Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mall Rats

blazer- G'Will
leotard- thrifted
beaded shorts- Urban Outfitters $10
shoes- Salvatore Ferragamo

This week marked the grand re-opening of our local mall. Well, only part of our mall had to re-open. You see, last year it was half burnt down by this guy:

Don't worry, no one was hurt and he didn't burn any of the "good stores." Urban Outfitters, Nordstroms, Macys, JCP's, Eff 21, M.A.C., H&M, Sephora, Hot Topic, and the food court were all untouched. He did however cause $55 million dollars in damage and put a sh*t ton of people out of work.  He also put our Westfield on the map! This story made national headlines. Watch as hard hitting local news 10 analyze his Facebook page for signs of a troubled man. "Facebook Page Unveils Piggee's Personality" My favorite part is how they call him "Mr. Piggee" as in "piggy" guess it is pronounced "pi-jay."

So of course when I met my uncle for lunch at the mall this weekend my thrifting self had no idea the grand reopening was going on. Let's just say the place was infested with mall rats. There was also live entertainment! A DJ in one place, a banjo in another, and this lady:

a human statue wow! 

The best part by far were the 3 pairs of Urban Outfitter shorts I scored for 10 dollars each. They had 50% off all clearance. My uncle was nice enough to walk in and out of every store with me as I examined all shoes, and things Hello Kitty.

Mr. Piggee will be serving 15 years for his successful arson attempt. He was a troubled man, on prozac and oxycontin when he did the deed. He did apologize in court however, which is nice. I think they slapped some more years on to his sentence after that for trying to burn his own grandmother's house. He says when he gets out he wants to pay everyone back for the damage. Aww que bonito.

Q. What's wrong with me this tree?

A. My dad hired some "ex-con's" to do some yard work. They trimmed the bottom 5 feet of the tree off LOL! They also smoked la mota (mary jane) in our driveway. 

Thanks for listening to this exciting tale of my oh so adventurous life,


  1. the man who burned down half of the mall and the workmen are CRAZY, but that blazer HUNNY... love it, crazy in love with it

  2. Sophiaita,
    que piernas!! love your Mariachi beaded shorts.
    I been looking at mariachi clothes.
    Aye!!! Miss Piggie, ojala que le de gazzzz.
    te ves como muneca. no bangs? wow!! que chulada de mujer.!! como dicen que maiz tan prieto bonito.
    ex-cons!! shit we do our own lawn. My dad will shoot workers, he doesnt trust no one especially marijuanos locos.

  3. damn it, that was funny! and those shorts look great on you :)

  4. lololol.
    you are just the best ever. I love your stories. I actually laughed out louuuudddd! ^^ Is that a romper? or just amazing shorts? either way, you look SO good. And I like your shorts from UO. I watched that video out mr. piggy/pi-jay lol.. nice reporting on his facebook haha.

  5. oh now I see that you wrote they are shorts and a leotard. awesomeness <3

  6. Love it! What a crazy little tale! Glad he was caught, apprehended AND sorry! And sweet bargains in UO. Naughty cons. Love your black beaded shorts :)

    Sadie x

  7. guapisima me encanta este outfit!!! tu blazer es una pasada!!! preciosisimo!!! y la verdad es k tienes unas piernas increibles!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  8. ooo la laaa sophiaaa lool! I love that purple blazer on you, you look mega hot!!!
    Popping by your blog to se ehow you are, so how are ya?? I remember last time I came on here you was a bit down, hope your feeling a bit better now m'love x

  9. Thats ridiculous I hope he has to pay back all that money for the rest of his life! but Uhm I wan those shorts!
    Damn you people in the STATES ;) you always get the best stuff for relatively cheap prices!

  10. LOL! Wow, that's quite a story. But in all honesty, they really should have arrested his doctors (or whoever sold that crap to him) for prescribing this man these drugs. Everybody knows Prozac makes you cuckoo for cocoa puffs. It's no wonder the suicide rates while on legal drugs are so high...poor people :( This outfit is SOOO FAB! Everything here looks fantastic on you. Judging by the pretty smile on your face, I'm sure you already knew that ;)

  11. Woo girl look at those legs!

  12. I LOVE those shorts! That's crazy about the guy who almost burned the mall down...but like you said, none of the good stores were ruined! Sucks though!

  13. I have no clue where you live, but it seems everyone else gets lucky at goodwill, everything I find is the wrong size. Oh well I will just have to hunt harder. Love the shorts! I dont think I have ever been to uo before. btw I love the movie mallrats best quote ever...
    "haha you dumb bastard, it's not a schooner, it's a sailboat" I have no clue why that makes me crack up so much

  14. You are absolutely hilarious. I love reading your posts!

  15. I say like Dora Luz, qué piernas más bonitas!!!

  16. Cool blazer!

  17. Your humour tickles me! Great shorts and love the purple jacket too - suits you!

  18. Wow, you are serious hot in those shirts.
    Poor old Mr Piggee, he has such a sweet face and at least Urban Outfitters didn't get it. x

  19. u look beautiful babe, i love this outfit sooo much the colours the fit! wow u look really lovely!

    <3 the blazer

  20. you are so CUTE! i love these outfits! great job! i'm following your blog now! keep up the good work. xx

  21. Totally loving this outfit. Jst the perfect touch of color with the gorgeous blazer.
    Much love

  22. Adventurous story indeed,,,you look gorgeous in this outfit, love your blazer:)))

  23. haha wtf the human statues???
    very cute outfit missy, i love your combo of old, new, thrifted, and luxurious! haha and those shorts are definitely great scores.

  24. another gorgeous set of outfits.Love that purple on you and the black shorts are so cute.xx

  25. Woman! I just gave you a shout out on my blog.....Sorry you had a "near death" experience! Did you go to another class???

    Get Up & Go

  26. The color coordination is so great!! And if those shorts go missing, it means they're on my legs <3
    Thanks for visiting ze blog and commenting! I love looking at yours!

  27. I'm sure it was hard for a lot of women (besides the business owners) to imagine the mall being completely consumed by that fire... especially since some people practically live there. I guess the man didn't really have a reason for doing that. He must've just been deranged. I would be interested to know if he did actually have a somewhat sane reason to.

    Thanks for leaving those nice comments! I love the lining on those shorts!

  28. Hahaha WTF! What made him do that?? Some people are so crazy! Look at you! Muy sexy!

    Love! ~Angel

  29. this outfit is so adorable...

    gonna add your blog to my blogroll!

  30. That outfit suits you very well, you look so stunning and delicate. .The outfit really shows you off specifically and perfectly. .so glamorous..
    romwe streetfashion blog, pay a visit? kisses


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