Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A baby shower

top- 99 cents thrifted (I showed it to u before, i lied to the salvation employee about the tag)
skirt- $2 something thrifted
shoes- $12 dollars 2nd hand

Well well, what does one wear to a baby shower where attendees are mostly in the beauty business? Or to be more straight forward, what do I wear to Caitlin's baby shower so I don't scare her family and friends made up of stylish stylists? The answer was this little polka dot skirt number. Being a hater, I had decided a long time ago that I "hated" polka dots. It was late 2006 when Forever 21 flooded their stores with them and made them trendy. After that I stayed away. But I couldn't deny the fit and accessibility of this piece at the Goodwill when I found it. I decided to open my heart to polka dots or else I might be missing out on something in this beautiful world.

Speaking of hating, I also "hate" baby showers. But this one changed my mind. Caitlin called it a "rager" and told me there was going to be sangria. My friend Lisa gave me a ride and we caught up the entire way and back. Our friend Sarah aka Pinky made the trek from Napa and told us all her wine barrel throwing adventures and how her yoga teacher went from a he to a she. Our dance teacher "K.B. the Great" came and shared a plate of our favorite pasta salads with me. Oh yeah and I WON a game! I guessed how many diapers were in the diaper cake 49! I was right on point. What did I win? Kerastase and a scented candle! I told you they were some fancy folk. 

An emo on sangria, Lisa, Caitlin, and Sarah

Who wore it better? Caitlin or B? Bitch stole her look! 

No longer a hater of weddings, baby showers, polka dots, or any other gathering of man kind,



  1. I adore everything about your look, the polkadots and the flower in your hair is wonderful.
    We don´t have baby showers or any other showers in Spain; although I went to one in the States, and it was a lot of fun.

  2. You look great! Love this outfit! And Beyonce definitely swagger jacked Caitlin! lol


  3. I LOVE your outfit, so cute! You look lovely and I'm so envious of your flawless skin :)

    Alice x

  4. Hahahahaaaa!! Baby showers can be bloody lame,you lucked out on a good one!!!
    Love polka dots,love yours! Your shoes are making me frisky!
    Weddings are a hoot,as long as they aren't your own!!!

  5. LoL, so glad you don't hate the polka dots anymore!! You look way too rad in them!

  6. yeaaaaah man, i'm really getting married in GDL!!! My media naranja is from there!! ajaaaaaay!!!! I'm ready for el grito!! are you?!?!!? =p are you fromGDL????

  7. What a cute outfit!! I hate baby showers too!lol

  8. I hate weddings, baby showers, and mostly anything social.
    You look bonita in your polka dot skirt,bola clothes are classic. love your sex me high heels.
    Your outfits stands out entre la gabachada.

  9. hey! thanks for the post :) can you follow me? i do it :)

  10. Haha you are hilarious! I used to hate baby showers and all that too, but now I absolutely love them because of all the excitement:)

    You look stunning and I LOVE that skirt! Too cute!
    Also, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! <3

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  11. The Shoes!! Omg i love bows!! very cute outfit! ha ha ha I have done the same thing-lied about the price at the thrift store.

  12. I don't like the baby showers (booorrrrinnnng), also bridal showers- take me out of any "girly" gathering.

    You're looking fabulous, love that polka dot skirt!

  13. Your adorable, and babyshowers are kind of awkward. Depending on who's it is though. lol Cute outfit, and I love that you lied about the rice of the shirt.

  14. Lovely blog! Great pics! Check out mine and follow! I follow yours back!

  15. YES YES YES hunny!!!!! that skirt is HOT!!!!!!! and that top is FLY!!! I have lied to a clerk a few times in my day because they definitely sometimes overprice things in a thrift store LMAO

  16. i love everything about your outfit... so awesome!

  17. how funky are those shoes. I totally want them... super cute !!!

  18. i had a shower for my sister but it was nothing compared to the american ones, more just a group of us getting together..winning kerastase at one sounds amazing haha!
    your outfit is beautiful, love it xox

  19. Beautiful polkadot skirt girl! It's a lovely outfit to wear for a baby shower celebration! xoxoxoo

  20. That skirt is so sexy! Love the pink top as well...oh and Sarah is one of my best friends! We met almost 16 years ago in college ;O) Now get yo butt out here so we can go shopping!

    Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

  21. I tend to agree, on principle, Baby showers are fucking lame. I hate that game they make you play where you have to sniff the diapers with smeared chocolate in them and guess what kind of candy bar it was. what kind of gross-ass shit is that?! Not cool.

    But I'm glad you got over your fear of polka dots, because this skirt really is becoming on you.

  22. Gimmie those shoes please.....YOU LOOK SO HOT!

    Get Up & Go

  23. Love the polka dots and the fierce heels!

  24. You look pretty dang stylish to me girl. Very pretty if I do say so myself :)

    Oh and yeah some babyshowers suck, but every once in a while they rock, sounds like you had a great time.

    P.s. I TOTALLY love your skirt !

    Hugs, Bella :)
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    Euro Style Cakes.


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