Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vintage Cats

Rather than blog about the weather or the Dodgers, I thought I'd use my creative energies to discuss another hot topic: my animal allergies esp. to cats.

What do you mean are they real? Are you some sort of sicko?

All hail Thomasina, my mother's cat. I can't tell you if this was Thomasina the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or the new generation. Let's just say growing up, my mom always had a cat named Thomasina.

Gazing into each other's eyes. Eff puppy love, this is the real deal.

One of the furry creatures in this pic was a good Catholic. I won't name names.

They were together through black and white, to color.

All was fine and dandy until I was born. Thomasina started acting strangely. My mother sensed her jealousy and feared she would smother me to death in my crib. But before any action could be taken, Thomasina fled, probably to the hills to die of a broken heart. And then we discovered I was allergic and could never have indoor cats again. I would never know the love of a cat, the warm snuggle of the sweet clean creature that licks its own...paws.

dress- Salvation Army
shoes- Reflection 10 dollas on sale
belt- oops it fell
domino bracelet- I made it

Riddle me this:
What cat never ages?

Hello Kitty!

Thanks for playing,



  1. I am going to my bed tonight a HAPPY WOMAN after reading this post! Those photos of your mama... AMAZING! And your little story, and the pix of you reclining with your really real cats... Marvellous!
    Ok I'm thinking on that riddle!

  2. Loved this post. In another dimension Thomasina is typing "and then she was taken to the children's home and I had my own room with walk-in wardrobe and litter tray. We got over it."

    Oh, and loved the outfit too - especially the shoes. And the dress. And the bag.

  3. Sophiaita,
    I was kinda allergic to cats tambien ,growing up I had asthma ,but I would exagerrate because my sis would steal all the neighbors cat and feed them queso amarillo (si kraft cheese). lol@ furry creatures .. ya se a quien refieres. Tu Mama que guapa.

    me gusta mucho tu vestido con tus tacones rojos. loving that flaco cactus your next too. Wow!! big- ass Hello Kitty bolson, one of my sisters is all into Hello Kitty.

  4. I love the story of your broken heart cat.
    Lovely dress and shoes.
    I forgot to ask how do you cook nopales. We are surrounded by cactus, but nobody eats them here.

  5. Brilliant! I'm glad I'm not the only grown-up into Hello Kitty; I was worried I was a bit odd...

  6. I'm so sorry that you're allergic. I love cats, and I have siamese cat, just the same like Thomasina!

  7. I really like your hair! And that chic!

    Those were some lovely pictures. I grew up being a cat person. I've had several siamese kitties. But I am no longer a cat lover. It was something I outgrew I guess.

  8. LoL, Ahhhhh love it! I too am allergic to cats but I had to go through many "test subjects" to finally get this through my head. Such a shame cause I love them so!

  9. looking tres chic in stripes and red shoes! and You're right Hello Kitty has never aged! geez that took me a while.

    PS I didnt really mention the whole bridal shoot thing

    lots of love friend!

  10. Isn't your mum gorgeous. They might not be furry but your ceramic cats are pretty fab! xx

  11. Ahh how gorgeous are these old photos of your ma! I see where you get your looks! :) And shame on you for making the poor pussy die of a broken heart, hahaha. Maybe he ran away and joined a circus and had circus cat babies!

    I love your outfit and am slightly (read: VERY) jealous of those red wedges!!!! not fair!! $10!!!!!!

    Sadie x

  12. what cute pictures of your mami and her cat! :) Btw, I LOVE your hair!

  13. Wow, you're so lucky to have those old pictures! So much history to them and your mom's cat! So sad she ran away!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  14. those are super cute pictures of her and thomasina! i love your outfit, and i want those shoooooesssss! gotta find somethin like that soon!

    sharde @ the style projects

  15. O,I adore kitties!!! I'm allergic,but I can manage it,lucky as I can't bear to be without them....apparently lighter,female cats cause one less problems than dark male cats!And I must say,I was far more allergic to our last cat(black & white tuxedo)than I am with these two!
    Thomasina was gorgeous!!! Siamese are such characters....sad story,though.

  16. what awesome photos!!!! and i loooooove the outfit!! and i also love hello kitty ;)

  17. lol reminds me of my parents dog who hated me the second i was born... except he was a great dane, and i was the size of his paw. ^_^

  18. Awe this was a cute post.
    Love the pics!

    I was going to say a copycat. lol

    I love your dress and shoes!

  19. Pho sure!!! Haha...I think I am so funny....

    I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!!!! I have a hello kitty I rock when I'm feeling tough....

    Love the vintage cats. My granny had a cat lamp. When you turned it on the cats eyes turned green....can you believe I gave it away!!?? I'm an idiot.

    YOu look hot in that dress and your make up is super sexy! I heart Lasophia....haha.

    Get Up & Go

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog! Great post your makeup looks great, and your HK purse is so cute!

  21. Aw, so sad! I am SO allergic to cats. We had cats when I was younger and I just gradully developed a flaming allergy. It sucks :(

  22. Your so pretty and what a lovely cat.Yhays sad your allergic.Love the pic of your parents.I want that hello kitty bag.I am a hello kitty

  23. Nothing is more cute than a cat (:

  24. thanks for your comment :)

    love cats, they're so adorable! that riddle was fun too, gotta love hello kitty :D ox

  25. Love the bag!!! =)

    Lu ♥

  26. Hahahaha your comment on the generation of cats made me laugh.. Reminds me of my aunt who lives in Mexico and her cat.. The damn thing has been living for a bunch of years! I swear she just keeps replacing it with a new one..

    Cheers! ~Angel

  27. again such a cute post darling :)) .. as always well done and really unique <33

    oh not to forget, could you pls do me a favour and vote for me by liking my photo on this link:

    that would mean so much to me and maybe you can also spread it on facebook by sharing it :)) puss puss and huggs from

  28. Great post! I love cats! And gorgeous shoes!


  29. oh my god! estas guapisima amiga!!!!! i love this dress and the red killer heels, hooot meeeeooow ;)and this fotos of your mum with the siamese cats are so adorable and supercute, oh how i love cats and i go crazy with this fotos, que gatos más preciosos!!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  30. As a big fan of hello kitty I just want to say.. OMG WHERE DID U GET THAT?! lol.


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