Friday, September 2, 2011

Jewelry Storage DIY

 I thought I would show you guys how I store my jewelry using my favorite mediums.

Wow, that was one scary Google image search. Ok, jokes aside, I mean one of my favorite craft mediums: vinyl records.

I heated this record in my oven until it was malleable then shaped the bottom part under to create a flat surface. I then made the holes by piercing the record with a hot nail. I heated the nail over a candle, to have a constant open flame and it melted right through. I wore gloves of course, who do you take me for? 

If you are not comfortable with heating vinyl in your oven, you could just leave the record flat and pierce it with holes, then put it on a plate stand. Or you could hang it to the wall by lacing string through some holes. I like this method of storage cause I can see my earrings. Outta sight outta mind when it comes to jewelry thats not displayed for me. I forget about it. 

Next, are my rings 

I use ash trays I brought back from Mexico to put my rings and some bracelets.

I stole this necklace hanging idea from my friend Lorena. I had this cat coat hanger thing since I was a little girl. I found the other one in my downstairs closet. I try to keep my metal necklaces and colored ones separate. Again, I like to see my jewelry! As you can tell I'm very into my own name and typography. All the car emblem necklaces I made myself.

These are my bracelets. I just put them in the tops and bottoms of a box I got with my L.A.M.B. perfume many a Xmas ago.

So thats all I got. Thats as organized as anything in my life gets. If I showed you the rest of my room you would fall physically ill. I blame it on my lack of space and hoarding. Have a great weekend. 


  1. Sophiata,
    Hahayy, my cousins call me Walter Mercado, Sylvia Brown no le creas nada. she got too greedy with her gift.I love the idea of you burning vynl, I could picture you doing just that.
    how creativa, you are amor, I adorar my name too.
    I see the virgo in you,wonder what other signs you have in your astro planets. que hora naciste?I dont organize neatly ,but I do put away my cosas. yes, lack of room is something I'm familar with in these Enlgish casias.
    I am eyeing your grandmas bake lite bangles.

  2. GOLD! I love storage posts! Us hoarders have to share that storage love!
    Love your cute ideas.. And all your cute bling!! The earrings look great on the black background of the record.. have a happy weekend!

  3. I have to try the Record! It's so good!

  4. oh I might steal some of your ideas because my jewelry is "stored" in a bag... rings and everything so everytime I want to wear something I spend hours searching for it :P
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY -a little bit late but still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! :D

  5. Omg what a great idea! Love the first photo!! love all your jewellery as well!!

  6. This idea with record is great! It looks amazing!

  7. Can not get over the ways you melted that record! You are so creative! Amazing..

    Ask Erena

  8. Very nice collection - I think we have very similar earring love. I'd never have thought of using a record that way, although I do have a some vinyl waiting to be made into bowls. I'd need the entire back catalogue of Aerosmith to house my earrings though. Love the beaded ones, and the hammered hearts. I had some peacock ones back in the early 90s - they had gold beads on the ends of the feather strands too, for extra bling. [Not that bling was invented then, mind you]

    I've not done the vinyl melting bowl thing yet in case the stench of melting records puts off potential house-buyers. Does it smell? I made chutney recently and my husband nearly divorced me. You have to boil your onions in vinegar!

    The coat peg necklace thingie is great too. Mine are all slung over the ends of my dressing table mirror at the moment and tend to tangle up, although I figure it looks nice and bohemian as long as you don't want to actually wear anything...

  9. I toootally agree that out of sight out of mind with jewellery - a tonne of my stuff is in hat boxes and old perfume boxes too (aren't they great?!) and I can never be assed to look through them when i'm getting ready for work, so just go for the stuff i've left on my dresser. LOL about your room - i want to see it now just cos you mentioned it!!! :D

    Sadie x

  10. Ahh. I recently reorganized my closet, but I totally neglected my jewelry. Thus, it's in a huge heap on the floor (seriously). Yeah. I should get on it.

    Anyways, YOUR set up looks AWESOME. So much goodness, mmmmm!

  11. I need that Coupe De Ville necklace. Like, now. You have an enviable collection!

  12. Daaanng well organized! I like the hanging necklaces idea. I need to organize all my jewelry in a bad wayy.. oooii.

  13. very helpful i am always having trouble storing my jewelery!!


  14. Hahahahahahahahaha omg... Girl! I seriously almost passed out from laughing so hard at Walter Mercado! Only us Mexicans can understand this shit! You made my night but I love how you store the jewels

    Hugs! ~Angel.

  15. Wow!! i have to do it too! I need some organisation!

  16. Your record idea is perfection... but how bad did the vinyl smell when it was baking in your oven? Not sure if the boyfriend will allow me to try this at home so I may have to use a plate holder and a record. Great post!

  17. Cute jewels!!..
    Do you want to follow each other :) ? Visit my blog if you want:)!

  18. oooooh i love the little sombreros where you keep your rings!!! it looks so pretty and fun!

  19. I love your idea! such a great way to store your jewelry.. especially your necklaces. I'm going to have to steal your idea!


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