Friday, May 25, 2012

New in shop Part 2

I have doubled my Etsy shop in size. Go me. Out with the old, no more in until baby is born and weight is shed. Like how I say shed like its just gonna peel off like Ima nasty reptile? Ugh. We found a big rattlesnake in our yard the other day but by the time we loaded the bb guns, it had escaped. Instead I shot a nice hole through my mom's flamingo lawn decor. So off topic now. Thanks again to Maricela for dedicating a day of her life to come over and play dolly with me.

2 piece set- vintage southwest print pencil skirt and top

Vintage yellow needlepoint dress with neck tie


70s floral print dress with asymmetrical hem, not for sale. Gift to model.

Easy Breezy 90s pink floral print dress

Beautiful sequined and beaded "mermaid" dress Size 14- too big for her

SOLD- My rayon floral romper, I'm parting with it.

Super bien sexy velvet cut out maxi dress. She works out at Curves, makes you want to join, doesn't it? 

Vintage 70s for her June wedding in Santa Barbara. 

Vintage pink lace

Pretty in pink

SOLD- 80s Chic. One of my faves.

SOLD- 80s bodysuit front

SOLD- 80s bodysuit back

Super soft 80s tank

SOLD- Vintage Cami

Textured leopard maxi skirt

SOLD- 80s leotard

Ruffle skirt and ruffle blouse both in shop sold separately
SOLD- blouse only

SOLD- Dress of paradise with embroidered bird Size XL

 And much much more....


  1. Wow, that wedding dress-ish dress looks great. And I've tried a romper before, singular, but it didn't look like that. I knew that yellow needlepoint one looked very cute but if I recall, by buff Curves arms were losing circulation. I wish I had a ridiculous amount of money to buy everything in your shop and make my bf happy with all the clothes you fit me with.

  2. That first yellow dress is EVERYTHING!!! You almost (almost) make me entertain the thought of not eating so I can fit into it.

  3. Totally gorgeous (and the clothes aren't too bad, either)! You have fabulous taste and a great eye for the fantastic. x

  4. you shop is amazing !!! its a true treasure box


  5. So much beauties ! The mairmaid dress is more than amazing !!!

  6. if i could work out at curves and get her body, sign me up fo lyf. anyway, yeah i had some life issues that needed resolving. im kind of a brat and i do things with a lot of drama (something im not proud of) so i needed to get away from the blog and focus on life for a teeny bit =)

    but anywhhot! how is my favorite mexican doing? hope everything is well with you sweet stuff! there isnt much going on here except summer school, haha, exciting!

    instead of cooking for my man, im here commenting on your blog. so i should get to cooking ;-) talk to you soon love

    <3 james

  7. Thanks for your comment!

    You should totally buy some studs! I find that they're the best and easiest way to D.I.Y. every little thing!!

  8. Loving the new stuff, and congrats on doubling up your an inspiration.


  9. Love everything, but the 1st dress is gorgeous!!


  10. Aw you're selling your playsuit? It's so Sophia!
    More great stuff, I love the dress your model got to keep

  11. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!
    Totally made my day!

    I love your vintage clothing!


  12. That playsuit must stay with you- it's perfect for you. Well, I guess you'll find another. Great model and wonderful clothes!

  13. I haven't been in the blogging world in a while so missed your news you are having a baby, congratulations! You look so happy and clearly have the most awesome maternity wardrobe with those cat flats! Take care :)

  14. You selling your gave playsuit? how dare you.
    You have a great amiga modelo.
    Love the mermaid dress and the yellow scarf dress.

  15. Woah, didn't realize you've added so much to your shop! Heading there now..


  16. i've had fun perusing your blog and shop tonight. i like what you got going on here.


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