Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm a liar

This will be a good way to start this months posts off...

I often say I don't steal things that don't have a price. This was not the case, nor did I steal. I stumbled into the Salvation Army on 99 cent yellow tag day (geez how did that happen? oh wait, I call ahead because I have their number programed in my phone). I then ran into this beautifully tailored peach blouse but it was a white tag and $2.99! A big splurge for the girl who had $13.00 in her checking acct at the time. After trying it on, I decided I would take it, in all its 3 dollar glory. When I got to the register though, the man, who was raza, just asked me how many yellow tags I had, "6" I lied. So I ended up getting it for 99 cents after all. Sneaky me. I was too scared that he would discover my one white tag amongst yellow tags so I didnt let him bag my items. Someone help me.

I paired it with these 99 cents jeans I was about to cut into some cool jean shorts when I discovered that I kinda liked the jeans uncut. Which is weird for me cause I HATE JEANS. They are the devil. I just dont feel comfortable and will wear whatever jegging, tight, or legging, I have to to avoid them. I couldnt believe it! I texted my niece who was downstairs and after her approval, came downstairs in my 2 dollar outfit. My dad was impressed on how shiny and clean I was looking and asked where I was going...

"Target," I said.

And then I went to Target. Fin. End of story.

blouse- thrifted 99 cents
jeans- thrifted 99 cents
shoes- Target
choker- vintage $55 dollars (my mom bought it for me)

This necklace was love @ first sight. I knew I had to wear it with something simple, took me a while to style it.

Sunny Greetings from my Target to yours. Saludos desde Target (sunny part lost in translation).

I just dont get trends these days. Where the f*#$ am I supposed to clip this fox tail? And why is it 13 dollars?

My niece and her makeup I did that day. I call it "Target natural."


  1. i can't believe this outfit only cost you 2 dollars! you look bloody fantastic! nice and shiny clean indeed :P the pink suits you so well! :) ronan x

  2. wow you look like a million bucks wearing these bargained items! that's a great deal! and you made me smile with your funny story how u lied about the white and yelow your blog! thanks for visiting my site! following you now. hope you could follow back! kisses!

  3. you look wonderful you liar you!

    andddd I hate jeans too. they are the devil. I wear jeggings...thats the end of my story


  4. Yes, she looked gorgious! And you too!

    xx marije

  5. Its amazing. Your target looks just like my target. ;p Super nice outfit. Very impressive deals.

  6. I loved your Salvation Army story! I always go on Thursdays after 5pm because most tags are half off! I like the blouse, worth it's price ;) and I hear you about jeans, I really, really don't like to wear them and don't often!

  7. beautiful!
    Love the shirt and especially the wonderful necklace

  8. Hey :D
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!

  9. love the cost of the outfit it looks so chic and vintage!!
    thanks for the beautiful comment following you

  10. You look like a certain celebrity with your hair up like that, can't put my finger on who, will tell you if I remember!! lol
    Can't believe that gorgeous blouse cost cents. It's perfect!!
    Good story :) xx

  11. Haha, you are hilarious ! If you feel bad about it, you can confess "your crime" the next time you go to the store. I love the peach blouse and I completely agree with you, jeans are uncomfortable and I never see the point in buying myself a pair.

  12. I've never known someone to look so hott to go shopping! I salute you! :)

  13. hi dear!! thanks for passing on my blog,you are so nice :* I'm in love with your nechlace!! so beautiful!

  14. Your blouse is gorgeous and its such a calm, lovely colour too.

    Love your bloggy. Would love for us to follow each other.

    - T3SHx

  15. That blusa te queda muy bonita, me gusta el color.nunce me encontrado jeans por un dollar en el swap meet de Los Angeles maybe.
    I love salvation army. the viejo forgot to charge me the last time for the brooch.
    Ay, the necklace is gorgeous, que linda tu Mami.

  16. omg, i looooooooooove your outfit! esta clasico y sexy! :) what a great find! i see you love to thrft like me! besos,bendiciones y buenas vibras amiga

  17. Lovely outfit ;) I like the color and the line of the blouse, a lot.

  18. Fab outfit with a hilarious story. I am too honest- our charity shops don't have sales BUT I sometimes fess up to the old lady at the till when something is designer and they haven't noticed. They never seem to charge me more, but I suppose they get the stock for free so a sale is a sale!

  19. Very cute necklace!!!!

  20. So pretty...and a great story! And for so little money!! You made me laugh with the foxtail too!! Ha!
    Dressology HQ

  21. love that choker! i want it soo bad!
    lol at the foxtail.. i clip mine to my handbag ;)


  22. Eh. The clothes are donated anyway right? Not like cost them money! ;) love the top, perfect color that I'm a sucker for!

  23. Ok, shoot, I was going to read a couple posts, and come back LATER. You are just cracking me up though. You are so funny, and did I mention CUTE, and adorable. I love your blog.

    Nice score, that is SOOO funny. I love how you take us shopping with you, it's so cute.

    Hugs, Bella :)
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