Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dia de Los Muertos

I make the dead "LOL."

Greetings to everyone on this fine November day. I'm guest blogging this week for my friend Nina at Come check me out, or her out, cause she has mad style. I was actually going through all her old posts hehe and she has a very positive spirit. I feel like Ghostwriter. Did anyone besides me watch that show on PBS when they were younger? I loved it cause it had little Latino kids in it. Remember they lived below their parents store? I was like, I wish my parents had a store that way I could get all the snacks I want for free. But sadly, Ghostwriter never came to me when I was reading books, boo, I tried, so the show was effecctive indeed. Viva la literacy.

I leave you with some of my favorite pictures ever, taken by my niece Cierra, and an altar made by my friend Maricela for her recently passed on cat, Chiquita. Animals have souls too. She gave their family a lot of love thanks to her for letting me share this.

"Las tumbas son para los muertos
Las flores para sentirse bien.
La vida es para gozarla
La vida es para vivirla mejor."

"Tombs are for the dead,
Flowers to feel good
Life is for enjoying
Life is to live it best"
(my best translation)

Lyrics from "Calaveras y Diablitos" by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (prob my 2nd fave song in the world) Youtube it, I couldn't get it to load on my post :(


  1. ahh yes, I love day of the dead.. At work some folks set up an amazing altar.. I wish there were more skeletons and skulls in my life. they are so beautiful

  2. I love that foto of you with the Catrina, like your torriando them.gatito altar is so adorable.
    I adorar Fabulosos Cadillacs.
    Felis Dia de los Muertitos.
    abrazotes para ti

  3. Obviously what with being a Welshy non-latino type I don't really get a chance to DO dia de los muertos, but I do think it seems a great idea and I love all the iconography that goes with it. The slightly skeletal drawing of Chiquita is brilliant.

  4. Hmm love how the Mexican culture goes all out on this day! Hahaha the first picture still has me laughing..

    Love! ~Angel

  5. aw I love your dia de los muertos kitty picture
    always loved all the art work and ritual for this day

  6. wow it looks like so much fun to celebrate!

  7. I love that top picture of you, you gorgeous creature. x

  8. Pero qué maravillosa forma de ver la muerte.
    I am off to check you in the other blog.

  9. Hey there hun! So glad I found your amazing blog! Absolutely love it & your style! Now following you :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  10. Ahh bless, little kitty RIP. <3

    Sadie x

  11. Awww...poor kitty :( One of our doggies passed away in August. I never did a post on it because I would cry when I would think of him and I didn't want like 30 comments of people telling me they are sorry. I hope that doesn't sound fucked up, but it's hard to be remembered about that. You look hella good in pony tails.

    Oh, y yo no tengo un tweeter. But that video you mentioned sounds like something a primo cousin of mine would do. Well...I have lots of crazy primos, but you know what I mean. That sounds like a cool stunt. I personally, would never drive my beloved vehicle into any body of agua.

    <3 Azu

  12. the first picture is great, really made me smile! and what a sweet altar for the cat :(

    beautiful post xox

  13. Animals TOTALLY have souls!!! I've got 2 cats and a dog. They are so kind and cute. LOVE my pets. Can't imagine the day the go to the other side. Hopefully they won't haunt one cat would...he is a bit insane.

    YES, send me the dress.....KIDDING. I can't rock it like you do. You've got swagga.....

    Get Up & Go

  14. Aww what a sweet alter.Love those flowers.Hope you had a great that photo of you at the is so cute.xx

  15. I love Day of the Dead celebrations. Way better than Halloween when you think about it. At least it's Halloween with a cause (besides dressing up as a slutty fill-in-the-blank).

    RIP Chiquita. You lived a long, happy life.

  16. Sophia you wonderful woman, hope you've been well!! Animals do indeed have souls, not looking forward to the day my dog passes! I will stop yapping on now and have a good catch up on your blog! xx

  17. Never disappoint luv luv-ie ur blog!!! ps RIP Chiquita pps .. me and my sissy poo's luv that show i posted on FB the other day do u remember Tales From The scary thow!!!


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