Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A pretty poncho

Hi my name is Sophia and I have a problem. A problem watching Lifetime movies on Lifetime (the network for women), and On Demand. Something I used to laugh at my mother for, catching her late at night sitting on the couch, scratching her own head, I'd walk into the room, "Sophia, you have to see this movie it is so good, this man in a wheelchair is pretending to be handicap so he can use this woman for her money," I sat down with her for a bit, but after a lady took off her prosthetic leg and used it as a weapon, calling herself, "handicapable" I had to excuse myself.  

But then I discovered Lifetime makes true crime movies and became hooked: The Hollywood Bling Ring, Girl Fight, The Amanda Knox Story, The Craigslist Killer, and The I-5 killer.

So a few weeks later here I'm at midnight in the middle of the mountains getting gas on I-5. I go in to use the restroom and check all the stalls, something I dont normally do. I squat to pee and check the walls for blood stains. I'm mad creeped out, and its all thanks to Lifetime. I exit my stall, wash my hands, and start to walk out when a lady walks in and I gasp with my hand over my heart like my life is about to end. I thought she was an average white male who was about to do freaky things to me, murder me, then do more freaky things to me. I tried to laugh it off as I said, "haha sorry, you're not scary, Ive just been watching too much Lifetime." Then I walked back to the car and yelled at my mom for letting me go to the bathroom alone.


I made it to the hills alive.

poncho- thrifted, Thrift Town
skirt- H&M
leg warmers- Capezio
shoes- JC

My mom said I looked like I was about to go walk the streets, I told her that hooking was not a seasonal occupation. I call this look winter hooker.

Thanks to my niece for taking pics of me and not telling me I had lipstick on my teeth.

Stay safe,


  1. You are gorgeous, and funny, and I am more glad everyday to have found you Sophia guapa.

  2. Hahaha, I get the same way when I watch too much Law and Order. Makes me all skiddish and paranoid. Just can't seem to stop watching though!

    That poncho is AMAZING! So beautiful!

  3. guaapaa me encanta tu poncho, i´m a big big poncho lover too hehe and yours is so radiant and beautiful and i love the way you styled it so sexy and modern!!
    love and kiss,mary

  4. Wow that poncho! What gorgeous colors together. You look amazing in that blue :)

  5. this poncho is so cute... love its flowers.


  6. I like watching Lifetime channel aqui no sale.
    You and your MaMa crack me up,lol
    I am enamorada of your turquoise red rose capa. loving your tights tambien..Que piernas!
    luckyly you weren't wearing your capa prosti winter outfit..oh alli te agarran los cholos.
    I hate it one Buddy nunca se fija en nada.
    Prosti Piernuda!

  7. I'd be more worried about you breaking an ankle clambering about the wilderness in those heels than any restroom killers. Mind you, someone kindly left a comment on my blog about a killer who wraps his victims in burlap, so who knows?

    Great colours in that outfit, either the red makes the blue pop or vice-versa (you can tell I'm reading the fashion magazines, right?)

  8. Amazing poncho! And you could knock out any killers with a whack from one of your shoes.

  9. Hahahahaha thats what those movies do to you! I too get myself paranoid sometimes.. You look amazing love!

    All the best, ~Angel

  10. LMBO- I totally understand. When I was younger (probably too young to even be concerned with that channel), I watched every movie that showed. And when they had that weekend of movies, I thught I died and went to heaven.

    You have the most fabulous hair!

  11. I want that poncho! You always make me want all of your clothes. And your tights...I was literally just thinking that I needed some earlier today. It's like you read my mind...pervert. lol

    Pinche Lifetime. I didn't know they had true stories on there. This is dangerous, what you just did...letting me know about these true stories. Guess what I'll be doing after I leave this comment? :)

    xoxo Azu

  12. you look so cute! I love that poncho. :)

  13. You crack me up! Love your poncho and the beautiful scenery :)

  14. You look amazing, this poncho is so unique

  15. i love your poncho and i to have a problem with lifetime movies..and hallmark for that matter


  16. Those kinda movies freak me out too - my bf says i'm paranoid but i like to think i'm just prepared!! I used to write for real-life magazines and now have the attitude that you never know who is a psycho!

    You are looking absolutely gorgeous - if you're a hooker, you better be getting premium rates!! ;)

    Sadie xx

  17. Lol @ hooking not being a seasonal occupation. You are too funny! Im diggin those shoes lady. The scenery is uber gorgeous!


  18. You are freaking hilarious (and gorgeous, too). I want your poncho and shoes so be afraid, be very afraid... xxx

  19. I'm in love with your blue poncho!


  20. i love your posts so much girl, pretty and funny! this one had me laughing out loud!! glad to hear you made it out alive!! :)

  21. LMAO...girl you are my kind of crazy!! I'm lovin' the poncho...this look is too cute!

  22. My personal favorite Lifetime movie is called MOTHER MAY I SLEEP WITH DANGER. I'm not making this up, seriously.

  23. Don't fee bad about being hooked to lifetime..I am too and also E channel to get my fix of the annoying Kardashians,also bravo for all the phsyco real housewives.that pancho is beautiful love that blue.Your bathroom story made me giggle out loud and my husband is looking at me like i am crazy.


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