Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vieja Nopalera

Tis I, cactus lady. When my friend Dora Luz called me "vieja nopalera" on one of my posts it made me el-o-el (lol). I have always been attracted to cactus, I blame my parents. This particular one stands in my backyard and was transplanted from our old home in Southern California 7 hours away. We brought it here 20 years ago. The resiliency of the cactus most amazes me. How it endures hot and cold, no water, and too much water. It protects itself with thorns so no one can mess with it. I also like it's taste. 

My banner pic of the heart shaped cactus was taken by my aunt, who also appropriately titled it "Love Hurts." I'm glad to know that some of you out there like it.

dress- 11 dollars (but I traded it at Freestyle)
shoes- so old, I keep trying to sell them back to Crossroads but they ain't having it
belt- from the mothership

 In life, there are bad times. Bad times that last for years. Bad times beyond your control. Bad times when you're young, or when your old. Bad times that you will live through and remember. But they don't last forever, and when it is over, you can pack up, move on, take the things that you like with you, and leave  the stuff you don't need behind. Resiliency, like the cactus with all it's sweet fruit and painful thorns. 

Thanks to my lover boy for waking up early to take these pics of me, Dora for always visually inspiring me, and Megan Jane for being the best. Told ya'll I was emo! 


  1. I think every brown girl has a dress like this huh?! I love it, you look so cute.


  2. Sophiaita (herma del alma)
    Que chulada de vieja!
    I love your blue Mexi-dress, love how bright and beautiful and how you paired up with a skinny belt.
    Gracias for the mention hermania.

  3. que chula ;) i want a pretty blue one!!! yo solo tengo a white one, and i can't even war it out xk it's all transaparente...chinga2! ahahaha..

  4. I love, love this post. You are so pretty in this mexican outfit, and how true about the resiliency of the cactus.
    There are many around here.
    Qué guapa estás SOFIA.

  5. I love, love, love that dress!

  6. That dress is awesome, I really want one like it. I didn't know your aunt took the prickly piccie, that's cool!We are both educating each other! ;)

    Sadie x

  7. Nice dress!

  8. Aah you look gorgeous chica - see how I casually threw in the Spanish there? [Me and my besties call each other that, it's the only Spanish I know apart from something EXTREMELY rude about mothers ]. I have a picture of me aged about 4 wearing traditional Welsh dress somewhere - I mean the national costume, not a mini skirt and corned beef legs. That's what the older girls wear.

    Incidentally, there's am award thingy on my blog for you. xx

  9. PS. I love your cactus also. I have a teeny weeny one living on my kitchen window sill. I think it misses the desert.

  10. I have a very similar frock in turquoise!! You look delicious,as always,love the hair and shoes!!!
    G and I are cray for cacti,but have no nopales-probably wouldn't do too well here!

  11. Hola! Dora hiso muy buena presentacion de ti! Me gusta tu vestido y los zapatos!

  12. That dress rocks...seriously. Glad you got your love to take pics....can you work on that with MY husband?? haha!

    PS - I am SO lucky to work with coffee. If you ever have coffee questions you know who to find!

    Get Up & Go

  13. NICE. Love this post. The dress is gorgeous x 1million. (I have one similar in black) and wear with a big braided belt and these weird crochet shoes I have. This looks amazing how you styled it--i'm gonna copy you. I LOVE the cactus too. I butchered a neighbours cactus for cuttings, left them in a grocery bag for about 3 months, finally put the cuttings in the ground about a month ago, watered them yesterday (for the first time)--and what do I see?? New growth. Freakin' amazing.
    Dressology HQ

  14. LOL! Well I must be a nopalera too :) They're so pretty and yummy. The best part of nopales are the TUNAS! SOO GOOD.

    These are some awesome pictures. I want that dress. It looks gorgeous on you :)

    In response to your comment on my blog...that is actually my first pair of cargos. I've wanted them ever since I saw the J Brand Houlihan ones. But I don't spend that much $$ on pants anymore ;) The ones I'm wearing were in the 40-50 range. You'd look great in a pair!


  15. You look soo nice! I love your dress, the colors are gorgeous. It is nice to think about a cactus' resiliency in life, we can do it too!!

  16. Beautiful dress, amazing shoes! U look so exotic!:)

  17. Nopales! Hahaha.. I love it.. It is the big Mexican in me that draws me to this..

    Hugs! ~Angel

  18. Oh My God, This Is So Good!

    Lisa <3

  19. amazing dress!

  20. Amazing flower detail on your dress !

  21. You look great girl, love that color blue on you, with the red sandals, and flower in your hair, you look amazing.

    I also love a cool cactus, and need to plant some here too, they seem to do just fine in the south too, I've seen some pretty big ones :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments girl, SO glad to hear from another chick going through the same thing as me with my hair :(

    Hugs, Bella :)
    Bella Before and After
    Euro Style Cakes.

  22. Loved that little poem it's so true!

    You are are so pretty with your flower. You should check out flowers by Fatima. I featured her a few posts back.

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