Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red fish tail and mint fizz

No, those aren't my new favorite types of sushi, they are the names of my new favorite dress and the paint color I used to restore this vintage vanity.

dress- salvation army $2.99 - 60% cause it was 60% off day.
shoulder pads- included

Got this bad boy at a yard sale down the street from my house for $25 dollars. The lady even delivered it to my house for me! 

There went my weekend. After sanding it like I was sanding off the genitals of an ex-lover who had wronged me, painting it with 3 coats of mint fizz paint, and screwing on 8 knobs that cost me $3.69 a piece, it was time to bring it inside. 

I still don't have a stool for it so I just sit in my favorite yoga pose.

yogi nalgona. 

So I left out a little drama. My dad wouldn't let me bring it in the house so I had to cover it with a holy tarp while it rained for 3 days in the backyard. By then it was a little warped on the bottom but I didnt care. Then while I was sick and dressed as an animated dog, I purchased a GALLON of paint (so stupid) cause I wasn't thinking. That set me back another 25 bucks. Then after I painted it, the drawers were getting stuck and I was all stressing out about trying to fit the mirror on so I laid down on my floor and cried. Luckily my uncle saved it for me, by showing me how to shave off some wood and paint and screwing on my mirror for me. My dad told me to just go buy another one, that this one was a piece of crap. But I had so much invested in it, he did not understand. These are the theories of junk my family lives by:

My dad: everything is junk in this house, unless it is mine.

My mom: I don't see any junk. Don't touch my stuff. I don't touch your stuff. 

My former boyfriend who lived with us: Because of the over abundance of junk in your trunk, I will turn a blind eye to all other junk surrounding me.

Mint fizz b*tch*s,



  1. i love it all!! the dress, the vanity, the mint fizz, the drama :)

  2. You made me crave sushi,que bueno que manana is sushi dia for me.te queda bien bonito el color rojo.
    te quedo el vanity como nuevo,well worth it.
    primero crei que los pintaste beige. que buena nalgas. hahaayy sanding off exs huevos,lol
    love your shoes and vestido. se miras mas buena sin novio. is that a rose mexi cobija mandemela ;)

  3. First of all you look abosolutely gorgeous on that dress!!!!! and I love that color and that vanity!!!I keep looking for one and can never find one!!! ughhh seriously you look really pretty...


  4. Hahhaa,what drama indeed!!!
    The vanity looks gorgeous! So pretty! I'm sure an appropriate stool will turn up in time,and hopefully be easier to jazz up!
    Love the frock,you look mega sexy,and y'know it!!

  5. LOVE it {that dress and vanity} you look so gorgeous!!!

  6. Oh dear, you are too damn funny! Looks amazing! Great job, well worth the drama from the looks of it! And your dress is so snazzy too!


  7. You look very hot in that dress woowee! I've wanted one of those vanities for ages! I love the mirror on it and mint fizz is an awesome name lol :)

  8. The vanity looks great. You did such a great job!


  9. Fabulous! And I tooootally understand your mini-breakdown! AND your dad clearly doesn't get the diy-fantastic-ness of your fabulous 'vintage' dresser! Keep up those yoga poses, buns of steeeeel!

    Sadie x

  10. PS nope the event I'm organising is NADA to do with my job - i'm just a little bit crazy.
    And your ticket's HERE! COME! ;)

    Sadie x

  11. This post made me giggle , I love your dress!


  12. ahahahaha!!! you go glen coco!!! that's an awesome vanity! my family is the other way around and my dad is the packrat... good thing your uncle helped save the day huh?

  13. IT IS FRICKIN FABULOUS! I could not love that dressing table more and I adore it all the more for the drama you went through to save it from your mean old dad!

    And - your legs in those shoes? HUBBA HUBBA!

    Sarah xxx

  14. Both items now gorgeous with the Sophia magic involved. I have a dressing table and stool, but never sit at it, preferring to do my makeup standing up on the other side of the room. It LOOKS pretty though!

  15. Drama indeed but worth every minute and penny spent. Your dress is frocking hot, too.
    "I was sanding off the genitals of an ex-lover who had wronged me" haha! Know the feeling well. x

  16. I adore your dress, what a fabulous colour.

  17. I love reading your posts, so witty and funny! that dress is divine on you especially the colour and the vanity is too cute, the hard work paid off!!

    Steph xx

    P.S my dad is the same as yours when it comes to 'junk'! He cant understand upcycling at all!

  18. wow it turned out amazing love it! and love your outfit the dress is so adorable you look lovely!

  19. The drama was totally worth it as it looks amazing! You just need to get yourself a fancy stool now as you will get a back injury doing that yoga pose and putting your make up on ;)

  20. woah, that thing had a crazy facelift!!!! i want to buy stuff and send it to you, so you can fix'em all up!! should have your own garage sale, where people pay you lots of monay to fix their yes!

  21. Hahahaha chica, you always crack me up! Were always straight up and keep it real on our posts with our humor! Love what you did with the dresser.. Hmmm sanding off the genitals of an ex lover?? Ive felt like doing that once to someone.. Hell, I still sometimes feel like doing that when that certain person pops into my head... haha..

    Love! ~Angel

  22. you are so cute and i LOVE your red dress! i also really love refurbishing thrifted furniture :) you did a great job! and your photos are so cute, too!

    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. im happily following you now dear!

    xx jamie

  23. Great find! Sorry about your mini drama, it's okay my hubby doesn't have a clue why I bring home old stuff when I coud just go to wally world and buy the same shit everyone else has.

  24. this dress is absolutely 'wow'! love it.

  25. I just love your dress and shoes.What a beautiful vanity.I just got one myself and waiting for them to deliver it.You did a great job on it.I also need a stool for mine spent the weekend in different antique stores trying to find one that begs at me.xx

  26. HAHAHA! "After sanding it like I was sanding off the genitals of an ex-lover who had wronged me..." You're so funny! My dad is also one who likes to think that everything is a junk. Although he doesn't call it junk, but "chingaderas."

    Your dress is lovely and it looks perfect on your bodaay.



  27. I'm in love with your dress, What a bargain! I cant' believe it's from the Salvation Army !! In France, their clothes are so ugly !

  28. How cute is your vanity!!! What a did great!!


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