Thursday, November 24, 2011


Because I will be black friday thrifting in a previously undiscovered territory, I thought it would be wise to do some pre-shopping at the Goodwill in Redlands, CA to orient myself with the lay out of the store and hide spy any potential buys.

My plan backfired as my pre-shopping turned into actual shopping. Good thing I had a senior with me, so I could  use her 10% discount. Thanks mom.

I've been wanting a pair of moccasins so bad it hurts, ironically, these actually hurt. I want to put the "sin" in moccasin.

car emblem necklace- I made it
sweater- thrifted
shorts- cut and thrifted
tights- Target
left boot- Target

Here's what real people have to say about the places I will be going on Friday. Really, I couldn't make this ish up:

"This place is across from a convalescent home so all of their great prized possessions end up there."

"The location is in San Berdoo so i wasn't expecting much, I did go kind of late, but police car shooing away a "street walker" the next street over had me rethinking the place.
I'm glad i kept going though, because this place is amazing!"

"Some people might say San Bernardino is a shithole. That may be so but I grew up there and I love it like family." 

I don't know how I'll sleep tonight, but Im sure Ill find a way between allergy pills and classy full glasses of wine. The moral of the story here is: pre-shopping IS as dangerous as real shopping as they can both lead to pregnancy.

Happy Thanksgiving,


  1. happy thanksgiving,amiga! i'm so thankful for you <3 .

  2. Hahahah I love the quote about the convalescent home!! Hilarious!
    Your love heart tights are great and good on your Mom for escorting you with her discount abilities!!
    Happy thanksgiving!

    Sadie x

  3. I miss the black friday crowds, i remember takng buddy to a black friday in cali.
    He loved it, was amazed at the ghetto ass crowds.
    Is that a leopard blusa. I will wrestle u for that strawberry shortcake vaso.
    Love your carro necklace !
    Cuidate! Take some weapons with you for the sales. Love your polka dot medias and shorts.

  4. Good luck with your shopping, ahhhhhhhhhh I wish there was a GOODWILL next door to me.

  5. Happy Black Friday to you! I hope you get lots a great scores.

    And LMAO on the quotes. Classic.

    PS: we have matching tights! <3
    the Citizen Rosebud
    Enter my Karina Dress Give-Away!

  6. beautiful outfit!!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  7. The place you were off to sounds so charming, rather like where I live! Hope you got loads of bargains. x

  8. I love your tights! That's a big store, look at all those shoes!

  9. did you buy those light brown cowboy boots? those look so awesome!
    like your outfit very much perfect for shopping.
    never go for pre-shopping, it always will end in real shopping!

  10. Well pre-shopping has still got to be less dangerous than cyber shopping, which I have been doing nonstop for the past 3 days. I literally forgot to shower or eat. That's how bad it's gotten. And I won't even go to the mall like a normal person and fight for the last xbox on the shelf. I've changed.

  11. Love that red leopard print top in your hand.Love the little heart stocking.Very cute.I am also after moccasins.I am trying to decide what color.I found some cute white ones at the thrift store but they were to small.:(

  12. rreally like the sequence dress!
    i have a new post check it out. :)

  13. Ah, awesome necklace from the car emblem! Such a neat idea!
    Thanks for your comment too, I am definitely following now. I love all of your vintage finds. You definitely make me want to go thrifting, like-now! :)


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