Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Thoughts

The first thing my boyfriend said to me after I put this dress on was, "Are you thinking happy thoughts?" It took me a bit before I realized he was referencing Peter Pan and alluding to my Peter Pan collar. What a punk.

dress- thrifted
shoes- Crossroads (2nd hand)

 I wore this dress to our baby behavior class today where we learned valuable tips like not to shove a bottle in our baby's mouth just because it is crying. I love dressing up to places where people don't normally dress up. Like government run medical offices, and the doctor's office itself. Although this did backfire once when I wore a dress to my monthly visit. When it was time to listen to the baby's heartbeat, instead of pulling my pants a litttle lower, I was wearing a dress. I had to pull up the entire thing. Such shame. Can't wait till live birth. yayyyyyyyy.

"Think of Christmas, think of snow" Am I flying yet?

I reserve heels for one outing a day. Then I change into flats. My mama didn't raise no fool.

After my 6 12 inch pizza sub from Subway. My eyes started to get weak.

Fun facts- I dont know why I bought this dress originally since it was many sizes too big. I think I was planning on removing the collar. But then...I got pregnant and was guaranteed weight gain. 6 months later, I tried the dress on and it still looked frumpy dumpy. A shorter length was the only thing that could save it, so I chopped 11 inches off the bottom and put a sketchy hem on it. And that's how I beat Shaq.



  1. OMG! I love this outfit, especially the collar!

  2. Man, you look one sexy mama! That dress is gorgeous on you, a perfect length to show off your shapely legs. I bet all the attentions on you wherever you go! x

  3. I love your Peter Pan collar vestido!
    I been looking for an Wedsday Addams black dress.
    Que piernas! You look tall, how tall are you? if your alta sorry ,I cant hang with tall amigas.
    Ahahaha "Happy Thoguhts" that Nachio needs a beating. Did you kick him upside the head?
    I always use that line so much that now I have Buddy saying that all the time. "My Mama didn't raise no fool"
    That's what scares me about pariendo, showing your cooch to everyone.

  4. cute dress! I think I have those same exact shoes too!

  5. I think the collar is really cute! I love the dress makeover.

  6. Its surprising how much hacking off a hem makes a dress look far less frumpy! My mum always tells me for 'ladies appointments' not to be embarrassed - you are just another body part and that's all they look at all day, ha ha! Love that Peter Pan collar, you wear it well :)

    1. wow pero que mama más hot and sexy! i love your peter pan collar dress and also the print of the dress is fabulous!

  7. This dress is fierce- I would so rock it! Love the peter pan collar and the great print! You dont' even look prego!!

    x carlina

  8. You could not be more gorgeous if you tried. Seriously, will you TRY! Sarah xxx

  9. LOVE the peter pan collar! They go so well with those shoes, too, how adorable!

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  10. i love the shoes. you are so pretty, my friend.

  11. Great dress! It looks wonderful on you. You are simply glowing :) You look lovely.

  12. You look GORGEOUS! I love the sweet collar and print of a dress with smokin' heels. And your gams! Sweet potatoes delicious!

  13. This collar is awesome, and I love your shoes !
    Please, check out my blog and tell me what you think :

  14. this dress is so cute.... you look adorable in it.

  15. I agree with everyone above - I love this dress! So cute and vintage-y without looking like you're wearing your nana's clothes! And whoops - hope you managed to keep some dignity whilst hitching your dress!! :)

    Sadie xx

  16. I am still in awe that you're preggers. I really want a kidlet of my own. and You look beaming. I dont think this dress looks frumpy on you especially since you cut the hem : )

  17. Congrats on your baby! This outfit looks adorable on you!


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