Monday, April 30, 2012

Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

I just attended my first blogger's conference ever and it was mind blowing/life changing. I'm part of a group called Latina Lifestyle Bloggers and was fortunate to be able to attend their 2nd annual conference this weekend in L.A. We had amazing speakers on all kinds of topics related to blogging. They were so well informed and inspiring. It was great to be in a room full of bloggers! People like me, women, Latinas. If you are Latina and a blogger, join us!

Just some of our amazing speakers and the mastermind behind the collective, Ana Lydia (far right).

The event was held at the Indie Desk in downtown LA. We got a walking tour all the way to FIDM.

They even fed us! Delicious Oaxacan food from Guelaguetza Pictured is Bricia Lopez and her brother. Their father started the restaurant when they came from Oaxaca. They also gave us a mezcal tasting but I couldn't try because unborn babies don't like mezcal.

At Macy's where we got a VIP fashion show and tour of the downtown LA store. Oh yes, and goodie bags! I won a $25 gift card as well.

Without Nina, I would have never known about the group or gone to the event. So very special thanks to you. It was so nice meeting you!


  1. Awww sounds like a fab event hun, hope you had a brill time! Love meeting other bloggers, its the best! :D Looking gorg as always too lovely

    Love Aysh xoxo

  2. Pero qué guapísima estás con tu falda roja y esa flor en el pelo Sophia, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Voy a irar todos los blogs.
    te abrazo fuerte.

  3. awesome! i thought it was me sitting in the front there in the macy's shot for a second. what does your pin say? your friends are super trendy.

  4. It was so nice meeting you this weekend! I too feel like I learned a lot from the conference. I look forward to reading your blog.

  5. This must have been a fun weekend:)You all look so gorgeous, I like the colourful outfits:)

  6. Qué hermosa experiencia debes haber vivido! Te felicito! gracias por pasar por mi blog y por comentar! Besostes!!!

    Cómo es lo de las bloguers latinas??

  7. I'll also make me part of the group :D
    It's great to attend events
    Wou :( my English is not very good
    but here's a fan of your blog

  8. Looks like a lot of fun, it's always awesome to be amongst like minded people!

  9. Aww I want to go to that event!! But i'm not Latina and don't live in Cali!! Boo! What a fab day and you're all such guapas - and you don't even look pregnant in these pics!??!!? :)

    Sadie xx

  10.'re my HomeGirl too Sophia :) I am working on my post for Day 2. So much info, I don't want to leave anything out!

  11. sooooooophia!LA SOPHIA!!!! :) it was so nice to finally meet you!!! (baby +dady included!!) you were totally just how i thought you would be in person; funny, beautiful, quirky, smart, sincere, and drop dead sexy..hehehe. for reals, i can't wait to see you again!! i think we may come down in june/july!! LOVE YAAAA CHIKIIIBOO

  12. What a great conference that must have been- you look fabulous and very caliente by the way. Thanks for sharing .

  13. OMG I didn't know you brought a little guest with you to the conference. Congrats!! Thanks for coming out to the conference with your adorable self!

  14. Hhhuuuuuggghhhhh, even adult grownups don't like Mezcal. That stuff pickles my eyeballs. So gross.

  15. You look so beautiful in red! This conference look fantastic - I'm so glad you got to connect with other likeminded bloggers and make some new friends. Yay for blogging!! Sarah xxx

  16. Looks like you had fun and you look great in red!

  17. AMAZING!!!! Wish I could have been there! xoxoxo


  18. This was so amazing! So glad I got to be a part of it too, and meet you! It's funny Nina was the one who told me about it too...haha!!
    now following...

    x carlina

  19. I love your shoes!!!! :D

    Awe! I wanted to go to that conference... tal ve next year... :) Looks like tons of fun, super informative and networking with fellow latinas is awesome! :D

    Nina is the best :) <3


  20. You look like you had fun amor at bloggers conferencia.
    Free stuff is always good.
    adorar you red falda and shoes.


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