Monday, May 14, 2012

The Untold History of Mother's Day

I told her it was "Bitch Stole My Look, Mother's Day edition."

 I read a really cool article on the Etsy blog "The Untold History of Mother's Day."

I read it to my mom and boyfriend Mother's Day morning before we even left the house. I was excited to find out that Mother's Day actually was founded by suffragists and pacifists who were not pleased by the way Mother's Day later became commercialized and exploited. Now, this year was especially interesting because I received mother's day wishes, even though I'm not a mom yet. I told my boyfriend weeks ago that I did not want to celebrate it for myself, I'm pregnant yes, but I know nothing about being a mother yet. I have not met my child, and only know how to be pregnant....And then I saw a $50.00 Hello Kitty rice maker and told him to buy it for me, "for Mother's Day."

Mother's Day to me is about spending time with your mother. Not buying her a card "with someone else's words" in it. I hope my feelings for my mother are expressed in my actions and decisions in life. Not what I buy or didn't buy her on one day.

“A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world,” Jarvis said, according to the book Women Who Made A Difference. “And candy! You take a box to Mother — and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment.”

It is a really cool article. Go read it if you have a chance. On with the show.

dress- thrifted and cut from the bottom
shoes- JC

Nothing says love like "buffet." Baby daddy bought it for us. 

LMPAO- Laughing my pregnant a$$ off. My boyfriend called this pose "Caitlin and Nate" our 2 friends who had a baby and took maternity pics. Biting their pose. 


  1. For some reason, mothers day in the UK is in March! I agree totally though, its not about the tacky card, its about appreciating the good lady! Loving your piss take poses - your blog always cracks me up ;D

  2. Gorgeous pix!! I love a white frock!
    Nothing like a good grabbing that preggy belly pose!!
    I reckon it must be really special for a Mom to watch her daughter go through her first pregnancy! XXX

  3. Aw you're a cute pair of pre-parents. We already had mother's day in March here but I'll take it again!

    ***Ta-dah! Tuesday tomorrow - link up your amazing makes, fabulous finds and outrageous outfits!***

  4. Great post on Mother's Day - I need to know, did you get the rice maker??!!?

    Love your dress and your Mama is as guapa as you! I agree that Mother's day isn't all about a card that someone else designed - though I made one for my mum last year and then when I saw how it turned out, wished i'd just gone and bought one instead! hahaha!

    Sadie xx

  5. Moms really are special. I always enjoy spending time with mine. I love that you and your mom wore matching outfits. The photos of you honey are so cute!

  6. i thought the pic of you and your mom was cute until i saw the first pic of you and baby daddy, then i melted inside. i hope that me and my future baby daddy can someday share that kind of love. (and i totally got the fashion police reference. leo laughed out loud too. i miss my cable)

  7. Your lovely in white and lace ! And these shoes are simply amazing !!!

  8. Beautiful sentiment! Love that you are wearing those ginormous heels though- tough cookie!

    x carlina

  9. Happy Belated Mother's day.. and congrats to you because you won the giveaway!!

    Just send me your full name and address and I'll make sure your prizes get sent to you quickly! congrats again!


  10. Feliz late Madreada Day!
    I totally agree about cards, I was going to make my Mama one ,but I sent her flowers and a poem instead.
    I think buffet and Hello Kitty rice maker is a reasonable regalo.
    You two look so cute with your matching Mexi-vestidos!
    You and Nachio look bien adorables with panchona pose.
    Cuidado con los zapatones!

  11. You look amazing, that dress is perfect :) I forwarded your blog to a couple of girls I know who are expecting - they've felt somewhat disheartened by the lack of decent maternitywear in British shops but were a whole lot more enthusiastic about shopping after checking out your posts. Inspiration win.
    Fantastic Mothers Day post with a great sentiment - a hastily bought card means nothing if your actions don't correspond with the words. I think the best rule to abide by is 'every day is Mothers Day'. :) Hope yr well xx

  12. You most certainly do deserve some mother's day love. You are after all carrying around a small, malignant creature in your womb that is literally leeching calcium from your bones, and perhaps even causing your hair to fall out. You deserve that goddamn Hello Kitty rice maker. Although have you tried the already cooked Trader Joe's frozen rice? it's pretty good and cooks in 3 minutes. Just sayin'.

  13. I roll my eyes when pet owners wish themselves a happy mo-day. NOT THE SAME. But honor your mama? I am all for it.

    You look radient in gauzy cotton and lacey white. You, baby daddy and baby are gorgeous.

  14. What a good looking family! And kudos to you for still rocking heels!

    Girl you ARE a mom right now! You know why? Everything you do is for that baby!

  15. You're a Mama already - totally! Growing a baby counts!
    Agree with your sentiments about those tacky cards.. but if you need a rice maker then make it Mothers' Day that gets you it!! LMPAO too!
    Love your posts.
    You're looking so radiant and blooming. White becomes you.
    Keep enjoying!

  16. You look blooming amazing hun (no pun intended...okay maybe a little) But seriously hun, beautiful dress, beautiful shoes, beautiful mumma to be!

    Love Aysh xoxo


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