on my blog a while ago..but I guess I missed it and never visited your blog.. But I'm here now and following! LOVE your style!

    Janette the Jongleur

    1. i´m like you i wear very rarely pants! but those leggins look really fabulous on you! i love the whole look very audrey hepburn;)


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