Monday, September 12, 2011

A wedding

My poor friend Lorena met up with me at the mall on Friday to look for a dress to wear to our friend's wedding on Saturday. At first I had high hopes for the mall. I had decided I wanted to go "modern" and not "vintage." So there I was in Eff-21 like old times trying on dresses and skirts but the only one I sort of liked Lorena said looked "viejita" old lady. You can take the girl out of the thrift but you can't take the thrift out of the girl. After purchasing a snoring black dress at Charlotte Russe, I decided to wear this number I had gotten at a clothing exchange store in the vintage dept. for 13 dollas. I walked into the wedding and Lorena was like, "umm nice dress we picked out." oops.

Hey guys, wanna be on my blog?

Lorena, Luis, and I. Never mind our folklorico stance. Thats all we know. 

"Let's show our Spanx." We as classy as those Kardashians.

So being an emo hater, of course I "hate" weddings. I had a bad experience at a wedding in Guadalajara I went to where they didn't feed us till 11pm and I was stranded inside the hall because it was pouring rain outside and I had no car to go get a snack. Terrible times. Did come home with a free pair of slippers with some other people's names embroidered on them though. Anywho, this wedding was not bad at all. All my friends from my old dance group were there and my boyfriend. There was an open bar and no fights which was great. Only thing was that I waited too long to go outside and take pics of my dress hence the strange look of the pics. 

Been spending most my life living in a thrifter's paradise,


  1. I am so glad to have you back on board, and to find myself in your blogroll.
    I make sure you stay in mine for good, too.
    Mil besos.

  2. You and baby Daddy look great. Here's where someone has to do the Auntie thing and nod knowingly whilst saying "won't be long until we see you at another wedding" *wink wink*. Or if I was being a British tabloid it would be something about about him "taking you up the aisle" *fnarr*

    I've worn thrifted clothes to numerous weddings - better than a high street horror another guest might be in.

  3. Sophiaita,
    You look so glam 80's, me acuerdo de esos vestidos, I used to wear my Moms blue one.
    spanx is the way to go amor.
    Your novio looks like Jon Seda
    que guapo. You two make a cute couple.

  4. that dress is sexy!!! and you + your man look muy caliente!! ;)
    ahahahaha your bad experience is what i am scared of for my wedding! our ceremony isnt til 8pm..and reception comida...bad-a-bing- 11!! ahahah AND its in Guadalajara,mija!! para variar!!! ahjahahaha asi que a todos mis guests, que se me vallan bien comiditos a la church!! pa que se puedan aguantarrrr..ahahahahaha besitos guapa!

  5. You and I! I usually can't stand weddings. 11?? Mexicans usually serve the food early, and a lot of it.. I am glad you went with this dress because it looked amazing on you..

  6. haha i love your dress! you rock vintage better than anyone i know! ;) you look awesome as usual, although i'm one of those overexcitable people who love weddings :D i see why you hate them though :/ bad experiences...:P lorena is absolutely stunning as well! look at you two in your spanx! ;) thanks for your sweet comment as usual sophia, that woman was horrid! but apparently she's the ms trunchbull of the school! xxx

  7. Haha! Love it! You look fab and I feel like I ALWAYS tell you how much I love your posts, but I really do, always hilarious AND I loved your comment on my post...maybe I'll sell that story to Lifetime. ;0)

  8. Miss ur blog so i checked it tonight it always make me laugh (luv the spanx photo my #1 item to hold my muffin tight) you look great as usual!!!

  9. I Love the dress! and I think its perfect for a wedding
    I have missed you my lady!

    and yay for spanx. they are necessary for any wardrobe. no need for bits and pieces to hang out ;P

  10. NO lie. If you were walking down the street in that I'd whistle at ya.....

    Get UP & Go


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