Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a girl!

Caitlin's baby is here! We knew she was coming cause her stomach was contracting right before our very eyes on Saturday. Her name is Liviah Vernice, totally sounds like something Beyonce would name her baby right? We went to go visit her in the hospital today. 

Caitlin and her husband Nate (Naitlin) and their baby and me.  I was going to wear my pink blazer for 
her but that hospital room was pretty warm. 

"Liviah and her mom, me and my mom" or "The first time Liviah saw Mexicans"

Oh my gawd ya'll Caitlin's a mother! She's come a long way since faking she started her period at her 5th grade b-day party! Man that was quite the rager! I remember it like it was yesterday. Look at her now. Her baby was asleep the whole time we were there, she let out a couple cute cries, she has the cutest baby voice! Not screechy, just cute.

Official Stats
Name: Liviah Vernice
Weight: 8lbs 1oz 
Height: 22 inches
Sign: Scorpio
Favorite food: Chi chi milk
Siblings: Soon as Caitlin forgets the pain of labor
Favorite quote: "Been 12 hours so far...but I got my epi and I'm loving life =)" -her mother

Caitlin in her slippers, me in my JC's

Congrats! So excited she is finally here! It was a special occasion, thats why I wore jeans. 2nd time ever in over a year of blogging. 



  1. OOh how super exciting that your friend's bebe has arrived!! What a cutie she is tooo!! You're right about the Bey name :)

    And you look hot in jeans!

    Sadie x

  2. Congratulations on Liviah Vernice, what a lovely name and what a joy.
    Los aros son de metal, pero huecos, así es que no pesan.
    MIl besos, sofía.

  3. Congratulations! What a cutie (and you look pretty fabulous, too). x

  4. LoL, your little quotes are hilarious!

    PS: Love your comment on my post. I better win an award for best Christmas card dangit! ;0)

  5. Congrats to Cait n Nate on a cute girl! (They get screechy later on I'm afraid. But they stay pretty cute regardless)

  6. this was the cutest baby post ever.

    "Favorite Food: chi chi milk"

    still laughing.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment. i am officially your newest follower via GFC (YTBlushingBasics)

    hope you can take a minute to swing back by sometime. xo

  7. awww this is beautiful! <3 congratulations naitlin (LOL :P) :D! liviah is a beautiful name! so unique xxx

  8. Congrats to your amiga! pareces que vas a ser un reportaje en las noticias. "Soy Sophia reportando por el canal 34."
    su nombre me suena mistico.que curiosaita.. parecen ratitas cuando nacen.eyeing your leopard zapatillas.
    que chistoso los stats. lol@ chi chi milk. cuiado con los Scorpio's.

  9. these are the nicest pictures, everyone just looks so glowy and happy! what a precious little girl..liviah vernice, top that beyonce!

  10. These photos are so nice, I like them! And you look really fab!Nice post!

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    Please Follow me on Cosa mi metto???

  11. I know you are stalking B's baby bump! That is why you have been off the radar. Congrats to your friend and hubby for making a gorgeous healthy baby. I would keep the shoulder pads from your previous post, they always make me think of Joan Crawford and then coathangers..

  12. i just started actually liking babies so i kind of gushed at these pics. also, i appreciate your very apropos pink blazer here. ha! cute ;)

  13. aww!! congrats!! i LOVE babies! and chi chi milk, haha you crack me up girl. but yes im from norcal too! Stockton, unfortunately, haha! congrats once again to your friends and their new bundle of joy <3
    hope youre well babe

    xx jamie

  14. What a beautiful baby girl :) I'm so excited for when my daughter decides to start trying with her hubby, I'll be a GRANDMA!

  15. Aww congratulations to Caitlin, Liviah is gorgeous!


  16. thats amazing! congrats! and as far as the boots.. i am obsessed with mine! i admit to having like 5 pairs that are all black lol. these im wearing are stretchy and perfect!

  17. LOL! You're so funny. I'm pretty sure I say this every time I comment on your blog, so forgive me for being so repetitive.

    Congrats to your friends! That baby is so cute <3
    I vote that all of your other friends should have babies too. That way you can wear your blazer for their births over and over. I would not get tired of seeing it. I promise.

    In response to your comment, Im a bird lady. It took me years to realize what I had become but now I accept it...LOL. Whatever, it's better than being a cat lady (no offense to cat ladies).

    Aaaand if you got this comment twice, you can blame my shitty internet! :)

    xoxo Azu

  18. You look so pretty! Hahahaha oh man.. Chi chi milk? That comment had me laughing..

    All the best, ~Angel


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