Friday, October 14, 2011

Spotty Dotty FF

Last night I dreamt of a puppy...

And then I woke up and put on this

shirt- thrifted 
skirt- so old Charlotte Russe?
shoes- Reflection

This was the look I was going for. Anyone a Spotty Dotty fan? 

I couldn't resist the print of this shirt so I bought it. Then I wore it to the doctor and Home Depot.

Check out my Flitas (fake Litas)! I got them at Reflection for $40 dollars and they don't hurt my feet!

I don't really have a lot to say today so I'm going to direct you to some of my favorite blogs. First one is Sarah, she is a thrifter/fitness guru. She is running a giveaway that you should all enter for a $25 Itunes card. I won her last one yay! 

Next is Sarah's IRL (in real life) bff, Shana. Shana runs a group of thrifting divas known as "Thrifters Anonymous." She hosts a weekly link up, every Monday. She also awards one lucky clown "comment of the week" guess who won last week?

And last but not least my homegirl, Mexican cousin living in England Dora. This hooker is hilarious! She will show you her pretty boot sale finds, freaky ways to paint your nails, Mexican recipies, and tarot cards. 

I could go on and on and on but I'll leave you with 3. Have a safe weekend, its a crazy world out there,



  1. Hi Sophia I actually dont remember signing up for the gift exchange thingy. If I did, then I totally forgot. Could you provide me a link to her post?

  2. Ah, okay I found my commen on the 29th of September. I actually meant that the idea sounded lovely and didn't know I was counted in the swap haha! So that it why I was confused. ;) I don't mind doing the swap now.

    First off, can I get your clothing sizes just for reference and maybe your favorite color or something? Thanks!!

  3. Hey Cruella de Ville, where's my dog?? I'm all about zebra print myself this weekend. Have a good one gorgeous x

  4. Spotty dog indeed! Cuute outfit. And I want some Flitas. I had some Fuggs (fake Uggs)!
    Gonna check out some of these blogs today, they sound FUN. And I gave you an award on my blog toooo m'lady!

    Sadie x

  5. Spotty Dotty Hotty!!
    I remember that perrio. my little sis used to collect the hell out of him.
    remember that rap song que decian Spotty Dotty. maybe your too young to remember.
    Gracias por mencionarme. I lobe you mucho primia.

  6. se me olvido decirte que bonita te ves con tu prosti eyeshadow and falda rosita.

  7. Dude, Spotty Dotty was my favorite! hahaha!!

    Love ur outfit!!!!

  8. just love that skirt and top.Gorgeous as usual.Who can't love Dora.I miss her loads.xx

  9. Love those shoes! My daughter loooved Spotty Dotty

  10. Dora bloody rocks. As does that incredible shirt! xx

  11. Me encanta tu blusa y todo lo que tiene que ver con los animales.
    Mil besos,guapa.

  12. That Dalmatian print is fabulous and in the words of the great La Dama, your prostitute eyeshadow is gorgeous. x

  13. Nice Post! =)

  14. Love that top and the contrast skirt. Cute outfit

  15. I've never met you in person but I'm pretty sure you are the sweetest person ever. I heart you for real. You do a GREAT job on your blog showing the essence of who you are. I can feel your warmth and genuine nature through every post. Am I totally corny? I'm not trying to be but I just think you are the best thing since sliced bread.

    Shana & I talk about all the time how much we adore you.

    Get Up & Go

  16. Awesome outfit, I love your inspiration ;)

  17. This shirt is awesome, incredible print!

  18. Thanks so much for the comment =)
    Maybe we can follow each other? *

  19. Hi! great style you have! I added you to my favorites and i am a follower!

    Ariane x

  20. Lovely vintage styled hair and makeup! adds to your pencil skirt and spotty dotty shirt!

    Cheers and thanks a bunch for visiting me! :)

  21. lovely look!, your shoes, are wonderful.
    kisses .bye!

  22. Loving the Flitas! I was a keropi gal. Anything with a novelty print and im all for it. Thanks for the links roundup, im going to check it out now, for some reason yesterday my blogger froze up on me and I couldnt comment, weird.

  23. I love the look! Those spots look way better on you than on that puppy. Those Flitas are awesome! Glad to hear they don't hurt your feet. The JC ones don't either, which is great.

    In response to your comment (I always want to reply to what you say, but I tend to get distracted by the prettyness that is found on your blog), I feel very bad for Mr. Piggee. I know and have known people who have taken prescription drugs and antidepressants. What it does to them is sick. A friend of mine did something horrible to herself while on them :( So that's why I feel for Mr. P.

    I also like the spelling of his name. LOL!

    Anyway, you really do always look great. Just like Shana. Doesn't her blog rock? :)


  24. Ah!! rad shirt! What a great find. Yay for winning a giveaway, congrats ^-^
    You are the best. by the way.


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