Monday, November 21, 2011

I love M.J.

My homegirl Megan Jane flew in from Mexico to be with me this weekend. She is originally from Texas so she loves her some Killa Cali. We go hard when she is in town and we went even harder last night, her last night here. We started with an appetizer at In and Out (since she doesnt have them in Texas). She ate half the cheeseburger, then I ate the other half, we didn't want to ruin our appetites for Kishi Japanese teppan later. Next, we headed to the mall to hit up every makeup store and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. My niece made fun of me cause I have a punch card there. 7 more candy apples and I get a free one.

My booties are from Ross and super cute. you can't see but they have studs and chains on them.

They told me to get the mouse apple to match my sweatshirt. I disagreed and got an avalanche one.

In a food coma with my boo.

My niece and her bff. They still hang out with me even though Im crazy. I laughed so hard at my own joke before I even told it and spit out my water all over our empty plates and the hot grill. It sizzled.

I'm a huge advocate for early age ear piercing. It is a part of my culture that I plan on preserving with my own female children. I've been rocking hoops since the crib.

Thanks to MJ for making it all the way out here to see me,


  1. I want some candy apples

  2. You look so cute in your Minnie mouse sweater and mono. those heels rock! I miss Ross so much!
    I practically lived there.
    I never had a Rocky Mountain apple cause I never seen white chocolate ones.I always stood outside the door.. just to smell the chocolate.
    food looks delish and glad your have beautiful friends and familia with you. awww what a cute baby , I want pinch those cheeks. I know we all pierce our ears early its a Mexi-thing.

  3. You look so cute.I just love those boots.And your shirt and cute scarf,Mmmmm candy apples.I would have to have one of food looks good.xx

  4. You look very cute - I thought you were holding the balloons at first. I'm just enjoying the pictures today as being a Welshy in England your Mexi in America reference are whizzing right over my head! I believe I need to see a close up of the boots though and am strangely intrigued by the anthropomorphic apples.

    Much as I have enduring love for earrings I do think babies look better without them, but we can agree to disagree, right? X

  5. Mmm those look so yummy and I love your boots! I got my daughters ears pierced before she was a year old and I'm sooo glad I did

  6. Theres nothing like good food and good friends! Love the Minnie Mouse shirt and the booties!

  7. Looks like you had a great time.
    Minnie sweater is awesome!

  8. Ooo,all those yummy treats!
    Joy to have your boo around and get wild! I too laugh at my own jokes,rather hysterically!
    I remember all the Greek and Italian girls had their ears pierced as babies-makes sense to me! If I suggest it to anyone,though,they look at me in horror!XXX

  9. Awww how cute are you with baby earrings!! My Ma pierced our ears young too and I think it looks cute - my sis didn't pierce my niece's ears though (spoilsport).

    LOVE your top but you shoulda defo had the mouse apple to match!!!!Sounds like a fab weekend with your bestie! :D

    Sadie x

  10. I concur with early ear piercing! My little Roo got hers pierced at 8 months and loves her earrings. I got mine pierced at 5 and made the paper for biggest freak out!

  11. I've had my ears pierced since I was a baby too (represent). It's better that way because we don't remember the pain. I'm such a pussy when it comes to piercing my skin.

    I love your sweater! They had a shirt with Minnie all over it at Urban Outfitters. It's so lame because I wanted it, but didn't want to spend money on something that I've already had before. Remember the mickey and minnie mouse craze in the 90s?

    Que tengas un awesome-o dia :)

    xoxo Azu

  12. You look so cute with your leopard scarf and Mickey sweat shirt.
    I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 25. x

  13. En España también, en cuanto naces te agujerena las orejas. Yo a mis hijas las dejé hasta que fueron mayores para decidir.

  14. How cute was baby you??!!! I plan to get Zo's ears pierced very soon.

    I love candy, it is my downfall.

  15. omg no way i looove ur top and your posts are always very interesting to read!! ill be reading more often now im back! aaawww beautiful baby xx


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