Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top ten beauty tag

1. Loreal sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. I started using these when I had a straightening treatment in my hair: brazilian blow out to be exact and I still use them till this day. They are great because they don't dry out your hair and scalp and they dont have sulfate. Cause sulfate is bad or something like that. Save your sulfate for your fireworks, or is that sulfur? Whatever, I like them. 

2. BH Cosmetics 120 color palette 

I ordered this bad boy online and I LOVE IT! It only cost my mom me 30 dollars. The colors are pretty well pigmented and it inspires you to use colors on the regular. U feel me? They always have sales for every ridiculous holiday like flag day, mothers day, st. pattys day ect. I ordered it on one of those sale days. I think it was the 3rd edition that I got. p.s. I dont think those holidays are ridiculous, it was a joke. Every day is a ho-liday.

3. Revlon lipsticks in "orange flip" and "lilac champagne"

These are my go-to lipsticks that I wear to da club, to da gym, and to my blog. One is a red orange color and the other is hot pink. I said, "Screw you MAC! I can get a lipstick just as good as you for a cheaper price so I started buying these from my local drug dealer store. Apparently Xtina Aguilera and Riri wear them too because when I googled the lipsticks their pictures came up. So technically, Im almost famous.

4. MAC paint pot in "painterly"

I use this as a primer on mis ojos todos los dias. Thats a primer on my eyes all the days. all day every day  every damn day. It helps your eyeshadow and other stuff stick to your lids more so you don't waste it. Did you know that is a sin? 

5. A wide tooth comb

Never brush your hair when wet, use a wide tooth comb. duh.

6. E-6000 glue

If you are like me and you hate jump rings, and other tedious crafting materials, E-6000 is a really good glue to use. If you have a broach you want to turn into a necklace, you can just glue chain to the broach with this stuff and it'll hold. 

Look its my niece, I did her hair. She's rockabilly fetch.

7. Ilovegerardo hair tutorials on youtube.

My niece is my #1 doll head and enjoys me doing her hair cause she is a diva. This is one of Iris' many pin up hair tutorials on youtube. She is my go-to anytime I want to try a new hairstyle. She also has videos on how to lose baby weight, what she eats everyday, and how to be a mom. Here is the tutorial we used.

8. Garnier red hair color for darker hair

Last time I colored my hair I used this box. Actually, 2 of them. I liked how they were for dark hair. It showed up pretty well on my virgin hair and gray. Unfortunately, it did not take to my already colored hair. duh. But I liked the effect none of the less and will be using it again when I color my hair for Vegas! Cause my niece is turning 21. Yay yer!

Ok guys, I cant make it to ten, I've been working on this for an hour and Im pooped already. Who cares what perfumes I like and what deodorant I use. hijole! Ok, the truth is I gotta get ready for Zumba! Thanks to Lakota for tagging me! 


  1. LOVE THIS POST I ENJOYED THE VIDEO AS WELL I NEED TO GET NO.3. Revlon lipsticks in "orange flip" and "lilac champagne"!



  2. lol.. sulfate for fireworks..
    oh, i love revlon lipsticks.. i cant wait to try out 'lilac champagne'.. have u tried revlon 'siren'? its a true orange lipstick..
    ur niece is such a doll.. wish i had someone like u to do my hair ..*sighs*


  3. Ay, sophia
    Ques chistosita eres amor.
    I tried that sulfate shampoo and it made my hair dry,yo uso shampoo de sabila mi mama me enseno como preparalo.
    Ooh i have a similar palette from coastal scents.
    I willchech that one out..i love revlon pinturas, they have a lasting power, yo tambien uso orange flip pero lately i been usin mac. For the primer i make my own,i posted on my blog awhile back,oooh i need that glue,lol
    Your niece is a sweetie, i like hair tutorials too.

  4. I LOVE the pineapple xpress post! AWESOME!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment! Now following you.

    Hope you;ll visit LFL again and like us on fb. xoxo

  5. You are so funny! It was interesting reading your (less than 10 but more than 5! ) beauty post! Always enjoy reading your blog!
    Dressology HQ

  6. Love it - you are so on my wavelength re: 'tedious crafting materials'. If there is a shortcut, I will use it. If you'd like another niece, I'm happy to offer my services. At the moment only my 3 year old does my hair. He tends to push it all over my face like a yeti, and then claim he's "turned me a princess".

  7. I enjoyed your post as usual.
    I am totally interested in what stuff makes you pretty and smell nice!!
    I wish I had time to do all that hair stylin etc.

  8. Hi Honey, I've nominated you for "One Lovely Blog Award" ..vist my blog to see your place!

  9. What a great tag ! I want to have number 2 :D !

  10. The video was awesome- def need to try it - and the color palette looks incredible!!!

  11. Hello!!thank you soo much for your comment!!!!!!you look amazing by the way!!!Lots of kisses!!!nandia!
    thank you so mych for your comment!!love your photos!!!!xoxo nandia

  12. Did they tell you that case antibiotics are supposed to make your skin mire sensitive to sunlight it something? No tanning while on antibiotics, huh ? That's a pretty useful fact but you're the first to tell ne! Thanks!!

  13. hey... i was thinking about buying this eyeshadow palette aswell..they are really welll pigmented? wow i always thought it is not that case.... are there many opaque eyeshadows aswell? i mostly love opaque eyeshadows.

    and i really lvoe hair tutorials too ^^ i was thinking about doing a video by myself :D but i need time for that ;)

    love from berlin

  14. I sort of am in love with your blog! I might have a girl crush on you......hahahah!

  15. WOw great blog, very informative! I love the rockabilly look! Now following you!

  16. I've given you an award. Collect it from my bloggy.



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