Monday, September 19, 2011

Strawberry button up

Let's go to work.

blouse- 5 dollars G-will
leggings- I got them from my momma
shoes- Charlotte Russe made by the devil

Permission from the elders to speak freely? I don't get what this hoopla is over Missoni for Target. I don't like the color scheme, or the patterns. I also am not attracted to things that sell out quick and end up on ebay. I have never gone after those things in my life whether it be gaming systems or shoes or whatever. I felt like as a blogger I should put my 2 cents in. Maybe I should have saved them for a future find.

This shirt is sweeter than my personality. Not my online personality, my IRL one. 

I got this shirt for 5 dollars along with 2 other items for 5 dollars and drove away from the Goodwill depressed. My boyfriend kept asking me what was wrong and then finally he was like, "Are you upset you had to spend 15 dollars for only 3 things?" I looked up at him with the same emo puppy eyes I have in the above pic. I was kinda bummed. So to cure my despair, I immediately put my shirt to good use, wearing it to work.

I like how bloggers have FAQ spaces on their blog. I find them informative and often have the same questions. Well guess what? No one ever asks me anything so I'll share freely with you what my work is. I'm a private tutor to 3 high school girls. That's why I was broke during the summer, cause I wasn't tutoring. These shoes were the perfect work shoe as all I had to do was walk from my driveway to my car, their driveway to their house, and back out to my car. I'm trying to say they hurt like a biotch.

Dance, too much booty in the pants,
I miss Left Eye,


  1. Your shoes are absolutely amazing- I have a real thing for red at the moment!

    Love your sense of style- I definitely need your blog in my life! xXx

  2. LASOPHIA!!!!!!!

    I love how you call Goodwill G-will....can I use that!!!??? So FUNNY. Love your strawberry shirt. You pull of the most unique coolest stuff. I'm more plain jane so I envy you!!!!

    Yeah, Shana and I go WAY back. NO joke she is my very best friend. I pretty much am her copy cat....hahah. She just usually does everything better. Her creative mind blows me away.


    Get Up & Go

  3. dang, pues lo primero que dije fue..what!! 15bukis??? ahahaha..but i love that strawberry button up!!! <3 5dollars soooo worth it! i miss lisa,too! she died in my native Honduras..the country in which I was made, but not have a good day!!!

  4. Strawberry Shirt-Awesomeness (CHECK!) Hot Shoes that hurt like heck-CHECK, yet another fun post from you hot mama-CHECK CHECK! And I HAVE to say I am totally with you on Missoni!! I just....don't....get it, the pattern looks like something off of a couch from the 70's, no thank you!

  5. Que quiere la nina fresa? You look so curiosita in your fresa blouse, %5 dolare, que barata.
    love your fuck me shoes.
    so eres maestra?

  6. You're so funny and you look delicious. xx

  7. OMG this shirt is so lovely. And your shoes are fantastic

  8. I love shoes that hurt like a bitch,dammit.Fabulousness is pain,darling!
    Sweet as strawberries,$5 is a pretty good deal!
    Are you ok,or am I imagining you seem a little down??
    I couldn't give a shit about designers for Traget or whatever-it;s only a name!Drongoes love a name!!!

  9. Sophia,

    I just found your blog and I'm so happy cause you crack me up girl! I swear, you're funny as death!

    Love your outfit, that top and those shoes are totally spicy!

  10. I am so much into unusual print that this straberry print made my moth water. ahhhhhhhhhh, so lovely.

  11. hahah i love your shoes even though they're baby biatches! your job sounds good, i bet you're a good teacher :) £5 isn't bad for 3 items so don't get upset! :P :D i love this shirt, i thnk it's awesome, i'd wear it to college or anywhere...giveaway? :D xxxx

  12. Wow! I like everything about this post...including your blog :) The nopal heart at the top is awesome, along with the quote by Erykah.

    I have to say that this top is quite fabulous. You look very hip and chic. There is a 50s vibe that says "sassy but sweet". You turned this otherwise preppy print into something a lot more versatile and fun.

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! Im now following.

  13. Can't say I was all that thrilled with the Missoni collection when I was able to visit a Target this summer. not all that and a bag of chips in you know what I mean :)

    I love G-will they're the bomb diggity.

  14. Perfect top!! Cute outfit to go to work!! I posted info on the vintage whole sale party on my blog if you plan to go!! Thank you for stopping by. : )

  15. I have missed your posts, they always crack me up SOO much!!

    $15 for 3 things - arhhh are you letting us down with your bargain-tracking!?! This shirt is a LOT of fun though and I love the shoes you paired it with. My Aunt calls those kinds shoes Cartobar - when she first said it my Mum was like "Hmm, not heard of those", till my Aunt said CAR - TO - BAR. So I stole it ;)

    Sadie x

  16. I to hated that people were selling the stuff on ebay for prices that were insane.. Love the shirt.. Especially since it was $5 haha.. Hmm that sucks about the summer and no job with the tutoring.. Hope it is better right now with school back in session...

    Love! ~Angel


  18. Every time I read your blog, I get an intense craving to go thrifting. But alas, whenever I am out & about, I either forget or have no time. So I will be setting aside some time, no matter what! Thanks for always being such an awesome & fun inspiration!

  19. How cute are you.... dang what a cool tutor too, that is awesome :)

    The shirt is yellow, with strawberries what is there not to like?
    Oh and I have no idea what you are talking about with Target, clearly I don't keep up with the latest anything either, lol.

    Love your shoes, but no amount of money can get me to wear shoes that hurt, I'm such a wuss, I can't take it, lol.

    Hugs, Bella :)
    Bella Before and After
    Euro Style Cakes.

  20. yeah i don't care for missoni either, don't know what the fuss is over...

    I did like a few pieces for the home, that's about it.

    I love that shirt!

  21. OK, I officially love both your shirt AND your blog - I saw you on Penny Dreadful's summary and am SO following now! x

  22. Ohhhh I really love the shirt !


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