Sunday, December 2, 2012

Xmas Card

Every time I try to get ready from start to finish meaning: shower, hair, and makeup, it is like a freaking Mexican tropical storm hits my room. Something breaks, I duct tape my carpet, I drop something behind my vanity and my daughter always manages to sh*t her diaper. On top of it all  I'm always on a time crunch because the sun goes down by 3pm so if we wake up at 10, 11ish on a Sunday, then we only have a couple of daylight hours to take pictures (we live in the mountains, in a canyon). This is what happened the day we chose to take Xmas pictures for our 1st holiday card (Im not that ignorant to send out a card that says "merry christmas" assuming everyone celebrates Christmas).

After briefly contemplating going to JC Penney or Sears, or somewhere professional, we just grabbed the tripod and drove down the hill out of the canyon where it stays light till 5. You know, regular civilization. Unfortunately a lot of other people were there doing the same thing. Fortunately we were the best dressed, because you know that matters in life.

I brought heels in Sochi's diaper bag but I decided not to fake the funk. Pulled this silk dress out of my closet. I'd never worn it before. It still had the tag on it $2.40.

My DIY cat shoes are still holding up!

"Your Spanx are showing, stupid."

Precious moment ruined by my car in the middle. I don't have Photoshop or Photoshop skillz.

And now some holiday cheer from my mother, a freestyle performance in the 99 cent store. She is a former Rockette, oh wait, that's Lindsay Loho's mom.