Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Greetings

So I had to wait till my shitty hair color and hair cut grew out to blog again. I tried to quit, I tried making a new blog but in the end my style is just to killer to not share with the world. Or maybe I just miss my friends. We decided to go to Big Bear for the day since the Palm Springs area is crowded with Coachella go-ers. I would go to Coachella if I were VIP and had a $6,500 cabana with my own bathroom and a guaranteed sighting of Beyonce.

Here's me posing with the world's worst michelada. The beer they put in it was lukewarm. I don't even take my showers lukewarm so yeah I was no impressed. My retired HR manager mother told the server I didn't like it and she took it off the bill.

After lunch I continued an old family tradition of some light reading on a bench. Check out my 10 dollar sandals I bought at Urban Outfitters 3 years ago that I found this morning to wear for the first time.

Little town, in a peaceful village. Here's me with my nose in a book just like Belle. I bought this book as a prop on the drive up at some random yard sale. The man I bought it from told me he met Charlie in the 60's while hitchhiking. My mom then asked , "Were you one of his followers?" He was not but I still should have asked him to sign my book. I get shy around celebs, what can I say. #helterskeltereaster

And then my husband did his duty of taking awkward toddler & tiara like pictures of me. See, I'm still the same ole Sophia, wearing Mexican dresses and belts. This one came from my local vintage store for $6.00. It's not a safe time when I enter that store #wheremytaxreturnat

I love you all, please don't be a stranger. I actually changed my email address and forgot to update it on here and also tell some of my closest friends. Sorry Lindsay! TKM! Leave me a comment, twitter me, or instagram. You will find me eventually.