Friday, October 21, 2011

Freaky Flashback Fruity Friday

Here I am in my vintage rasta jacket I got at the Salvation Army. Besides red, black, and white, I think black, green, red, and yellow are my favorite color combinations. I'm not going to hide it anymore. These are my true colors. And ain't no one gonna tell me I can't wear colored shoes with black tights.

jacket- thrifted
bodysuit- Eff-21
bandage skirt- Eff-21
shoes- Reflection

Mother said: "It looks like you aren't wearing anything on the bottom."
I said: "That's the point."

I was trying to show you my rasta domino bracelet I made but my mom photog, didn't zoom in.

Guess what? I actually learned something valuable from E! News the other day. Actually from Miss Kelly Rowland. Any bff of Beyonce is a friend of mine. Kelly revealed one of her juicing recipes so I decided to try it: apples, kale, spinach, ginger, and lemon.

Me in my natural habitat.

Don't worry, bed head and uneven skin tone are treatable conditions. This juice was very delicious. Kelly Rowland be my motivation. Tell me if  you have any other juice recipes. I prefer to drink my fruits and veggies. 

I leave you with my favorite song of all time "Let the Beat Hit Em." I texted my niece that last night and she told me, "Wow, that is some deep shit."

Drink fruit, Get down,



  1. you look beautiful babe ur sooo fine i love your dress sense alot and my oh my i need to start drinking smoothies for real the one ur drinking looks so good!

    and love the song it has put me in a good vibe mindset!


    btw did i tell u that u r looking very good lately :)


  2. Those red wedges are gorgeous <3 And that juice looks good! I'll have to try it sometime.

  3. Love your raza coat, oh i meant rasta. You could never gobwrong with biright colores. Fuck me heels, are so hot.
    Lol@ " thats the whole point." pues que ama tan chistosa,lol
    My mom used to pull my mini skirt down befoe i would leave partying, y ella usaba little short 60's vestdios that u could everything as she walked.
    Your a natural belleza, savila drink is good for cleaning your colon.
    Im gonna try your recipe. Thanks.

  4. You look awesome! That jacket's colors are beautiful together.

    I may need to try smoothies in order to make myself eat more veggies!

  5. lmaooo my mum always says that about me! Whats the point in wearing a skirt if it dont even look like your wearing anything on the bottom.. mums aye? Why do they act like they never dressed like this when they was our age hahahha x

  6. Those are some sexay shoes! I love that song too :)

  7. Wahoo I'm getting down!!!

    I am going to try that juice.. that looks delish.

    Rock on juice girl!

  8. meeeooow i love this sexy killer heels guapa!!! que piernas más hot tienes, y tambien los ojos eres la verdad una natural beauty amiga! but spinach with apples and limon? sounds a bit aaargh haha
    love and kiss,mary

  9. First of all those shoes are so hot!

    Second, I also do loads of smoothies etc. Once a month I do a detox (intense yoga sessions and mostly juices). My favourite smoothie is bananas with almond milk and cacao nibs (raw cacao) and I also love apple, celery and orange juice (can add some wheat grass juice to it!)

  10. Wonderful jacket and shoes. You look gorgeous.
    I have to try that recipe; althou I love chewing, LOL.
    Have a grand weekend Sophia.

  11. Love the colors of the coat. I got a juicer in the beginning of September, I use it maybe once a week if im not being too lazy. My favorite recipe is granny smith apples, gala apples, carrots and kale, the color is gross but the taste is great!

  12. you look amazing!lots of kisses nandia.

  13. the colours in your outfit are great!!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  14. i wouldn't have thought about rasta, when i saw this cool jacket... hahaha, but i know what i mean!

  15. eee! I love your jacket SO much. You are just so great. yayayay. I love making healthy things to drink too! My mom used to make smoothies with tofu in them and you'd never even taste the tofu! it was just really thick and delicious... there is probz a recipe online somewhere that is good! And to answer your question, yes you can call me Is! haha only 3 people call me that, my old gym teacher from elementary school, the woman whose kids I nannied, and my dance teacher. (and now you) what a good list.

  16. You look great as always! im off to try your juice recipe!!
    Steph xx

  17. I really love your red shoes :) its beautiful! and I hope that juice is great, my mom usually makes apple juice and carrots, she swears by it. :)


  18. hello again... there's an award waiting for you. check out the details on:

  19. Haha did your mom freak out when she saw you and thought you weren't wearing anything underneath? I love juicing! I have never tried this recipe but might give it a try!


  20. 1) i love the geometry in that jacket
    2) my only gift for my 17th birthday was a juicer. best present EVER!

  21. I love bright colors like that!
    The shoes really DID match!
    I really like that type of outfit. Perfect.
    New follower!


  22. you looks so cute.I love those shoes.That drink doesn't look good but seeing the ingrediants it has to be.especially anything with apples.I will have to try it.

  23. Ooh I have never tried juicing veggies so you have inspired me - like you said, any BFF of Beyonce must know her shi-bizzle!!

    That jacket is way ganja, loves it! And you rock those red shoes!

    Sadie x

  24. asdkjlaskjd THAT BLAZER IS SO FIERCE. I don't get jealous of blazers too often because I have so freaking many BUT DANG THAT LOOKS AMAZING.

    (and it matches your picture of the veggies! hehe, just saying. FUN STUFF.)

  25. There is something so oddly appealing sounding about a smoothie made with kale. I've been wanting to try my hand at juicing for ages, but alas, my tiny kitchen has no room for a juicer. And you look hot without pants. You should try that look more often.

  26. I love wearing black tights with colored shoes!

  27. Love your makeup! =)

  28. You know that thing that Mexican guys do when they see a pretty girl? They go "OUSCH!" Well I just did that when I saw your pictures. Except I wasn't creepy or pervo about it. I was totally just complimenting you.

    Anyway, I'm loving your jacket. It kind of reminds me of Fresh Prince :) You look so pretty!

    PS. Have you ever tried Kefir? It's called vulgaros in spanish. I'm not sure if that's how you spell it. But I like to have that with strawberries, honey, vanilla, mangos, bananas, and some lemon. Throw it in a blender and it's one yummy smoothie. Kefir is supposed to be really good for you too :)


  29. very rasta mon, i love it when my mom tells me it doesn't look like i'm wearing anything on the bottom... hehe

    btw, my favorite smootie in the mornings is milk (soy), with bananas, oatmeal, honey, and almonds... and chia seeds for extra fiber. try it, it's de bomb!

  30. Those shoes are beautiful! I love your style!!!

  31. I love your shoes! <3

  32. This is one of my favorite posts so far. I think that outfit is my fav too. You look extremely authentic and confident!!! Your hair and make up look so stylish!

    Get Up & Go

  33. Very Nice post!! I love your red wedges!! Too cute. Check out my blog ASassyWoman.Com :)



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