Monday, October 10, 2011


Re-do, Do over. Did your teacher ever scribble that on your work in school? When it happened to me it was usually over my sloppy handwriting or effortless coloring. Look at me now, typing away, who needs handwriting anymore?

What it meant was the teacher was giving you another chance. That they knew  you didn't put your best work forward. That was my intention is this post. To show you a "look" I have been working on, a pair of my mom's old pants that I've been trying to style. I just get so excited every time, strange things occur.

shoes: vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
pants- my mother's hidden collection
bodysuit- thrifted
chi chi bra- my chi chi bra drawer
necklace- Melody Ehsani
lipstick- Revlon, orange flip

 The first version lacked accessories. Luckily something very big happened to me recently, I found Jesus. He was in my craft box.

I added a piece of chain, loop, and hook to make an earring.

Looking back at my original outfit I put together, I don't know if the 2nd version was improved or not. 

Original version. No bangs, diva lipstick by MAC, thrifted bodysuit, and Target shoes.

But the 2nd one did show my bra which is keeping Selena's memory alive, so I'm happy.

 My mother always said, you are never a loser if you try. Losers are people who don't try. So at least I tried to make my outfit more exciting. Even if I failed, I'm a winner for trying. Have a beautiful week dearest blog friends.



  1. I am not very keen on trousers, but I think you are stunning with that outfit. Lovely earring.

  2. Cats, booze, fabulous good looks and bucketfuls of style and sass. Can I come over and play? x

  3. I LOVE those pants! And yes, the re-do was an upgrade. You look great!

  4. Whoa girl. That is hot....really hot! You are on FIRE!

    Have fun at hot yoga. Let me know how it goes!!!

    Get Up & Go

  5. It's a toughie - I think I like the original a smidge more but I do like what you've done with Jesus.

    I just got my fringe back - last time was about 4 years ago - my husband's comment was that he "doesn't dislike it as much as last time". Sigh. Bangs are good, right?

  6. Hon, you're so frickin beautiful, you look good in everything! I'm so pleased you found jesus in your craft box. I found himn a tshirt once and it was profound

    Sarah xxx

  7. you have a nice blog, I like so much.
    thanks for your comment.
    I follow you now.

  8. I love this Selena look on you. especially the Jesus earring. que creativa. Your MaMa's leopard pantalones are the best. I always got told off at school for messing writting tambien.sabes que me gusta como te ves sin bangs.

  9. You look fantastic in this outfit, it's perfect!

  10. You look great in both outfits!! I do love the "re-do" one more though. i guess because it has more of an edge to it. Btw your creativity is genius! Love how you turned the Jesus piece into an earring.


  11. This is my first time on your blog and I've read a few posts and I'm already a fan. You have a new follower, it's very rare that I come across a blog that makes me laugh out loud and I can definitely see your personality through your blog. ^_^


  12. Biddi Biddi Bom Bom! I actually prefer the newer look. With jesus on you, who is going to argue.

  13. Leopard is always good! Every single pair of shoes I've seen you in are fab. I like both styles, the hat in the second one really suits you

  14. ohhhh selena y los dinos!! :) i so thought of that when i saw your see thru sexy top!!! i loved both the original & re do look! so different, but so! thank you for being you,and kicking ass at it :P

  15. The 2nd version is hot!! Love it.

  16. Love thosw look great.I miss Selena.I loved her music.I hate I have the same name as the phsyco bitch.:(

  17. I like the second one better! Haha I think I got a few re-do's when I was in elementary school.. Oh well..

    Peace! ~Angel

  18. I can't decide which one I like more! the one with 'no bangs' seems classier and perfect for a dinner date, but i LOVE the lace top and hat combo, keeps it edgy. Either way your Mom has great pants!!!

    Sadie xx

  19. Oh my goodness! This is one helluva an outfit - it's so freakin awesome. Seriously! I have a similar pair of pants - from my mom too! - and have been meaning to wear them but didn't know how to style them. You have just inspired me you little hottie! Thank you thank you thank you!

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  20. those pants are amazing... are there some more pants of her hidden collection?!


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