Monday, April 30, 2012

Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

I just attended my first blogger's conference ever and it was mind blowing/life changing. I'm part of a group called Latina Lifestyle Bloggers and was fortunate to be able to attend their 2nd annual conference this weekend in L.A. We had amazing speakers on all kinds of topics related to blogging. They were so well informed and inspiring. It was great to be in a room full of bloggers! People like me, women, Latinas. If you are Latina and a blogger, join us!

Just some of our amazing speakers and the mastermind behind the collective, Ana Lydia (far right).

The event was held at the Indie Desk in downtown LA. We got a walking tour all the way to FIDM.

They even fed us! Delicious Oaxacan food from Guelaguetza Pictured is Bricia Lopez and her brother. Their father started the restaurant when they came from Oaxaca. They also gave us a mezcal tasting but I couldn't try because unborn babies don't like mezcal.

At Macy's where we got a VIP fashion show and tour of the downtown LA store. Oh yes, and goodie bags! I won a $25 gift card as well.

Without Nina, I would have never known about the group or gone to the event. So very special thanks to you. It was so nice meeting you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

(Scissor) Happy

Let's get real. Spring is here, summer is coming, I'm almost 6 months at this pregnancy and I ain't getting any smaller any time soon. All these factors had me back on my feet at the thrift store last week going hard like I used to when I still had a period every month. I came across this floral print floor length dress, which is "trending" right now. I mean, I don't get it, floral has never been a trend for me, it's a great print, any year but this is coming from the girl who left her faux Target x-mas tree up in her apartment in college all year long cause it "looked cute." I decided the dress would look better with another trend, an asymmetrical hem. So I made the measurements, made my unborn baby's father sketch an arch and cut it. I couldn't wait to put a proper hem on it. I wore it today. 

So what if I accidentally measured 11 inches from the waist instead of the hem. I wore shorts under the dress for damage control. (Unlike last weekend at the park when my boyfriend had to use my Hello Kitty purse as a shield to cover my big a$$ as I laid under a tree in a dress).

"What kind of hat is this?" I asked him.
"A blossom one," he answered.

Palms in Palm Springs.

From the back it gathered wind. It was thrilling. 

dress, hat, and bracelet- thrifted
boots- Target 2011 *last year

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New in shop

True friends agree to model clothes for their pregnant friend with an Etsy shop. Honestly, I was so excited that Maricela told me yes when I asked her to do me the favor. I don't think I have a friend with cooler hair than she. Her Zumba circuit body is on point and she fit into most of my goods. Overall, it was just a really fun day. More exciting for her because she couldn't even see what she looked like in the clothes. There was no mirror in the room she was changing in/taking pictures. These items are now listed, if not already, in my shop here Enjoy the pics and my collection.

 vintage halter dress with gold sequin and pearl detailing

80's prom dress with lace, ruffles, and bow.I just love the back of this.

SOLD Mexican boho floor length yellow dress with white embroidery. Large and loosey goosey.

SOLD Ugh, I love this picture. Baby blue Mexican style dress. 

Horsey print Western blouse.

 90's purple "Clueless" dress with rhinestone and gold metal detailing

Cute vintage baby tee. I love typography.

A freakin palazzo pant jumpsuit with dolman sleeves. yeah, I said it. 

SOLD Bidi bidi bom bom, jacket
  Boots still in shop.

These boots in shop too. 

She went home in this one, for all her hard effort. Thanks MP!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Redlands Farmer's Market

Every Thursday night you can catch my boyfriend and I at our local farmer's market in Redlands, CA. Back in the day Redlands and its surrounding communities used to be bustling with citrus groves, so much that you could smell it from the freeway. These days it's still loaded with fresh produce and we definitely take advantage of it. We buy most of our produce from these local suppliers because of their freshness and prices. I got so tired of going to the grocery store and buying green bananas that I couldn't even eat for another 3 days. The avocados are priced fairly and are ready to go for your guacamole, which we eat a lot. I also looove the hot house tomatoes. Perfect for fresh tomato basil soup which is inexpensive and easy to make or bruschetta. Don't get me started. I've been craving tomatoes so bad lately.

Have you ever seen such a pretty sight? Maybe some of these veggies you've only seen on an episode of Chopped. What to do with those raw beets and carrots? Shred them and make a salad marinated in fresh orange juice and ginger. 

It got cold so we bought a hot cocoa. I also love all the food vendors there. Between my boyfriend and I we got: a Navajo taco, a chili cheese dog, crepes, cocoa, pizza, and donuts. Of course he ate most of it, he's pregnant.

Buy your mum some mums? only 5 dollars for fresh flowers! 

I asked him to buy me some but he said why, so you can put them in another room and leave them there? True, I'm very allergic to fresh flowers in my home.

Downtown Redlands has tons of beautiful brick buildings. I decided to stand next to this one and pose as a robot to lessen its grace.

And if I still haven't convinced you with all the delicious treats, can you at least check it out to find out if you are going to heaven or hell? 

Happy Earth Day everyone! What's your favorite produce? How do you eat it?

Friday, April 13, 2012

LaSophia for The Citizen Rosebud

It was just like any other ordinary day in Sacramento, me walking about town in my Jeffrey Campbells, blistering the ish out of my feet. There I was barefoot, pregnant, and Mexican waiting for my boyfriend as he went for the car. Was it time to go home? No. I really wanted to check out Fringe, a vintage Anthropologie like store I had heard Miss Bella Q from The Citizen Rosebud raving about for months. I at least wanted to see her curated vintage collection that I knew was for sale at Fringe. I never expected a Rosebud sighting, Bella Q, live, in person.

And then as we walked in the door, I said to my boyfriend, "I think that's her." I could tell from the back of her strawberry red beret, it had to be.

"Rosebud," I whispered as I approached the counter. This Sacramento saint of style, I couldn't call her by her real name.

She turned around.

"I'm Sophia."

"Sophia, LaSophia!" she recognized me too, somehow behind all my amateur Picnik photo editing techniques.

I had never met a fellow blogger IRL (in real life) in my over a year of blogging, so this was exciting. She was a real person and we talked and laughed. She offered me blogging advice, taught me new things and gave me a history on straw hats (the food).  Then I took a gander around the store. Then we talked again, and then I left.

Later, I returned to the store to try on pieces from her hand picked vintage. I had a blast, but had just had my camera cleaned and didn't realize it was on manual focus. Please mind the fuzz and check me out in her most maternity friendly clothes.

blazer, dress- Citizen Rosebud at Fringe
glasses, purse- Fringe

red kerchief dress- Citizen Rosebud at Fringe
boots- Fringe

It's me, the dodo in the kimono who can't operate her own camera. I fell in love with this piece, really. Maybe it's still there and my mummy can go buy it for me. 

I would wear this to my own funeral.

dress- Citizen Rosebud at Fringe
hat, shoes- Fringe

nightgown and slip- Citizen Rosebud at Fringe
bosom and shoes- my own

If you are in the Sacramento area, check out the collection. It's very simple, check for the tags that say "The Citizen Rosebud." 

2409 21st St  Sacramento, CA 95818

(916) 706-0216

 Bella Q- The Citizen Rosebud Blog

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Vacay in San Diego

The only thing that has remained from my Easter celebrations growing up, is my wearing of the "Easter dress." No more baskets, Peeps, church, fingers stained with dye and the scent of vinegar. This Easter, it was about seeing my friend who was in town from Mexico, Megan Jane. She told us to meet her in San Diego and so we did. I never imagined we'd end up at a fancy resort in Carlsbad with $13.00 pots of hot chocolate and $22.00 bottles of sunblock in the gift shop. Awww, the life of luxury. 

 Purple mountains, majesty.

"Where are we exactly?" I asked after meeting her on her bestie's papa's yacht in Coronado, lunching at the golf club, then driving North to the resort. "We're in Carlsbad." "Carlsbad?" I exclaimed, "That's where that old lady was raped and murdered in her retirement home because she left the door open because she said the sea air helped with her arthritis." That's how much true crime TV I watch.

My baby's father looked so fine. I had to ask, "Do you do weddings out of wedlock here?" 

I was going to wear a vintage white se~norita style dress but as we were packing, I tried it on and asked my boyfriend, "Does it look like I'm trying to cross the border in this?" I decided to save it for another day when I wasn't so geographically close to the homeland. I opted for a Betsey Johnson dress my boyfriend bought me recently with my Betsey Johnson shades. Oh yeah, look at the queen of thrift in designer digs. Ok, they were from the outlets, and he owed me a Xmas present. The waist was perfect for my growing stomach, which is starting to frighten me from certain angles. I know I know, its natural blah blah blah. 

Popping my pre-natals with a smoothie that cost $6.50 and a 15 minute wait. 

I was taking pics of these birds of paradise when a hummingbird came along. "Sweet serendipity!" I didn't exclaim.Can you see him, he's green? He's a rose sucker, a chuparosa in Spanish.

That's M.J, my b.f.f. and generous sponsor of opulent vacation destinations.

And then, as all good things come to and end, vacation, life, labor pains. Twas time to return home. As we unpacked our non-heavy rolling suitcases from the car, I said to my boyfriend, "Boyfriend, wouldn't the world be a better place if it were just palms and pools all the time? No crime, no drugs?" He responded, "Yeah, but there would probably be more drugs."


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just a romper

The problem with rompers, onesies, leotards, and things of the like is that it's all fun and games until you end up topless in a bathroom stall somewhere. The constant up and down of the entire garment can be tiring. I thrifted this one for 6 dollars (pretty high, I know) but it fit me, and these days, if it fits, I wear it. It's 100% rayon and very comfortable.

the belt that came with it wouldn't fit around my "waist." So I used this purple one.

Going to go ride my zip line now. bye bye.