Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY- Parrot earrings

Hey friends, I've missed you. There is no place like Blogland. Do you find yourself talking about fellow bloggers like they're your friends? I caught myself numerous times this weekend saying "My friend in England..." or things like that. Umm ok.

Look what I found this weekend in Berkeley at a thrift store.

Mind the gap crap.

A denim shirt with beaded bird appliques! I did think twice about buying it, it was $5.50. I didn't know what was higher in that store, the prices or the patrons. But it was the bay area, so thats the way it goes over there. Once I figured out I could make multiple things from all the birds, I bought it.

So far I have only made 1 pair of earrings but I have more birds to work with. Prob gonna try and make some necklaces. 

I wore them to my boyfriend's parents house yesterday and my suegra liked them. Go me.

 How to make earrings out of appliques from yucky granny shirts.

1. Carefully cut out appliques
2. Trace applique on a piece of felt and cut it out.
3. Pierce felt with jump ring.
4. Connect earring hook to jump ring.
5. Glue pierced felt to applique with a fabric glue such as Fabri Tac.
6. Wear them in public and see if any one cares.

top- swap meet
shorts- thrifted and cut (were capris)
belt- my moms old one
shoes- Charlotte Ruse but thrifted

My boyfriend made me wear a tank top under my shirt cause you could see my bra. He said he didn't want his family to think, "the stripper's here" when I walked in. 

left side- thrifted bangle

right side- my great g-ma's bakelite bangles. My boyfriend said, oh are they representing Mexico's colors? I said no, they were my German great-g-ma's. Nice guess though. 

Promise to paint my nails next time,


  1. love those earrings so creative! if i did one myself i'd love to do like a neon thunderbolt or something, would be so fierce hehe

  2. Those earrings are so sweet!

  3. I'm so luvin' this post, your make-up looks great& that lip color is poppin! The earrings too cute, never saw any like it, the color really adds to the outfit. & I can't stop thrifting either

  4. Sophia mia,
    You better be talking about me, sabes yo tambien paso hablando de mis blog amigas con mis hermanas y buddy, they know everyone on blog land now.
    I do consider you a primia.
    Que genia eres, only you would think of making perico aretes.
    You can make rings and hairclips tambien.
    Your novio is right, you know how Mexi-familias like to my case i cant hide my bonkers, even if i tried.
    Me enamore con tus bakelite bangles, you better be representing on both sides.

  5. I just LOVE what you did to make those into earrings. You are so creative!

  6. nice save, you turned those parrots from creepy to cool!

  7. Great vision-those earrings rock!!! I would probably have left the damn shirt there-doh!
    Looking DAMNED foxy!!! ha,funny what your man said about the bangles!!!!That apple ring is firking cute!
    And yes,I refer to my blog friends as friends!! Some of them have genuinely turned out to be!!!

  8. your earnings are uber fab!

    check me out!

  9. Those earrings look stunning! I can't make anything by myself (except if it's a toast, muachaaaaa!!!). And your outfit is so cute!

  10. Haha the color do remind me of Mexico.. I agree, everyone around the bay area is always high on something!

  11. Haha what an amazing idea! I want parrot earings! x

  12. gahh ur little green apple ring is adorable!

  13. loooovveee the earrings very creative love reading your post stories their always funny!

  14. some blogger friends...are friends in real life...i felt like i know them forever!

    gorgeous idea the earrings! i really loved them! :D


  15. Wow girl you're so creative, I love how the earrings turned out!

  16. I totally love the earrings, they're so cute! :)

  17. unique earrings babe :)

    follow each other ? if you already following me , i'll follow you back :)

  18. LOOOOVE them - best earrings ever. Also LOVE your apple ring. You're awesome.

    Sarah xxx

  19. I love your accessories chica!

  20. Beautiful Sophie: I just read your comment on Sac Fashion Bloggers. We have a group on FB. If you want to be part (and are from Sactown!) find me on Facebook, and we'll make it happen! -Bella Q

  21. Those earrings are pretty stellar! Thanks for DIY tips!

  22. me encantaron!!! :) pura vida y alegria!!! i love your outfit btw, super cute!! and your newssss exciting!!! besos!!!

  23. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
    If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!I'll be waiting for you!

  24. Love your earrings and apple ring!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!


  25. Love those earrings and the apple ring!! You look lovely!!

  26. Cute and innovative. I'm def a fan of DIY's. Thanks for swinging by my blog. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  27. Love your DIY earrings! Fun & happy!!!
    Your boyfriend is very modest hey? lol spoiling all the fashion thing!
    re: your post about pregnancy. You made me laugh and cry at the same time. As I was not as lucky as you were. My test was positive. so here I am sitting browsing through your blog while listening screams of my 5 weeks old 'successful experiment' lol
    Keep in touch!
    Marusya V

  28. I love those earrings! You are so creative. The appliques are worth way more than what you payed for the shirt! That is such a deal!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, and I am now following you as well!

    -Cherrie <3

  29. Great idea! these earrings will spice up any outfit!

  30. Those are so fantastic! Love your creativity! I would've never thought to turn them into earrings. Brilliant!

  31. Such a great diy, since I come across yucky granny shirts like this all the time. Thanks for sharing!
    You look adorable, that green apple ring is so super cute. Following!

    xx, TFV

  32. oh wooow, love the earings!


  33. Yes!! we are totally blogger friends! ;) hahahaa. Those earrings literally could ONLY BE WORN BY YOU?!!!! How do you make them look so chic and amazing-- I would look retarded in those. Gorgeous as usual, doll!

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  34. Hey, Cool blog & great creativity.

    Please check out my blog and follow if you like. :-)


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