Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet my new boots

So, back in January I posted an interview with my boot collection
I recently thrifted 2 new pairs of boots and had to give them the same treatment. Here is my interview with my latest additions to my boot wardrobe.

Well hello, thank you for agreeing to do this ummm mint was your name?

I don't like labels. I have never given myself a "color." Nor do I have a size or birthday.

Wow, were you adopted?

Listen, all I can tell you is that I ended up at Jesus' Hands Thrift Store in Yucaipa, CA.

Oh, really?

It was basically my calling except this was real life. No Whoopi Golberg fake nun hiding out after she witnessed her married lover murder a man in the back of Moonlight Lounge. This is real life.

Sister Act? I love that movie!

I don't.

(awkward silence)

Well they say it's not where you come from, its where you're going right.

Precisely. So I'm just looking forward to some trips with Sophia, maybe a few more shoots. You know, just helping her do her by me doing me. 

That makes perfect sense. Thank you for stopping by. 

5 dollars holla!

5 dollars again! 2 pairs of boots for 10 dollars! Great high, lasted about 2 days.

First off I'd like to tell you that I love your fringe!

They are bangs thanks. 

Oh, um tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I consider myself "Western" but thuggish like Ghetto Cowboy by Bone Thugs N Harmony. 

A great song!

I know right? Should have got more recognition but people were so obsessed with the Space Jam Soundtrack.

Hahaha! You know a lot about pop culture. You don't look like the type to be concerned.

Don't judge a boot by it's rubber. But no, I'm into it, I can't help it. When I'm not properly put away in a closet I watch a lot of E!

Really, what is your favorite show?

I love Chelsea Handler but I must admit that I do satisfy my occasional Kardashian fix.

Uh oh, we hope you're talking about the show and not "the tape."

What tape?

Uh, no tape. So who is your favorite Kardashian?

Mason, because he doesn't talk.

Well said. Well we'll let you get on your way. Your program should be coming on soon.

Thanks, much love. 


  1. Wow, these were great bargains, love them. Im soooo jealous:)))

  2. Sophia,
    salas cont tantas cosas chistosas. you have me rolling on the ground with those botas.vieja piernuda. I love the blue boots, I was just thinking about avestruz botas the other day. the black ones are good for banda Machos days.
    que tengas un bien fin de semana.

  3. Ha!!! You kill me!!!
    Turquoise boots rocking on your feet!

  4. We love good thrifted finds and these
    boots are so sick! the color of the first..
    and the fringe on the second...
    nice work.

    xx Tribal Fox Vintage

  5. Haha you are always funny.. I can't believe that you only paid that much for those boots.. You know that I love those blue boots.. WERK them!

    Peace! ~Angel

  6. Haha this made me chuckle! Your new boots are absolutely fabulous, and very flattering! Xx

  7. come to NY !! :)

    i'm loving your boots by the way ;) hope all is well! xx



  8. Hello , just stopping by and checking your boot collection. Thanks for your post on my blog. hope you go back again I am now following ya

    Hope you like my blog too

    take care hun

  9. no mancheeesssss!!! me encantaroon!!! porque no me mandas las minty colored i can wear em to taylor swift on sunday..???aahahaha. those are way funkier than my cowboy ones!lol xox

  10. You have a wild taste in boots, and you definitely rock them! Those teal/minty bootes are incredible!

  11. Love the black ones!!!

  12. Well, really cool interview;)
    Love your new boots, The black one are perfect. And this price. Amazing!

  13. Great interviews... those turquoise boots are FABULOUS!

    Sarah xxx

  14. Lol you are too funny!! These boots are such a fab find!!


  15. Loooove the green ones!!!!
    And as i read the price i can't believe: you are so lucky!!!
    Nice interview!^^

  16. Your a real bargainer, I tip my hat to you...the blue boots are so cute.

    Thanks for the comment on my post. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Piksty :-)

  17. Hahah funny is so cute.. nice boots by the way, love the colour

    xHajar & Mounia

  18. LOL, i'm just selling a pair of turquoise boots on ebay this time. but mine aren't cowboy boots, more 70s disco style. i don't wear this colour too much. sadly.
    i adore those black fringe boots. those are absolutely perfect.

  19. Your a natural interviewer! ;0) LOVE those turquoise boots SO MUCH!

  20. I would so totally be friends with your "bangs" boots. They obviously have excellent taste in TV and pop culture. And the turquoise boots are like, delicious. I just want to take them out to a nice dinner and then cuddle in front of a warm fire.

  21. Haha amazing! I love that your boots describe themselves as Ghetto Cowboy. Amazing.


  22. hahaha "i don't..." awesome boots! i had a pair in the same color a while ago, but i wore the pointed toes into a rounded shape

  23. Ah the first pair are so sick! I love that color. And thanks for the blog comment... be sure to follow if you like it. Now following you!


  24. DUDE, you crack me up. This is freakin funny stuff right here. If you don't mind I'm going to pin this, and then facebook this awesome interview, because it's pretty funny :)

    Love ya girl!

    Hugs, Bella :)
    Bella Before and After
    Euro Style Cakes.

  25. Love the black ones ! I'm so jealous lol !! I really need to go to California to do bargains like these!


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